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McCain: A Maverick La Raza can Rely Upon for Amnesty

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

McCain has got to go!

Not only is he a traitor but he is a lying narcissist


Palin: Pathway To Citizenship She Would Give Is “Incentive” for Illegal Aliens

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

It was not until I resided in Arizona that I learned the truth about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and it was not until I returned to Alaska that I became educated about Sarah Palin.  The former governor of Alaska is NOT universally enamoured in her home state.

This is wrong, Sarah.  You are conservative at all.  You enlarged the State government in Alaska and increased taxes in a fashion that has destroyed our tourism industry and will destroy our ability to increase jobs in the exploration and expansion of our own State's natural resources. 

In short, you are a fine woman of noble character but I don't want you for President.  True, you took on the cronyism ensconced in our State ala Governor Murkowski and saved the State a lot of money but shortly thereafter you became another liberal Alaskan RepublicRAT. 

Ultimately, if the status quo that you left in our State (Parnell) remains, you will have succeeded in vastly enlarging State government and killing our State's economy--just like those fools who claim to be our leaders in DC.

So, you would sell us out to the 40 MILLION invaders who occupy our territory and demand citizenship by adverse possession!

Illegal Aliens

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Calling an illegal alien an “undocumented immigrant” is like calling a drug dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist.”



Tuesday, July 28th, 2009


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being swayed by the Congressional Hispanic Congress (CHC) to include illegal aliens in the attempt to overhaul our nation’s health care. CHC leaders told Pelosi she wouldn’t have to change a single thing in the current version of the House bill for illegal aliens to be covered!

Send a fax to your members of Congress.  You may follow this template:*


80% of Americans oppose giving free health care to illegal aliens and it is time that the Congress supports the will of the people!

Section 242 of the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 prohibits “undocumented aliens” from receiving health care, but does not prescribe a method for preventing illegal aliens from receiving health care.

Please require each recipient of the affordability credit created under the bill to also have their eligibility verified by the Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) and Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) systems. This would ensure that illegal aliens who buy private insurance could not receive taxpayer-funded handouts to help offset (or, perhaps, completely pay for) the cost of their insurance premiums.

Please do all you can to rectify the pro-illegal alien aspects of this bill. American taxpayers should not have to spend untold billions providing non-essential health care to illegal aliens.


*Courtesy of NumbersUSA

Boycott Carl’s Jr. & Hardees

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Jason LaVeche owns several Carl’s Jr. and Hardees franchises AND is an active supporter for Amnesty  for Illegals and Sanctuary Cities.

Jason LaVeche has openly said that if he couldn’t hire illegal Mexican aliens to work he wouldn’t find anyone to work in his fast food franchises.

Well, I say boycott the illegal-loving bastard until he gets the message.

Do like I do:

Eat at the In-and-Out Burger where they hire white, black and yellow, all-American kids and won’t hire an illegal alien.

Put your money where your heart and mouth are.

Vote with your feet and your dollars.

BOYCOTT Carl’s Jr. & Hardees



The Coming Race War Against Foreigners

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

While the Coming Race War has been assumed to be Black Against White,

It will be a war against foreigners,

Against Illegal Aliens,

Especially Illegal Mexican Aliens, and

Anyone who has failed to acculturate.

What we have here is a failure to acculturate–

If you are here illegally in my country:

Get your affairs in order and


The unrest generated by Obamnomics* is going to populate gangs of enforcers and

If you have no papers,

If you can’t speak English,

If you’ve failed to acculturate, and

If you don’t love America and what she stood for when she was founded,

Then expect no mercy.

*Obamanomics is the amalgam of Obama’s Disastrous Policies &

The Economy of America.

[Think:  Bam-Bam, Fred Flintstone

Hammering America back into the Dark Ages]

Can’t You Stupid People see this is a War on America!

Fought like no other war before!


Monday, July 20th, 2009


Put This Number in Your Phone

for Future Use



Dr. Kent


Keep Calling

Keep Dialing

Keep the Pressure on Them

Keep Up

Keep Up

Keep Up

From Roy Beck NumbersUSA an Emergency Message

Help small states with pro-E-Verify Dem. Senators on SAVE Act

Sen. Pryor (D-Ark.) is expected to re-introduce the SAVE Act later this week. This is great news. Passage and implementation of the SAVE Act would put more Americans back to work than any other act of the federal government this year.

It will be an uphill battle to get this passed.

But the fact that it is a Democratic bill is a big plus. What we need, though, is for Sen. Pryor not to be standing alone. He needs a bunch of other Democrats co-sponsoring his bill.

