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Let the Public Trial Begin

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

We are about to begin a new path on Dr Kent’s Blog. Actually, this is the old path, the old issues I sought to make public. However, there is a lot to the story. It is very involved and it is much harder to understand it in it’s entirely than it is to convey it. Even trying to covey it is difficult.

For one, it is emotionally charged for me. It not only involves my professional life but my personal life. This includes my failed attempt at marriage; I tried to marry what turned out to be a sociopath, a scam artist whose only interest was in predating upon men. This is rather involved but we are going to get into it all. Well, most of it.

I am still recovering from the whole ordeal. Ultimately, it resulted in severely compromising my health and it may yet kill me. Nonetheless, I shall be posting as much of the hard evidence and documentation as I can publically. Please bear with me as I try to organize my presentation. My purpose is in merely getting this info out there. Others may organize it into a story or stories or a play or a movie later.

My purposes in this are (1) to make the story and the evidence available so that those who lost their loved ones to wrongful death may pursue justice. However, there is fat chance of this in Arizona! The courts and State bureaucracy are loaded with self-protecting fools who now suffer because of their dereliction of duty at the fate of the invading horde (illegal alien Mexicans and all) and ultimately nuclear annihilation.

Also, (2) I publish these matters to clear my name and reputation. I am merely a man, a sinner, a work I progress like all of you.

Finally, (3) I want to get this behind me and move on with my life. You see, the best revenge is to live a good life. Let the LORD Our God have all the vengeance.

About that nuclear annihilation, this (future) will not be the first time use of a nuclear device has been attempted on the Greater Phoenix Area. I blogged about the (past) first attempt years ago. It was a “dirty bomb” hauled in a foot locker by four Iraqi’s who were trying to get close to Palo Verde (the nuclear plant) to detonate it—only a sheriff’s deputy (one of Arpaio’s men) stumbled upon them.

The sheriff’s deputy was astounded that the four “Mexicans” did not respond when he told them in clear Spanish that they should unload the trunk and carry the load on their backs. That’s how close we came to getting “nuked” on our own soil!

Napolitano was Governor at the time and you never heard about it. I heard about it because people talk to me and tell me everything; moreover, God guides my steps and places me where He wants me—to hear from others and to help others—to receive His messages and, more importantly, to deliver His messages.

Today’s Show: January 31, 2009

Saturday, January 31st, 2009



Today’s show will feature me—solo.  Many folks prefer when I am on by myself.  For one, I am less inhibited and I drop a ton more information.  For another, there are times when the flow achieved on air solo is very good.  And because the hour is so short, many prefer to hear just from me.


Oddly enough when I “prepare” the show tends to fall flat.  Nonetheless, when solo I can get derailed and fail to connect the dots.  Therefore, feel free to call in about anything on my blog or to get me on the track you want me on.


Once I take off in a direction, if I sense that it is not garnering much interest (no phone calls or e-mail) then I am apt to change direction before finishing that subject.  However, today I have enough information for about four hours and we’ll see how I cram some part of that in a way that makes sense.


Expect me to speak on several levels at once and to change from “micro” to “macro” levels, from small personal examples to the Big Picture, not merely in juxtaposition but to demonstrate parallelism and attempt to get across some subtle yet profound points of truth.


Enjoy these days my friends.  These may be the best that we have left.  Invest in yourself and your health first & foremost because the roller coaster ride I see coming in June is beyond my ability to express in words.


December 22, 2008 Re: KAUFMAN Complaint #2006-0002

Monday, January 5th, 2009


This is the notice attached as a .pdf file below.  It would not convert to a form I could insert into the body of my blog.


Board of Behavioral Health Examiners January 5, 2009 Letter KAUFMAN Complaint #2006-0002 LISAC-10372

Monday, January 5th, 2009
The .pdf file is attached and is accurate:
While the text is copied below:

January 5, 2009

Selena Samarripaz, Investigations

Board of Behavioral Health Examiners

3443 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1700

Phoenix, Arizona 85012-3811


RE:         Complaint #2206-0002

                LISA KAUFMAN, LISAC-10372

Dear Selena Samarripaz:

I would appreciate the opportunity to address the Board before it takes action; however, I have been ill and re-reading this today, I realize that my request may be too late.

Since the Substance Abuse Subcommittee cut my presentation short and had already voted to dismiss my complaint, I wonder how the full committee of the full Board would regard this?  At least the aspect of a licensed substance abuse practitioner using her license to gain employment to treat sex offenders?  Certainly, even a cave man would realize that might be practicing beyond one’s training & competency, far outside of the scope of one’s Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor licensure?

Finally, since Kaufman demonstrated such gross disregard for ASRS statutes by filing false, frivolous and slanderous charges with superiors at the Arizona Department of Corrections and lying under oath in court in Florence, it seems rather negligent that the Board and/or the Substance Abuse Subcommittee failed to protect the public by not having her examined when a licensed psychologist notified the Board about his concern for such potential problems.  Lastly, I witnessed Kaufman lie to her own Substance Abuse Subcommittee.

To say I am disappointed in the Board’s processes and apparent outcome would be an understatement.  I am coming to the conclusion the purpose of licensure in Arizona is NOT to protect the public but to protect the State, the power structure, the status quo and the politicians who make such serious errors in judgment putting the public at risk that cover-up becomes modus operandi.  Expediency appears to be the name of the game.  Protecting the State, and NOT the public nor the poor wards of the State, is what it appears this Board’s mission.  Indeed, every inmate sex offender Kaufman treated may have been damaged by Kaufman’s emotional problems with men AND her eagerness to engage in practicing beyond the scope of her competency, training and license.  That’s sick!   I will never forget when she ran repeated interference against my clinical judgement (which is better) resulting in one poor individual with a bipolar disorder having to suffer unnecessarily.


John Taylor Kent, Ph.D.

Psychologist (Inactive)