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Curtis Johnson’s “Sold or I Buy It” is a Myth

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

I believe that Curtis Johnson’s catch phrase is a myth, a hoax.

However, if you or anyone you know who has actually had their home bought by Curtis Johnson Realty, then please correct me.

A friend of mine who is a psychologist tells me that Curtis Johnson lies.  She says that all one has to do is listen to his radio show and it’s obvious that Curtis lies throughout his show.

So, buyer or seller beware!

Update: Boycott Curtis Johnson Realty

Monday, September 14th, 2009

This is just a brief update.  The purpose of my initial post was to protect my loyal readers.  It was not intended to cause harm but to protect.

However, after talking with Curtis on the phone today, I must say the man is a liar.  He and his associates are trying to steal my home.  Rather than list it accurately, they have fraudulently locked it up and off the market while listing it on MLS at the same time!

I know, it doesn’t make sense but the fact is Curtis Johnson Realty refuses to do anything they have promised me.  I strongly suggest all avoid Curtis Johnson Realty

Curtis and his associates insist upon continuing to list my house on MLS–Multiple Listing Service.

Moreover, other realtors who want to help me sell my house have informed me that my property is listed on MLS as “contract pending.”  This is a lie!

As a result of this fraud, no one is looking at my house and no other realtor is able to assist me, that is, until Curtis Johnson Realty either changes the listing or ceases the listing.

Curtis and his associates received written notice from the title company as did I that the buyer cancelled a month and a half ago!

Because Curtis Johnson and his associates have no plan to help me avoid foreclosure on October 2nd, yet Curtis Johnson Realty persists in holding me and the listing “hostage” by listing it as “contract pending,”  what do Curtis Johnson and his associates intend?

Is Curtis Johnson Realty trying to force me unnecessarily into foreclosure?

Do they want to steal my house?

How’s this for “details?”

Boycott: Curtis Johnson Realty

Friday, September 11th, 2009

For a few days I have been busy and there have been some very nice folks and businesses I have wanted to recommend.

Honestly, I have had it on my mind to start featuring businesses and organizations to recommend to you because in The Revolution of Virtue it may be even more important to inform you about positive experiences with businesses and directing you towards good folks than it is to inform you about the miscreants and my misadventures.

Nonetheless, I must inform All Y’all that I can not and do not recommend the services of Curtis Johnson Realty and his associates

Perhaps the problem is just with Curtis Johnson’s associates.  I don’t know but I’m going to find out–as soon as Curtis Johnson returns my phone call.  Perhaps Curtis will be more reasonable than his underlings.  Nonetheless, Curtis as a broker remains responsible for what those under him do.

I know.  I should have seen this one coming,  I should have smelled it a mile away.  But when you really hope a business can help you, you’ll believe their marketing hogwash and even deny your own common sense.


If it sounds too good to be true it probably is FALSE.

We’ll talk more about this.

At this point, let it suffice to say I’d recommend any realtor over Curtis Johnson Realty.

Stay tuned.

Boycott: Sonoran Quest Laboratories

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

How the Arizona governor, our “Dear Governor” Jan Brewer can bestow the “Arizona Governor’s Award for Quality” to a business for just doing their job and making money hand over fist I do not know.  And why Governor Jan Brewer gave that award to Sonoran Quest Laboratories I can not fathom.

What was Jan’s basis for doing that?

This morning I experienced incompetence by the staff at another Sonoran Quest Laboratories location but their staff went beyond rude. She attempted to intimidate me.

So, here I am blogging it.  Everyone should get their own blog.  This way you can share your experience with the world and connect with everyone.  Together we might pull off The Revolution of Virtue and make these rude and less-than-civil folks around US come around and join US–the real human race.

The female at Sonoran Quest Laboratories’ Sun Lakes Riggs Road location refused to give me her supervisor’s name. Then she claimed she was the supervisor. I assume she meant for that location at 10450 E. Riggs Road #109 (480) 986-0813.

Then she refused to give me her name and tried to intimidate me.  As I was leaving she relented and said she’d give me her name BUT she demanded my name.  She tried to intimidate me! Imagine that.  I don’t give a damn.

She wrote down her first name and tried to shield her scribbling “Susan” from me while she continued her routine of intimidating the client by demanding my name.  I informed her I am Dr. Kent and I walked off without getting her name.  As I was leaving she uttered some threatening remarks.

In a call to my health insurance company  I apprised them that this was the second time incompetence was demonstrated at Sonoran Quest Laboratories; however, the rude and intimidating behavior was off the charts.  I informed  my health insurance company I did not want to do business with Sonoran Quest Laboratories (And I urge you, my reader, to do the same!) and my health insurance companyreferred me to LabCorp where there are no long lines and hopefully no rude behavior and no incompetence.

Join me in boycotting Sonoran Quest Laboratories.  Together we can change the world and bring about a Revolution of Virtue making fertile ground to

Take Back America

An American Re-Revolution!

SRP is Greedy!

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


SRP or as it is formally known, the Salt River Project has gotten very greedy.  Few customers know that SRP was granted a monopoly of providing electricity for much of The Valley in exchange for becoming a “publically regulated” entity.