The following 11 Democratic Senators ought to sign the bill because they joined Pryor two weeks ago in supporting Sen. Sessions’ fantastic E-Verify amendment for the Homeland Security spending bill:

Arkansas: LINCOLN
Louisiana: LANDRIEU
Minnesota: KLOBUCHAR
Missouri: MC CASKILL
Nebraska: NELSON
North Carolina: HAGAN
North Dakota: CONRAD & DORGAN
West Virginia: ROCKEFELLER

Every one of these Senators ought to be co-sponsoring SAVE before it is introduced. Please push them to do what is right.


The most important states for you to call are North Dakota, Montana and West Virginia because we have the fewest members there.


As you know (and can see on the top of our home page), we have a major petition and faxing campaign to keep the Sessions amendment in the Homeland Security bill which is currently in the joint House/Senate negotiating committee. We are most worried that Democratic Party Leaders will strip the amendment from the bill before it goes to the President.

If the strong E-Verify provisions are stripped from the Homeland Security bill, it is imperative that we come right back and have the Senate pass the Pryor bill.

I still hope the nation’s pressure on keeping the Sessions amendment will save it.

If it does, however, there still is a lot more that is needed in terms of E-Verify.

The Sessions amendment mandates all federal contractors to run all new hires through e-Verify. It also requires all employees actually working on a federal contract to be run through E-Verify, even if they have been working for the company for years. (Current law forbids a company to use E-Verify to check veteran employees.)

The Pryor SAVE Act extends the requirement of running new hires through E-Verify to every employer in America, whether or not they have federal contracts.

It would phase this in over four years, with the largest employers going first.

And in the fourth year, it would require all employers to run all of their workforce through E-Verify.

Imagine the millions of jobs that will open up!



California 90% Chance of Earthquake?

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


With reports of seismic activity repeating rumblings similar to the patterns in the past that preceded major earthquakes and the full eclipse next week, there are fears of a major earthquake, an overdue earthquake in California. 

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen because if it does all those Californians and their illegal aliens will be headed this way.

Can Arizona absorb 6 million or more people?

Especially 6 million “illiberals!”

The Coming Race War

Friday, July 10th, 2009


While I have been prompted to write about this for some time, I really do not want to post it.  Nonetheless, I should have attended to this eons ago.


First, let me qualify.  This is not my idea.  I neither generated it nor do I espouse it.  Second, my family name, the Kent’s are being carried on by a young mulatto man.  He’s our only hope to carry on the family name—unless, I get extremely lucky especially considering my circumstances.


There is no more important activity on earth than rearing children.  I envy those who have families and acquire the maturity that only comes from being a good parent.  But I digress.


During the five years I was a psychologist for ADOC, I heard constantly about “The Coming Race War,” and the inmates lived accordingly.  They segregated themselves along strict racial and ethnic lines.  They had specific tables at which they lunched separately and they followed their own internal code of conduct.


The gang or “Strategic Threat Group” (STG) in ADOC jargon known as the “Peckerwoods” constantly talked about the coming race war.  However, the “Aryan Brotherhood” or AB’s appeared to have a catechistic handle on the concept of the coming race war.


It is a revered concept.  Spoken of and taught as if it is fact, an inevitable fact, that there will be a race war in the future in the United States no matter what.


At the time I heard of this, I scoffed and laughed it off as I am sure most have.  (And you are now!) Nonetheless, with the election of Obama and the constant playing of the “Race Card,” I believe the Peckerwoods and the Aryan Brotherhood may have been onto something.


Moreover, now that Obama has been elected and Obama wants to press forward with “Reparations” based upon race, a race war seems more realistic.  Currently, there are reports all over the land that are suppressed in the mainstream media because of the violent expressions of racial tension and hatred.


The way Title VII and other federal laws were written, only “whites” can perpetuate “hate crimes.”  Congressional legislation made it clear people of color are “incapable” of “hate crimes;” therefore, any obviously racially motivated “hate crime” that minority members commit against a majority member will never be considered a “hate crime.”


Not only do most “whites” not realize this, most blacks don’t know it either.


Everyone assumes it is a level playing field and that whites are protected by the laws as much as blacks.  This is not so.  There is no level playing field.  David Duke tried to warn us about this in a very rational and civil manner, but we reacted out of our emotions against David Duke in a very harsh manner.


There has been no level playing field since the inception of our biased statues that have resulted in nothing more or less than increased racial tensions and increased racial hatred.


