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ADOC Internal Affairs Investigation #2004-1446 Part II

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


ADOC Internal Affairs Investigation #2004-1446


For the most part the charges were “established” in e-mail exchanges between my superior Supervising Psychologist III Suzanne Arnold, Ph.D. and her superior Pamela C. McCauley, Ph.D.  Thus, while some may claim I could have appealed through my chain of command that was impossible.  There was no opportunity to seek relief as all in my chain of command right up to Steven Ickes and Dora Schriro were working together.


ADOC Internal Affairs Investigation 2004-1446

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


Here it is in scanned and .pdf forms for your convenience and entertainment,  education and evaluation.  I will have much more to say about this “set up.”  Comments to come.  Here is my copy unedited by me with the sole exception of removal of one piece of critical information, my SSN.

Please <right click> on it and <save as> in order to conserve bandwidth.  This is a public document and since our illustrious legislators decided not to make State employee records private, anyone can have access to anything about any Arizona State employee at any time!


First Internal Affairs Investigation