Are You a Conservative?

Are you a conservative assumes you know the meaning of the word; moreover, it implies there is an agreed upon and understood definition–which there is not!

Most folks who think they are conservative are indeed NOT conservative.

Conservative means a believer in a small federal government thereby the rights of the individual are conserved.

But every time I turn around I hear

“There ought to be a law  . . . “

“The government ought to  . . . “

And this is from those who believe they are conservative!

They are psychotic!

“Conservatives” today are psychotic.

This means they suffer from a break with reality.

Folks, we don’t need more laws or more rules & regulations.

We suffer from having far too many of those and not enough common sense.

We don’t need another POLICY!

We already have the best policy ever devised by men:

The United States Constitution.

We need only return to it and

Return we will because this society has become


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