My Presentation 17 Dec 2008 Before the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners RFI No. 08-19 MCPHEE

Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners


Complaint Screening Committee


17 December 2008


Re:     RFI No. 08-19, DAVID MCPHEE, PH.D.



In addition to what the Board already has in writing, the Board needs to know this.  It was not until our third 90-minute session Dr. McPhee failed to mention a possible conflict of interest.  During that next to last meeting, Dr. McPhee revealed he had previously hired and supervised Mary M. Desch, MD and in the past had worked closely with Dr. Desch. 


In spite of the fact it became apparent earlier during the assessment that I had had a terrible experience with Dr. Desch and there was a possible conflict of interest because of Dr.  McPhee’s prior relationship with Dr. Desch, rather than recuse himself from the case, a forensic assessment, and consider refunding my monies, Dr. McPhee continued to press on with his assessment emphasizing he thought he could help me with the Board.  “I think I can help you,” he said over and over until . . .


It was not until Dr. McPhee heard about the history of inmates’ deaths due to malpractice, other crimes and cover ups at ADOC that Dr. McPhee demonstrated a complete change in demeanor & attitude.  There was a significant transformation in his presence & presentation and it was readily observable.  It occurred right at and after the moment of that particularly sensitive & succinct disclosure.


Finally, I am not so certain Dr. McPhee did his own work and worked independently.  That is, rather than provide an independent workup and assessment, it appears Dr. McPhee may have relied upon the work of others, namely Dr. Desch.


However, let’s put this in context.  In contrast to Dr. Desch, Dr. McPhee’s conflicts of interest and Dr. McPhee’s conflicted nature (fear of involvement in a case of corruption of elected State officials and appointees) pales in comparison.  At the outset of the assessment Dr. McPhee answered my query and assured me he did not know my former wife Maria Kleine, whereas, Dr. Desch refused to answer my question in spite of the fact she had treated my former wife from October 2005 until approximately May 2006.


During her assessment Dr. Desch demonstrated gross counter transference often grimacing and she appeared deeply disturbed.  Desch repeatedly answered her own questions without giving me a chance to open my mouth, to respond.  Desch “fabricated” my “self-report” in order to support her erroneous conclusions and harsh recommendations.

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48 Responses to “My Presentation 17 Dec 2008 Before the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners RFI No. 08-19 MCPHEE”

  1. Ursula Hursh says:

    What was the outcome of your complaint? I filed one against McPhee as well for complete unprofessional conduct, however, from seeing how the boards operate and how intertwined the board members are with these psychologists, its almost impossible to get any sanctions against them and so I did not attend the hearing. However, the evidence was overwhelming about his misconduct, but if they are court appointed the Board does nothing. There, I believe is a network of board members and psychologists who all know each other well and all make money from each other so know one wants to disturb that gravy train.

  2. admin says:

    My complaint against McPhee was dropped even though I attended the hearing & testified during it. It appeared the Board members bent over backwards to give McPhee a pass. Board Member Cheryl Karp, Ph.D. came to McPhee’s defense with some phony excuse without seeking any clarification from me even though I was present and available to answer any questions the Complaint Screening Committee might have had.

    Karp’s rationalizations were nothing short of extraordinary. From my review of previous Board Meeting Minutes, Karp had been recently the subject of a Board complaint herself. Moreover, during that CSC meeting it appeared some projection may have been occurring. But, I’ll bet you are right and I’ll bet nothing ever came of the complaint against Dr. Karp because the Board protects its own—at all costs.

    More importantly, the Board violated their own Rules & Regulations and procedures:

    Hearings are open to the public and recordings of those Hearings (Complaint Screening Committees) are available to the public (and psychologists alike) for a nominal fee of $10. Even though I paid their fees & requested a copy of the Hearing at which I testified [See future posting in my Blog of that soon.], the Board has refused to acknowledge my request AND has not provided me with any explanation of why they are violating their own policies!

    My understanding is that the Board may only refuse to provide such a recording of a public hearing IF the Governor signs off on their request & rationale for denying providing such! However, I have not received any reply or seen such a response.

    I spent $240 an hour on McPhee, and during that time I learned from McPhee he used to provide examination services for the Board to determine whether or not a psychologist was fit for practice, was safe to practice as a psychologist in Arizona. McPhee claimed the Board became “offended” when he provided an Independent ‘Medical’ Examination upon the behalf of another psychologist who was before the Board on a complaint. Thereafter, the Board stopped sending him psychologists to provide forensic evaluations for the Board. McPhee reported apparently he could only work for “one side” and since he showed up in defense of another psychologist, the Board wrote him off as a referral for work for the Board.

