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“You mean we haven’t heard the last of this yet?!” Maxine McCarthy, Former Executive Director Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners August 15, 2006

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

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There is indeed a lot more to this story!

May 10, 2008

Sonja Bolf, Executive Director

Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners 1400 West Washington, Room 235

Phoenix, AZ 85007



Re:                                                         Request for Investigation: Susanne Arnold, Ph.D.

Negligence and Neglect Leading to Unnecessary Loss of Lives and Other.

Dear Executive Director Sonja Bolf:

Attached is my completed formal Request for Investigation form. In 2005, I attempted to work closely with the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiner’s Investigator David S. Shapiro; however, rather than work with me on very serious concerns, Mr. Shapiro made some sort of report to the Board indicating that I was perhaps mentally unstable. Mr. Shapiro’s report, whatever it was, was cited by a Board member along with Dr. McCauley’s written response to the Board in a motion ordering me to undergo scrutiny at my expense. That was my second RFI generated internally by this Board.

Allow me to give you some history: After introducing myself to Mr. Shapiro in person at the Board’s office, I expressed my concerns over my duty to report to the Board in light of the overwhelming number of violations of our Rules & Regulations and Arizona Revised Statutes I observed. I asked Mr. Shapiro for advice on how I should handle these matters, and after discussing multiple concerns, Investigator Shapiro told me he thought I could not bring all of those matters to the attention of his Board. More importantly, Mr. Shapiro asked me to bring this complaint regarding the loss of life to the Board.

At that time, I was working within the Arizona Department of Corrections with other professional staff attempting to obtain identifying information regarding the victim(s). Nonetheless, due to the manner in which records are kept in ADOC, after a lot of time and effort, we were not able to obtain the information necessary to come forward with a pressing case. Notwithstanding, we knew several important things. Let me explain Dr. Susanne Arnold’s role in all of this:

Dr. Arnold hired a man who was not qualified to provide professional psychiatric services for ADOC. Dr. Arnold failed to check this applicant’s credentials. I believe, David Rupley, Jr., MD(H) worked at the Arizona State Prison Complexes in Florence and Eyman and other locations in ADOC providing psychiatric services.

Dr. Arnold knowingly signed off on this man’s hours even though she knew they were fraudulent. That is, he had not worked them and she allowed him to defraud the State of significant sums of money. This is why they retaliated against me and sought to destroy me by conspiring to bring false allegations of sexual harassment against me. See attachments. There is more, far more to the story.

Dr. Arnold refused to take necessary action to correct this man’s practice in psychiatry. Specifically, Dr. Arnold failed to correct Dr. Rupley in his failure to monitor the psychiatric medications he was prescribing. More specifically, for more than an entire year, she failed to require Rupley to follow the standard of care of the community, through Arizona and across the entire country. That is, some of these psychiatric medications have Black Box Warnings regarding the necessity to check liver profiles in order to avoid death by agranular cytosis, i.e. Depakote.

Moreover, I have reason to believe that Dr. Arnold knew about several unnecessary inmate deaths. All due to medication errors. All committed by Dr. Rupley between 2002 and 2003. YET, Dr. Arnold allowed Dr. Rupley to continue working at ADOC for at least another full year unimpeded and uncorrected! And Dr. Rupley in all likelihood was allowed to kill more men! Dr. Arnold enabled this horrible malpractice by David Rupley, Jr., MD(H)!

I also brought this to the attention of the Board’s next investigator. When she and I talked on the telephone, she became upset and yelled at me. She told me this Board was ill equipped to handle those matters. Moreover, she told me there were other agencies to which I should make my reports. I have followed her advice to no avail—other than to get myself targeted for more harassment from this Board.

Lastly, when I was notified of a fifth complaint against me before this Board (submitted by the former Director or Programs for ADOC who, by the way, resigned in lieu of termination for having committed real sexual harassment [quid pro quo]); I called the Board’s former Executive Director Mrs. Maxine McCarthy. I wanted to inquire as to the nature of the matter brought to the Board’s attention as no information was forthcoming other than an invitation to the Board’s hearing on August 18, 2006.

