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My Son has Autism, What Do I Do?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

First, stop doing anything that could make the situation worse.

Suspend vaccinations.

Stop using soy based baby formula.

Stop feeding him Cherrios and other processed cereals.

Avoid manganese.

Second, call Dr. Jerry Tennant at:

(972) 580-1156


toll free

(866) 612-4461

Tell Dr. Tennant Dr. Kent sent you.

And if you really want help, go to The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine in Irving, Texas.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Explains Vaccines and the Autism Coverup: “Deadly Immunity”

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I dont't see what the big deal is.

Honestly, we've known about this causal factor for years.  Literally.

It's been the subject of discussions as far back as I can recall in the mid-70's.

So, why is Kennedy just getting it?

Does it take a "Kennedy" to sanitize this matter so we can face ourselves and our corruption?

BTW, wasn't it Hillary Clinton who pushed through immunity for the vaccine makers after her party, the "Communist" Democrat Party, practically destroyed the vaccine industry with their "policies?"


WE ARE AT WAR! And We Don’t Even Realize It!!!

Friday, April 17th, 2009


We are and have been fighting on all fronts.  Because the enemy has penetrated us so deeply and thoroughly, it doesn’t have the appearance of war, but, believe me, we are fighting on ALL FRONTS!


Call me paranoid.  I don’t care but my job is to warn you that America is about to go under and I don’t think we can survive one more emersion in the depths of war.  Not just any war, but World War.


America and the hope of a recovered United States are all that stands between the evil ones and the little guy around the world outside of our borders.  But, we are the target. 


Once they take US down, there will be nothing in between them and the little fellow around the world.  It’ll be a cake walk for them to wreak havoc on any & all around the globe.


The problem is we are losing and sinking fast inside our own borders.  We are the most naïve people on the planet and we are dumb.


It’s time to wake up and it is much too late.  There is no way to avoid the fate of an invasion.  I write from Ground Zero in Phoenix, Arizona.  Only instead of 9/11, it will be 11/9.


We are fighting on all fronts and let me give you merely two examples: 


(1)  The old wives’ tales about the FLUORIDE in our water?  They are all true and we don’t even have the power to stop them from poisoning our drinking water!


That type of fluoridation of our water is THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO:


Heart Disease


Heart Attack


Diabetes Type II




Mood Disorders


(2)  The main cause of autism and Bipolar Type I Disorders? 


It’s in the food!


Somehow corporate America has been adding MANGANESE to infant formula and to cereals we feed our children.  One (1) out of every forty-nine (49) boys has autism today. 


How?  An infant’s liver can only process approximately 400 mg of manganese a day but his soy formula is spiked with 8 grams of MANGANESE. 


{8 grams = 8,000 mg –or– approximately twenty times (20X) what a baby’s liver can detoxify across a day!}


Even General Mills’ Cheerios has enough MANGANESE in two & a half bowls to give a toxic dose of MANGANESE to a 250 pound man!  Yet, the Federal Drug Administration allows General Mills not to disclose how much MANGANESE is in Cheerios!  {Communicated to Dr. Young}


MANGANESE accumulates in the basal ganglia in the brain where it causes all kinds of misfires.  Listen to my archived radio shows to hear other experts & their opinions.  What’s yours?


Now, you know in part why I affectionately call the FDA:


The Federal Death Administration



The Dr. Kent Show February 14, 2009 with Guest Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H)

Monday, February 16th, 2009


The Increase in Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Friday, January 30th, 2009


The explosion in autism really astounds me.  It is frightening!  It certainly makes a couple fearful of having a child.  To realize that so many families in my vicinity are affected by autism, Asperger’s and mental retardation really disturbs me.


For one, we know that a family into which a child is born who has Down’s syndrome will in all likelihood divorce.  We don’t know why, but couples who have a Down’s syndrome child usually divorce and end their marriage.  That does not help with the stability of society and makes marriage precarious.


Likewise, I fear similar outcomes for married couples who have children with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.  While I know of no studies on the prevalence of divorce due to children born with birth defects, clinically we have observed over the years, this phenomenon of divorce apparently precipitated by such births and the burden of taking care of such disabled children.


A couple of years ago it appeared that the rate of autism was beginning to decline; however, that is not the case and it appears to have been a false hope.  With the rate exceeding 1 out of every 166 children, this represents a massive increase from the 2 children I saw during my years of post doctoral training. 


This is such a rapid increase and it makes one wonder why we as a nation have not done something about it?  Such lack of response makes one wonder if it was not planned?  While that certainly seems ludicrous, the deafening silence from Washington and from our leaders makes one wonder.


Since the rate of autism appears to still be increasing, what will it take to get the attention of our national leaders?  Do we have to wait until 1 out of 88 of our children is born suffering an autistic disorder before we take action?  Do we have to wait until there are several autistic children living on every block before we seek to start a campaign to combat this scourge?  What does this bode for the future of our country?