Influence of Dr. Kent & Dr Kent’s Blog

While imitation may be a form of flattery

Outright theft is a far better compliment.  Hence,

I welcome your “borrowing” of my ideas, terms and references to books.

Two major Talk Radio hosts have “borrowed” from me.

While I certainly wish they would acknowledge me me,

Glen Beck and Michael Savage are folks in the profession I admire.

Perhaps it is the zeitgeist–the feeling or idea in the air.

Whatever it is, I welcome it because

We must do all we can to



For one, I like living and I want to survive; more importantly,

America as founded and the United States Constitution are all that stands between the little guy outside our borders and the collectivist New World Order tyrants who are trying to remake

The New Atlantis.

Yes, this is a conspiracy of long standing, and God buried those bastards under water once.  Remember, the Flood?  However,

What most of those who think they are working for the “hope” of mankind do not realize is that the being behind their movement is


This is:

The fight between good and evil.

This is:

The battle between The LORD Christ and Satan.

Read, my friends, read.

Educate yourselves.

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