    Also, McPhee claimed he was a Board “watcher,” and he helps select & recruit individuals to serve on the Board! This may be part & parcel of why your complaint against McPhee was dismissed.

    BTW: If you would like to publish your complaint openly or a sanitized version of it in my blog, feel free to do so. You, as the holder of that privilege, have that right. You can share it with anyone you wish. “Loveboy” informed me & my attorney of those privileges during my last hearing. Call me if I can help you and I will gladly accommodate you.

    McPhee was particularly proud of the arrival of Public Member Megan Hunter-Williams. McPhee described Hunter-Williams as ‘having “a mind of her own” and not subject to the groupthink of the rest of the Board.’

    Indeed, I found Mrs. Megan Hunter-Williams attractive in several ways, especially the beauty of her character. In fact, it was Hunter-Williams who declared on December 7, 2007 that she wanted the Board to reactivate my license and ‘did not want “to damage [me] any further!”’ She and the new Chairman Fred Wiggins voted in favor of my restoration.

    However, then “Larry Loveboy” aka Gary Lovejoy got overly involved and decided ‘the Board needed to get me some “help” because conducting therapy is so stressful.’ Since the Board was delving further, upon notice of my attorney that if I brought up Dr. Susanne Arnold’s sex with her inmate patient at the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) inside ADOC [Dr. Arnold was head of the SOTP at the time she committed her offense(s).], the Board would find me guilty of “unprofessional conduct” for having failed to report her, I filed every report necessary so that when and if my story became public, the Board never could find me guilty of actual unprofessional conduct for failure to report—anything!

    FYI: I never committed any unprofessional conduct. Nonetheless, since my attorney forced me into that stupid Consent Decree my rights were blown and my chances of prevailing and seeing justice in this manner are virtually nil—unless the Board realizes and accepts that it has been used.

    Once Gary Lovejoy, Ph.D. became Chairman he changed the direction of the new Consent Decree which was going to reactivate my license circa Jan 2008. It’s been all downhill since then. Lovejoy ran the Board during his year to assure that his old buddies suffered no losses while he was in charge.

    For example, when I brought up simple charges of psychologist malpractice (to be published openly in this blog) as I am required by the Rules & Regulations that govern psychologist’s licenses (We psychologists are obligated to report all improprieties by other licensees.), Chairman Lovejoy made sure that his old buddy Al Silberman, Ed.D. would be cleared of any & all charges.

    How did Lovejoy do this? Simple. Board Chairman Lovejoy assigned the complaint to be reviewed by the only non-practicing Public Member of the Board Megan Hunter-Williams. Why did Lovejoy assign the RFI for review by Hunter-Williams?

    How can Hunter-Williams know what “malpractice” looks like? She can’t. She’s not a psychologist. Does she know the four D’s the APA Trust outlines as required to find malpractice? There certainly was no evidence of it during her summary of the complaint and her recommendations for dismissal.

    So, we have Board malpractice! Lovejoy never should have been appointed to the Board again after his first stint on the Board years ago during which people complained about him.

    Hunter-Williams has been used. However, the RFI regarding malpractice is not the only problem for Mrs. Megan Hunter-Williams:

    Board Public Member Hunter-Williams vocalized during one of the CSC hearings in the spring of 2008 that she cared deeply about the loss of human life and even cared for the lives of the inmates inside of ADOC. That was Hunter-William’s public declaration and I support her.

    The problem is that in subsequent complaints, which were far more grave, from what I can discern rather than risk the embarrassment of exposure of the Board for being used to cover up crimes committed within ADOC (including the loss of several lives), “Larry Loveboy” apparently side-lined those formal complaints and did not share them with the rest of the Board.

    Instead, he and the Board’s Executive Director declined those Requests for Investigations (RFI’s) based upon the excuse ‘the Board does not address “personnel” matters.’ Oh really? The Board accepted RFI No. 06-34 against me and it was entirely a “personnel matter.” I seriously doubt the rest of the Board members have seen those complaints. I doubt they have been apprised of what is in those complaints.

    And rather than do the right thing, Loveboy decided to aid & abet in the cover ups and protect his liberal Democrat Governor Napolitano and her lover ADOC Director Dora Schriro! Fraud, malfeasance, malpractice and murder . . .