When I called Maxine McCarthy on approximately August 15, 2006, I was still reeling and recovering from my chemical ordeal subsequent to the improper discontinuation (under physician’s orders) of bromocriptine on March 30, 2006. In that condition, I was defenseless. Executive Director Maxine McCarthy tried to take me into her confidence. She asked me what was going on: “What’s going on? What’s been going on? You can tell me anything. It’s not going any further.”

While I was in bad shape, I still recognized that whatever I told her would be going further. I acted somewhat impulsively and I told her truthfully and candidly what was behind the efforts to retaliate against me. I told Mrs. McCarthy that there had been an unlicensed psychiatrist at ADOC. He killed several inmates with his medications, and they were trying to hide the deaths.

To which, McCarthy exclaimed and demanded: “You mean we haven’t heard the last of this yet?”

Straight forward,

Completed 2-page RFI form.

Enclosures (With One Complete Copy):

Personal Notes August 27, 2002, Personal Notes September 24, 2002 Personal Notes October 08, 2002, Personal Notes (b) October 08, 2002, Personal Notes October 24, 2002 (2p), Meeting Notes October 24, 2002 (3p hand written), Personal Notes October 24, 2002, Information Report October 24, 2002, Personal Notes November 26, 2002, Personal Notes January 14, 2003, Personal Notes February 11, 2003, Personal Notes February 24, 2003, Personal Notes February 24, 2003 (2p), Personal Notes March 03, 2003. Personal Notes (2p), Personal Mental Health Staff Meeting Notes 17 August 2004, Personal Notes August 18, 2004 (2p), Personal Notes August 18, 2004, Personal Notes August 31, 2004 (2p), Personal Notes October 26, 2004, Psychiatry Timesheet for “David Rupley Jr., MD” “Locum Tenens M.D,” 10/13 Central Unit Main Gate Sign-In Log Health Unit October 07, 2002, Personal Notes August 17, 2004 Mental Health Staff Meeting ASPC—Florence. Personal Notes November 6, 2004 Reassignment, August 24, 2005 Grievance #05-023 and #05-P-063 to ADOC Director Dora Schriro.


Senator Linda Gray, Chairwoman, Public Safety and Human Services Committee Representative Jerry Weiers, Chairman. Natural Resources and Public Safety Committee Senate Senator Carolyn S. Allen, Chairwoman, Health Committee

Representative Bob Stump, Chairman, Health Committee

Senator Jay Tibshraeny

Representative Wade V. Nichols

Representative Stephen B. Yarbrough

Is Attorney General Terry Goddard Hiding a Past Gay Life Style with a “Political Marriage?”

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

That’s what my police officer friend tells me.

Stay tuned for more breaking news on the “perversion” of justice in Arizona

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Make sure there is an amendment to H.R. 324 that guarantees full border security operations on the Arizona border

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Make sure there is an amendment to H.R. 324 that guarantees full border security operations on the Arizona border

Arizona lost 8,500 jobs last month: Ask your Congressmen to Suspend Immigration!

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

A recently released report by the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 42 states lost jobs last month with Arizona alone losing 8,500 jobs!  With 15 million Americans out of work and most states continuing to lose jobs on a monthly basis, it is completely absurd that the United States hands out about 100,000 green cards each month!

News from Jim Deakin for US Senate 2010

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


Jim Deakin for US Senate 2010


Jim Deakin for U.S. Senate


Please forward this Newsletter to all who support

Jim Deakin for United States Senate 2010


Thank You for supporting Jim Deakin for US Senate 2010

Thank you for supporting the peaceful revolution by replacing all incumbent politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C. 

Jim Deakin is proud to be included on


912 TEA Party at the Arizona State Capitol

Thousands of concerned citizens enjoyed the opportunity to make their voices heard at the 912 Rally/TEA Party at the Arizona State Capitol.  Jim Deakin walked through the crowd answering many questions, signing up supporters and volunteers.  The patriotic event was concluded with a town hall style question and answer featuring several State Legislators and moderated by James Allen of KKNT Radio.  Thank you to the event sponsors and the great speakers.


