“The New World Order:” EVIDENCE Book Reviews: Skousen “The Naked Capitalist” and Quigley “Tragedy & Hope”


Book Reviews:


Skousen (1970) (1993), The Naked Capitalist. Buccaneer Books; Cutchogue, New York. 




Quigley (1966), Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time (First Edition); Macmillan Company, New York.




Former FBI Agent W. Cleon Skousen’s book The Naked Capitalist first published in 1970 is described by the author as: “A Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley’s (1966) Book: Tragedy and Hope—A History of the World In Our Time.


Dr. Carroll Quigley of Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown Universities was associated with many of the richest families involved in The New World Order.  Quigley regarded himself as an “insider,” and he claimed he had access to the secret sensitive files of those dynastic super-rich families.      



Skousen’s book is highly recommended.  The Naked Capitalist should be required reading for every high school student in order to gain an understanding of politics in the United States and our history, especially the history of war in the earlier part of the last century. 



In approximately 130 short pages, Skousen renders a poignant summary and critique of Quigley’s epic (1348 pages!) “celebration” and “admiration” documenting the story of those individuals and foundations hell bent on bringing The New World Order to full fruition!  The “tragedy” is represented by those who get in the way of those bringing forth this “new age” of illustrious peace, but those bringing forward The New World Order are the “hope” of the world.


Quigley’s book provides indisputable evidence of the grand “conspiracy.”  Although he conceded he was not always in agreement with their methods, Quigley himself was not averse to the emerging New World Order.



Quigley’s purpose in writing such an epic tome was in support of those who are fast becoming our masters.  Moreover, Quigley fully supported and applauded their efforts!  Quigley wanted those individuals & foundations to receive the acknowledgement he felt they were due.


Skousen’s brief book is well written, professionally researched and organized with many credible references.  It is well-documented and is a fairly easy read.  In comparison and contrast, Hope & Tragedy is rather poorly written, and Quigley’s twisted liberal logic makes it a most difficult read. 


Folks who may be inclined to seek out the original to affirm for themselves the reality of The New World Order conspiracy need to know:

Only 2,000 of the first edition Macmillan Company editions were published.  Subsequent editions are less reliable as the names of certain individuals & foundations were omitted because of their fear of public exposure. 

*A world famous psychologist is named in both books althought his name is misspelled in Skousen’s synopsis.

Quigley’s book explains much of the world situation today and the dire straits we face!

Quigley’s book is the evidence of the grand conspiracy at play in the world today. 

Skousen’s book is highly recommend because it helps one understand the more salient issues Quigley has documented and puts Quigley’s monstrosity in perspective.  Skousen helps the reader to comprehend what Quigley has written and discern Quigley’s biases.

Original copies are not merely scarce but expensive.  Notwithstanding, should one be able to afford a copy of this body of evidence is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that such a conspiracy exits and has been operative for a long period of time.

It is recommended one obtain a copy of the First Edition (Hardcover) published my Macmillan in order to be fully informed of who did what, when & how. 






















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