Last year during the height of the energy crisis after gas spiked in Phoenix at $4.17 a gallon, SRP was granted rate hikes (plural) and a new fee structure.


Now, only months after two consecutive rate hikes and after implementing a new fee structure which now takes more money out of every household it serves, SRP wants another huge increase of almost 10%!


I just got my highest electrical bill of this summer and while it shows I have used significantly less energy than the same time last summer, this bill is much higher than expected.  It is equivalent to my highest bill last year.


This year in order to conserve limited resources, namely the Kent household budget; I reduced air conditioning in order to save money.  I raised the temperature of the Kent home 5° degrees from 79° days and 78° nights to 83° days and 84° nights.


SRP has recommended doing this for years and SRP has traditionally claimed that for each degree change in cooling there is a 4% change in one’s electricity bill.  Employing SRP’s logic from their advertising, I calculated I could save 16% and possibly 20% off my previous bills.


Not so!


Because of SRP’s new parasitic rate structure my energy rates and yours have increased so that SRP is already taking 16-20% more from each household in The Valley.


Since we’ve (the public) granted SRP a monopoly, there is nothing we can do about it—especially since SRP continues pushing government regulators and oversight boards with back-to-back rate hikes!


Why does SRP want even more money?


While SRP claims energy costs have been sky rocketing the truth is gas prices has dropped significantly since their previous two rate hikes and rate structure change.


If SRP is trying to claim that so-called “green” sources of energy have increased in costs, then SRP needs to manage itself better and stop pursuing energy that is not cost effective.


SRP has had program after program “giving money away” in the form of “rebates.”


SRP needs to stop mismanaging money and stop giving money away in such programs.


Why does SRP wants more of your money?


To build new power plants!


SRP wants to make even more money.


Profit increase is fine but capitalizing off our households is not.


Why can’t SRP raise capital by offering bonds as public utilities have in the past?


Why can’t SRP raise money the traditional way public utilities have by letting those who have the extra resources to invest do just that and allow them to capitalize and profit from their investment?


Why not?


Remember, I said:


The purpose of government is to make money off other people’s money.



Boycott Outback Steakhouse False Advertising

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


For a few days I have really wanted a steak.  When its 113-114° degrees outside, the last thing one wants to do is cook and heat up one’s house.  Forget about firing up the Barbie—cooking outside this time of year in Phoenix poses a severe health risk!


Yesterday when the Outback Steakhouse card came in offering summertime special entrées for $9.95 plus the purchase of a Coca Cola beverage product or $5.00 off on the purchase of a second entre, I went for it with gusto.


I figured I’d give $3-$4 more for the Coca Cola plus tax and a generous tip I’d eat a great steak dinner for $16-$18.


However, when I got to my local Outback Steakhouse in Chandler, I asked my waitress how the mailer worked.  And was I floored when she repeated that one had to buy TWO entrées!  Their mailer said nothing about that requirement.


I informed her there was no way I was going to do that and eat two entrées.  On the way out I gave my Outback Steakhouse card with my name and address imprinted on it to the Chandler Outback hostess and informed her:


You’ve got to be more truthful in your advertising and I will blog this.


Indeed it is illegal to advertise fraudulently using the U.S. Postal Service but that is exactly what Outback has done.


Therefore, I say, in the spirit of the Revolution of Virtue




Boycott: Bank of America Loves Illegal Aliens

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

At least in Arizona

B of A

Bank of America

Has made tons of loans to illegal aliens contributing in a major way to the

Real Estate melt down in The Valley.

Bank of America wrote thousands of mortgages to illegals without checking their status on the West side of Phoenix.

Look at all those empty houses on the West side of The Valley of the Sun!

Bank of America supports illegal aliens invading our country.

Maybe B of A should change its name to:

Bank of Illegal Aliens!

Boycott Wells Fargo: The Last Stage

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Wells Fargo Bank just has plain

Bad Policies,

Bad Service.

Wells Fargo

Treats customers poorly


Treats employees poorly.

No other bank I know has such expensive fees and requires submission of

Biological identifiers and

Collects Fingerprints!

When merely cashing a check.

No other bank has such hefty fees [$20] for cashing a check on one of their accounts should one not have an account with Wells Fargo.

Moreover, Wells Fargo practices deception big time in their advertising!


Boycott Wells Fargo

in the spirit of

The Revolution of Virtue

As my father says:

“I haven’t got time to wait for the last stage.”

Cash for Clunkers Diabolical Program Eliminates Low End Cars for the Poor!

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

otherwise known as the

Gas Guzzler Program

is eliminating highly affordable cars

otherwise available for poor people and those down on their luck.

In the near future, you will only be able to buy a new car and have to take on a large debt

Or have to pay more for a used vehicle and have to take on more debt


Assuming you can get the loan!

Boycott GMC — Government Motors Corporation

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Let’s face it.

The “American Dream” has become a Nightmare.

But the Worst is yet to come!

Don’t buy from the Big Three auto makers.



Government Motors

Government Motors Corporation

Vote with your feet and your pocketbooks.