Phoenix Gun Show

Jim Deakin and Volunteers worked the Crossroads of the West Gun Show on Sunday September 13, 2009.  It is a great opportunity to meet with likeminded patriots.  I hope to see all of you at the next gun show.


Upcoming Events

Volunteers are appreciated at any of the following events:


September 17 San Tan Republican Club

September 18 Navajo County Fair

September 19 Pinal County Republicans @ Central AZ College

September 22 District 16 Meeting @ Jumbo Cafe

September 26 Estrella Women’s Republican Golf Tournament

October 1 Pebble Creek Republican Club



“Donate a Dollar for Deakin” October 3, 2009.


Forward the information to everyone you know visit the website and donate as little as $1.  


Please forward the information to everyone you know to help us reach our goal of $500,000 in $1 donations in 24 hours.




Jim Deakin

Censure Joe Wilson

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

If you’re wondering who “Joe Wilson” is, he is the Congressman who failed to control himself and in an emotional outburst called President Obama a liar during Obama’s recent Congressional address.

We can’t have anyone who tells the truth, 😉

So the House of Representatives has to vote to censure Representative Joe Wilson!

Imagine that:

A politician who actually tells the truth!

A United States Congressman who can’t control himself and blurts out the fact that the President just lied to the American people.*

(*About Illegal Immigration & government health “insurance” reform)

Curtis Johnson’s “Sold or I Buy It” is a Myth

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

I believe that Curtis Johnson’s catch phrase is a myth, a hoax.

However, if you or anyone you know who has actually had their home bought by Curtis Johnson Realty, then please correct me.

A friend of mine who is a psychologist tells me that Curtis Johnson lies.  She says that all one has to do is listen to his radio show and it’s obvious that Curtis lies throughout his show.

So, buyer or seller beware!

Update: Boycott Curtis Johnson Realty

Monday, September 14th, 2009

This is just a brief update.  The purpose of my initial post was to protect my loyal readers.  It was not intended to cause harm but to protect.

However, after talking with Curtis on the phone today, I must say the man is a liar.  He and his associates are trying to steal my home.  Rather than list it accurately, they have fraudulently locked it up and off the market while listing it on MLS at the same time!

I know, it doesn’t make sense but the fact is Curtis Johnson Realty refuses to do anything they have promised me.  I strongly suggest all avoid Curtis Johnson Realty

Curtis and his associates insist upon continuing to list my house on MLS–Multiple Listing Service.

Moreover, other realtors who want to help me sell my house have informed me that my property is listed on MLS as “contract pending.”  This is a lie!

As a result of this fraud, no one is looking at my house and no other realtor is able to assist me, that is, until Curtis Johnson Realty either changes the listing or ceases the listing.

Curtis and his associates received written notice from the title company as did I that the buyer cancelled a month and a half ago!

Because Curtis Johnson and his associates have no plan to help me avoid foreclosure on October 2nd, yet Curtis Johnson Realty persists in holding me and the listing “hostage” by listing it as “contract pending,”  what do Curtis Johnson and his associates intend?

Is Curtis Johnson Realty trying to force me unnecessarily into foreclosure?

Do they want to steal my house?

How’s this for “details?”

Future President Sara Warmack

Monday, September 14th, 2009


America's Freedom --  Tea Party Speech


There really is only one word to tag this video presentation with:


If this young girl can see and speak the truth,

What's wrong with the rest of US???

{Why don't we get it?}

Only eleven years old and I'd feel safer with Sara Warmack in the oval office than that Anti-Christ!


Saturday, September 12th, 2009


This simple action will make a strong statement.  


Please help do this.. Refuse to accept these when they are handed to you.


  I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead.  


 The lady just smiled and said ‘way to go’ , so she had read this e -mail.  


 Please help out…our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!!

U.S.Government to Release New Dollar Coins 

You guessed it
  IS GONE!!!
If ever there was a reason to boycott something, THIS IS IT!!!!


Together we can force them out of circulation..