That legislation also contributed greatly to the chasm between men and women.  It made the gender war much more difficult.  It fueled the gender battle as well.


This is the result of every affirmative action program in every civilized nation:


Well-intended affirmative actions programs never go away.  They remain in place year after year, decade after decade until they result in and foment a race war or a civil war based upon such differences.


No affirmative action plan and/or affirmative action legislation should last more than 10 years, but all do.  And the result is the same around the globe.  Why we don’t recognize this and act accordingly I don’t understand.  We have seen the results of this experiment repeated around the globe.  Yet, we continue to embrace the same insanity.


Now, it is coming home to roost.  And it will erupt in class or race war in our own country.  Unless, an outside military force takes advantage of our ever weakening state and decides to invade, then we might band together and unite to defend ourselves.  Our enemies and invaders know we are no longer united.  We are divided.  We will fall.


In case you are wondering, I hate the term “white.”  To be considered “colorless” and “unfeeling” or “insensitive” or “inhuman” insults me.  To have the system lopsided and set against me based upon what we call “race” and “gender” bothers me.  It damages me.  It damages you and the fabric of society.


There is only one race.  And that is the “human race.”  Why?  Because there are more differences “between” members of a so called race class than there are “between” races.


But to make a point at the risk of further digression, while the Aryan Brotherhood is not classified as a “religion,” the Aryan Brotherhood should be considered a religion.  While there are more than 150 separate religious recognized by ADOC and the religious rights and freedoms of those more than 150 religious groups are “protected” by ADOC policy, the AB’s are not recognized as a religion and do not enjoy any of the protections and sanctions the other groups receive.




The AB’s don’t want it.  They don’t want to be recognized (and have to register) as a religion and become a “protected class.”  The Aryan Brotherhood prefers its “privacy” and for good reason.


The Aryan Brotherhood employs the entire Bible literally in its teachings and practices.  The AB also requires other readings.  However, the Aryan Brotherhood interpretations or misinterpretations of the Bible are so twisted as to make it one of the most violent religions on the face of the earth.  The religions espoused by secret societies are far more evil.


Nonetheless, the twisted interpretations of the AB’s are so unusual most fail to notice them.  For an example, any time one hears about “mud peoples” one is close to the teachings and beliefs of the Aryan Brotherhood.


However, it is possible the Aryan Brotherhood has some insight into the Bible that may be valid and extremely rare.  [Stay tuned for a book review on an extremely controversial book that might shed some light on the beliefs of the gangs and the race war.]


As the Obama administration proceeds two things appear more likely.  One, we are going to devolve into chaos & violence.  The other, we will regress to the point that anger is taken out based upon racial identity rather than who is a liberal or a conservative, who voted republican or voted democratic, who voted for Obama or . . .


In short, should we descend into civil war, it is possible we may resort to racial discrimination to express our rage for the state of the economy and the frailties of our civilization.


It saddens me to realize this is possible and may soon become unavoidable.  But as blacks proceed to lash out in obvious hate along racial lines and the laws fail to prosecute them for “reverse discrimination” and violence based upon ideology, those regarded as “white” will be forced to do what government can not and will not do.  To protect themselves whites will have to band together to stop the onslaught & murderous attacks of blacks feeling they are entitled to rage and entitled to vent their violence without consequences.


The fallacies of the democratic legislation known as The Civil Rights Act of 1964 may prove the undermining of our nation’s sanity, our country’s peace and may prove to be the basis for our undoing.


However, there is another battle looming which may set aside the tensions between black & white:  The infiltration of a massive horde of illegal aliens and the MS13 that intends to command and control inferior Latino gangs.  MS13 is trained for guerrilla warfare inside the United State’s borders.

What Do Hoover, Truman & Eisenhower Have in Common?

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

During The Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work.



After World War II, President Harry Truman deported more than two million illegal aliens to produce jobs for returning American veterans.




 In 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexican Nationals so World War II and Korean veterans could have jobs.   That program was “Operation Wetback.”  It took 2 Years, but they were deported.


If you have doubts about the truth and veracity of this information which came by way of email from a Patriot up north, search “Operation Wetback” and confirm it.

Now, if we could deport illegal aliens back then, we can do it today.



Don’t forget to pay your taxes.  32.7 Million Illegal Aliens are depending on you!




The Big Secret is


{Hush . . .}


If illegal aliens were gone, our budget


(Sans the thefts under Bush/Obama)


Would be balanced!


Even California’s!