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Fluorides’s Role In Alzheimer’s

Friday, July 24th, 2009

While it is not technically correct per se to say that fluoride is the culprit and

It is more techically correct to say “fluoridated water,”

The purpose of Dr Kent’s Blog is to put it into the vernacular,

into common English.

According to two medical doctors who happen to be medical doctors of homeopathy:

Fluroidated water allows aluminum to cross the blood brain barrier

that would otherwise keep aluminum out of the brain.

How to Stop Injesting Aluminum Part II SALT (Preventing Alzheimer’s)

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

With this post, I am cutting to the chase.

Sure, one may ingest aluminum from carbonated beverages in aluminum cans.

And can get a wallop of aluminum cooking in aluminum pans.

Take a look at that pockmarked pan after simmering tomato sauce in it.

But nothing beats the fact


How did it get there?

Well, it’s true some of it got their naturally as aluminum is the most common metal on the face of the earth and some salt is naturally found in aluminum deposits.

But the fact is our food industry under the FDA and other international auspices allows the addition of a few aluminum compounds under the guise of

“Anti-caking Agents”

And almost all processed food has aluminized salt added to it!

Read the label on that packer of salt.

See if it doesn’t contain aluminum silicate or another alumium compound.


Using aluminized salt!

Stay tuned for proactive ways to avert Alzheimer’s.

How to Stop Injesting Aluminum (Preventing Alzheimer’s)

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

As I began typing the title of this particular Blog post, I mistakenly typed “How to Stop Injecting Aluminum.”

Well, it is tantamount to a Freudian slip and likewise it is not far fetched.


Certain immunizations in the past have contained aluminum.

The flu vaccination has typically delivered a wallop of aluminum among other substances including a little mercury in the form of Thimerosal as a “preservative.”

Some injections may still contain aluminum.

Certainly injection has been one mode of putting aluminum into the body.

And there was a plan proposed nationally in approximately 1974 to seed the atmosphere with aluminum

Under the guise of putting up a reflective layer to send solar radiation

Into outer space and reduce Global Warming.

And there has been evidence that we are being dusted like crops

From jets spreading white layers of barium and aluminum and only God knows what!

We call those “chemtrails” in contrast & comparison to “contrails.”

Then there is aluminum in most anti-persperants.


One needs to stop and check the contents of each proposed injection.

One can not stop breathing but one should question the massive seeding of our sky’s with pasty clouds of unknown materials.

Certainly, one can read the label and cease applying aluminum compunds to one’s sensitive arm pit areas

Thereby reducing absorption through the skin.

But checking oral injestion of aluminum in our world today, especially the “civilized” world

Is tantamount to impossible!