    Ursula, doesn’t this sound like some far fetched novel? Moreover, does it not seem to you that this might be some of the most highly “organized crime?”

    Even the FBI was derelict in their duties and they know it. But now that Janet is right under Obama, Napolitano & her lover Dora are well protected. And folks want to know why the people don’t trust the government.

  3. Ursula Hursh says:

    Thank you for your response. I totally agree as I and other mothers who have been forced to have “Parenting Coordinators” forced on us by the family courts have attempted to meet with Mapolotano in the past, but of course, she was too busy campaigning for Obama to aactually care about any corruption that might be going on with the Boards and their cronies, the court appointed pscyhologists, which McPhee is just one of several in this group of psychologists who wash each others hands so to say. Mcphee would make recommendations about a child he never met. He refused to make the bio-dad return the child on a day belonging to me, why? Because he needed $300 in his funds before he could up hold a report that HE wrote stating he should be called in incidences such as those. He and others like him do not care about the children in Arizona, only the almighty dollar. I have written to my lesgislators in Scottsdale about my perceived corruption in the Board and how it handles complaints, no one has gotten back to me on it. I guess its just not as important to them with me just being a single mother and all. I actually have a letter posted I wrote to McPhee to correct an error he made if you goolge his name. He, of course, never responded to it as there was no money in it.

  4. Dr. Kent says:

    Actually, I goggled you and saw your blog & the letter to McPhee. Gee, $300? At only $240 an hour I guess I was getting a good deal. It sounds like you & other mothers are being held “hostage” by the State and their appointed power brokers!

    BTW, the attorney who represented McPhee also represented another psychologist during that CSC meeting. That psychologist appeared to have been derelict in his duties as court appointed guardian ad item because he made recommendations on a child he had never met and apparently failed to investigate allegations of child abuse & file a report as required by ASRS upon thereat of a felony!

    However, liberals are sticking together and the Board was trying to let him go as well.

    Napolitano was busy protecting herself (and her lover ADOC Director Dora Schriro) in order that she could get appointed Secretary of Homeland Security. If you watch carefully, you’ll see that Napolitano has a lot of influence over Obama—much more than her position as Secretary of DHS should grant.

    None of my representatives, Nichols, Yarbrough or Tibishraeny nor Flake have gotten back with me. All that matters to them is money & power. This is not the country I was born in. This is a communist bureaucratic tyranny. And they are doing whatever necessary to destroy us from within, especially disturbing families & children.

    The field of psychology today is doing far more harm than it is good. We have become the “thought police” and our skills are being utilized to destroy families and build up an ungodly powerful state.

    Gee, I did not perceive McPhee was gay when he & I met. However, in retrospect it certainly fits.

    There are some good psychologists out there but they are few & far between. However, we are all required to uphold the liberal agenda and enforce every iota of the changes to our culture they want. Dare I say “culture war?”

    Please contact other mothers who are being exploited by this over reaching system requiring impossibly expensive “Parenting Coordinators” and encourage them to expose those corrupt & damaging practices on my blog. From your report court appointed “Parenting Coordinator” psychologists sound like Blood Sucking Leeches.

    Mothers will move mountains to save their children. Imagine what happens when mothers unite?

    Get others to link & comment on my blog. We need to offer help to parents, especially single moms. And I am not talking child support money. I’m talking real support. Emotionally and in terms of empowerment because parents should not be impeded in carrying out their duties to their children as rearing children is the most important activity on the face of the planet!

  5. Dr. Kent says:

    Actually, it would be remiss of me not to defend the profession. The number one activity for which RFI complaints are filed against psychologists is Child Custody Evaluation. If a psychologist engaged in conducting such an evaluation, the odds were there would be at least one RFI complaint filed perhaps even two before he had finished his work!

    The cost of defense of licensure can be astronomical; afterall, Goliath [The Board & The State] have unlimited resources. It all depends on how badly the Board wishes to pursue a particular psychologist. The costs were breaking psychologists and for a time no psychologist was willing to do the work. It appeared such evaluations were going to be done by non-psychologists!

    The Board has actually worked very hard on this; however, part of the solution required courts to appoint psychologists in order that psychologists might have some protection–from punitive Board processes. Perhaps the solution has gone too far.

    There are two competent psychologists I can recommend for Child Custody Evaluations and one I can not recommend. I am confident in services delivered by Brian Yee, Ph.D. & by Ron Lavit, Ph.D. Dr. Yee is extremely brilliant and Dr. Lavit is most experienced. Both are excellent!

