Dr. Kent’s Services and Practice



 Allow me to clarify as I have often done in the past by announcing openly and live when I had a radio show: My expertise was offered to the public during my radio show but that was limited to generic advice and citing the literature. I am not offering services. Updating web pages takes money I do not have. I have worked as neither a coach nor a consultant. Furthermore, I am not offering any services whatsoever.  Finally, I am not allowed to practise psychology in the State of Arizona.



My Arizona psychologist license #3339 is Medically Inactive.


I am not offering any services at any level of any sort.  After all the years of taking care of others, I am confronted by my own lack of care of myself.  Moreover, I am forced by a series of difficulties to curtail my activities–while I attend to my own medical needs.



Your prayers are appreciated.



While I used to battle and fight for and with one client at a time.



Moreover, while I would like my personal battles to remain private.



Because it impacts so broadly on our society (my observation & experience), I find myself obligated to share far more publicly than I would ever have considered.



I hope you will take up the cause to



Wake Up America




 Save America


Before it is too late.


 Is it too late?

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