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Fluoride Number One Medical Cause of Mental Illness

Monday, June 15th, 2009


For years all psychologists have had to answer one question on the EPPP, the examination one must pass in order to become a psychologist. 


The EPPP is the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology.


That question is designed to condition future practicing psychologists to refer anyone who appears with depressive symptoms to a medical doctor.




To rule out medical causes of depression.


And what is the number one medical cause of depression?


A malfunctioning thyroid!


Now, what do you think causes thyroids to malfunction?


Especially at such rampant levels among the population that this question has become standard on all versions of the EPPP since its inception as the standard test in Canada and the United States for psychologists?


The specific type of fluoridation of our water forced on us by our wonderful Central Government!