    However, a word of caution about the use of the services of Board Member Miki Paul, Ph.D. due to a past history demonstrating obvious victimization and gender bias. I do not beleive Dr. Paul can be unbiased, objective and professional. Dr. Paul publically admits to being the victim of spousal abuse, and as a victim of such IMO, Dr. Paul should recuse herself from any such activity. It appears she has harmed others with her work in the past.

    The Board’s protection of Dr. Paul lends credibility to your claim there is a small tight knit group of psychologists who wash each others’ hands. Those of us psychologists who have tried to complain and who want to file RFI’s regarding Dr. Paul are very concerned about the retaliatory capacities of this Board.

    This Board’s reputation is not good. It’s appetite for revenge is insatiable and it consistently demonstrates an “anger problem.”

    It sounds kind of “mentally ill,” doesn’t it?

    Stay tuned.

  6. Ursula Hursh says:

    Dr. Kent, with all due respect, Yee and Lavit are NOT good for children. Hopefully another mother thatI correspond with, and who led me to your blog will post on here. She has great insider information. We have even attempted to take this matter to the media but no one seems to want to touch it. Megan Hunter-Williams runs an business with her husband that caters to psychologists, some sort of “training”, one of the Judge’s wife was a secretary on another section that pushes for thse court ordered psychologists. Don’t kid yourself, this is a major “father’s rights” state, NOT best interests of the children, which is nothing more than a catch phrase to cover up all the hideous things they do to the chidren and covers a multitude of sins that the Courts impose on us. Marlene Joy is one of the worst psychologists out there, greedy and biased, in my own personal opinion and from personal experience.

  7. Dr. Kent says:

    Well, I am getting educated here. You and those you know seem to know more than. I am being serious & I am not kidding. However, I can not help but suspect some sort of gender bias and I wonder if your experience is typical.

    Truly, modern clinical psychology serves the left and the left wants to destroy families. But I wonder if this really is a “father’s rights” state?”

    I must admit that I might be a bit biased. Notwithstanding, it appears you have been traumatized. Nonetheless, I do not detect gender bias coming from you.

    While I did forensic evals under surpervision during my training, I never got comfortable with them. For one, if I saw something I could fix, I found it difficult to refrain from doing just that because it was so easy for me to fix things quickly. The purpose of a true forensic eval is to “describe” objectively rather than to “treat.” Nonetheless, from your reports it appears these pyschologists who function as “Parenting Coordinators” appear to blur the boundaries between forensic child custody evaluators AND clinical treatment providers, family therapists.

    If this is the case, then I would scream “professional misconduct” and “professional boundary violations.” It is unethical to combine those roles in the same psychologist, especially when we reside in a large metropolitan area with plenty of psychologists to serve in those separate & discrete functions.

    However, if it is “institutionalized” as you describe, then the problem must be dealth with systematically–and that means with political power, policital force, if you will.

    Why? It often takes that to change the status quo.

    The risk is that things often change for the worst. It certainly appears that way since the Board tried to come up with guidelines to protect psychologists performing child custody evaluations. Sadly, we are witnessing the expanding power of the State.

    I encourage your friend to partipate in this discussion. However, I doubt I am much help and I am reminded I am barred from practising psychology in Arizona under the Consent Agreement. While I have abided by that, it is most unfair and the Board appears intent upon taking my license away completely & further damaging me.

    I would, however, be interested in knowing more about Mrs. Hunter-Williams and her husband because it appears from what you have posted that there may be a conflict of interest. If this is the case, take it to the Governor as she is over all of the boards.

    Sadly, Jan Brewer appears to be a hands off Governor only interested in maintaining the status quo. Unfortunately, Governor Brewer is not interested in pursuing justice–or she would have met with me.

    Stay tuned–that gets posted, too!

  8. Dr. Kent says:

    It is best to cease from spamming my blog.

  9. Dr. Kent says:

    It makes me wonder why almost all of the spam directed comments fall under this one posting??? Please stop spamming.

  10. maja says:

    I am a mother in Northern Arizona who had a custody evaluation done by Ronn lavit. I have great concern over his mental deterioration, his absolute ignorance of domestic violence and his habit of lying to courts. please get in contact with me…we are seeking to file a class action lawsuit aginst this man. We need real truth and documentation as to his un ethical behaviours. We need to protect the children…this man is dangerous to their well being.

