What is “Positive Projective Psychology?”

Who is John Galt?

-was my previous brief answer to the question. This was provided as an indirect reference to Ayn Rand’s seminal work Atlas Shrugged. In her 1957 novel, this was the leading question to understanding the dilemma in the world she created, and it applies to my life and the current world situation.

However, one may now read my new tabbed web page to garner what Positive Projective Psychology is.

I highly recommend reading Atlas Shurgged because we in America are in the same dilemma with the same thieves at the controls. Should we not change our course and assert the Constitution of these United States given to us by the blessing of God, the major cities of the lower 48 states will be nuked.

You have been advised.

More on this later in my blog, Dr Kent’s Blog.

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