Robert F Kennedy Jr. Explains Vaccines and the Autism Coverup: “Deadly Immunity”

I dont't see what the big deal is.

Honestly, we've known about this causal factor for years.  Literally.

It's been the subject of discussions as far back as I can recall in the mid-70's.

So, why is Kennedy just getting it?

Does it take a "Kennedy" to sanitize this matter so we can face ourselves and our corruption?

BTW, wasn't it Hillary Clinton who pushed through immunity for the vaccine makers after her party, the "Communist" Democrat Party, practically destroyed the vaccine industry with their "policies?"


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2 Responses to “Robert F Kennedy Jr. Explains Vaccines and the Autism Coverup: “Deadly Immunity””

  1. Erwin Alber says:

    Vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise disguised as disease prevention. It is argueably also the biggest and longest-lasting fraud not only in medical, but also in human history. There is in fact no evidence that any vaccine has ever protected anyone or saved anyone’s life, let alone the lives of millions.

    “Our society is littered with millions of children who have been harmed in one way or another by vaccines. Also, don’t let us forget the millions of parents who have had to watch helplessly as their children’s lives were destroyed by devastating vaccination programmes.”

    Dr Russell Blaylock MD

    What is allegedly a triumph of medical science has proven to be a blight on our children and a crime against humankind. Vaccination has caused unimaginable suffering to children and their families, all for the sake of medical dogma and corporate profits.

    Vaccines should be seen for what they are: they are highly toxic formulations, and their application should rightly be seen as a form of chemical-biologcal warfare against civilians.

    As Dr Herbert Shelton has pointed out:

    “Belief in immunisation is a form of delusional insanity.”

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Hello Erwin Alber–

    Anyone who comments with a full name deserves not merely to be heard, i.e. ‘approved,’ but merits a reply.

    While I am not certain about immunizations always being bad, I am keeping an open mind. If you would care to comment more or even write an article I welcome both for my blog.

    There are a few books I hope to review that call to question immunizations; however, I do not quite understand how childhood diseases that were so fatal at the beginning of the 20th century have been eradicated.

    Truly, your words are strong and there must be quite bit behind them. Feel free to share more and welcome to Dr Kent’s Blog.

    Thank you for posting,

    Dr. Kent

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