Organization (or Lack Thereof) of Dr Kent’s Blog

While I try to maintain my blog and keep up somewhat with current events, I concede my own organization is not up to my standards.

This blog has been a godsend for me in that it provides exercise for my mind as I try to regain faculties lost and damaged

Due to an overwhelming combination of stressors and my own genetics.

It is great exercise for my brain but it takes me hours, days and even weeks to proof and correct my errors.

If it wasn’t for spell checking and Internet search engines, I would not be able to present this vast material as well as I have.

Truly the World Wide Web is a stimulating environment; however, it is also a dangerous wilderness.

Hence, I limit my time and activities on the Internet.

I recommend the same for others.

Also, because my insight is keen and unusual, I see

The lies behind the main stream media AND so-called “conservative” talk radio;

Both have become adept propagandists serving the collectivist masters in their quest for

The New World Order


The New Atlantis


Sir Francis Bacon

also known as


Therefore, I recommend that you, too,

Avoid too much exposure

To the mind numbing programming offered today in America

On BOTH Talk Radio and the Mainstream Media.

Reading books is better.

It is my hope & prayer to write concise book reviews and publish them for your perusal and

I hope you will avail yourself of Dr Kent’s Blog and my

Recommended reading list.

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