  11. Dr. Kent says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your distress. Having met Dr. Ron Lavit personally and knowing that not all, in fact, few parties are completely satisfied with court outcomes, I would suggest you contact Dr. Lavit directly. However, perhaps another evaluation conducted by a different psychologist might prove useful.

    I understand that Dr. Brian Yee is a sharp young psychologist who the courts respect. However, others who have posted comments on my blog do not like Dr. Yee either.

    Certainly, I would like to hear something positive from someone who had had a custody evaluation by a psychologist. It seems that parents should pull together. Perhaps that might prove fruitful.

    It is extremely difficult for me to recommend any particular psychologist in Arizona to you because I am not impressed with most I have met. However, I believe Psychologist Michael Belus at (480) 481-9042 to be a competent psychologist. In fact, I sent my former wife Maria to see Dr. Belus. Feel free to mention my recommendation. I no longer practise psychology.

    Nonetheless, the best way to protect the children is to take the best care of ourselves possible. Are you taking care of yourself?

  12. Dr. Kent says:

    Link to it. Copy it but with proper credit and a link to it.

  13. chick says:

    absolutely agree with the negative comments regarding dr. lavit.

    after my custody evaluation in which dr. lavit was NOT TRUTHFUL with the court, i filed a complaint against him with the board of AZ which resulted in a reprimand.

    in my opinion he NEEDS TO RETIRE, so he does NOT hurt anymore AZ children.

    i would be happy to testify or participate in a class action suit.

  14. chick says:


    i would love to speak with you.

    there was domestic violence by my ex-husband, directed at myself and my children.

    i even had a dr. report regarding my broken face.

    dr. lavit ignored it.

    he tried to indicate to the court that my children and i made up these incidences even though i had proof, witnesses and my children were almost old enough to drive.

    in my opinion, dr. lavit needs to retire.

    he has been reprimanded for complaints other than mine.

  15. Interesting website, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

  16. Man of honor says:

    First I would like to cast off the whole gender bias. I am a guy! so that being said. I to am severally disappointed with Dr. Ronn Lavit’s Professionalism and ethics not to mention his tactics. How can anyone in his profession be so narrow minded. I also know of his treatment toward those of domestic Violence. Why is it that if there are no external signs of abuse everyone thinks it never happened. After having experienced Dr. Lavit I decided to do some home work on the man and its not only women that suffer from his in ability to hear both sides of the story subjectively it men to. from what I’ve read and seen I say follow the money. Who’s paying the bill? If its not you he seams def to your cry’s

    Sorry Dr. Kent. sometimes people don’t want to see the truth. Odd the number of complaints you read hear about Dr. Lavit? I believe it!

  17. Dr. Kent says:


    It is difficult for me to approve/disprove or prove anything! (Think my approval of your comment.)

    First, in science we do not ‘prove’ anything. We merely ‘disprove the null hypothesis’–which in part is why science can never prove the existence of God or lack thereof.

    Back to my point. It pains me that there are so many complaints and the bulk of the complaints in the profession of psychology center on child custody issues.

    I met Ron Lavit, Ph.D. for lunch. I know some of the absurd complaints he faced before this Board in the past. Frankly, this Board acted terribly in giving those obviously false, frivolous and slanderous complaints the time of day. But this Board is not noted for its “kindness.”

    My impressions of Dr. Lavit were favorable. I detected insight and experience. Nothing revealed any possible lack of competence. I’d share company & lunch with him again.

    Now, you may find the above unfavorable; nonetheless, I believe Dr. Lavit to be an ethical and compentent psychologist.

    That said, with what little information I have and you may indeed have more, I suspect the problem is with the profession of psychology as a whole and the direction(s) psychology has been forced to take by the collectivist New World Order bastards intent upon finishing off the destruction of our country, our sovereignty and our freedom. Certainly, they’ve already destroyed our equality thanks to their lackey President Johnson in the 1960’s!

    Assuming you are as you represent yourself, a male, I welcome your comments. Thank you.

    However, I would like to get off the personal attacking of one psychologist and focus upon the solution–which indeed requires identifying the real problem!

    The problem may lay with liberalism or what I prefer to call “illiberalism” and with the set of problems foisted off on US as “equal rights” and “Affirmative Action” which are in actuality and in effect and in function programs which discriminate & destroy equality and divide our people making way for US to be conquered from within. They have destroyed the fabric of America and we are no longer “The Land of Opportunity” but “The Land of Opportunists.”

    In particular, the bond(s) between men and women have been shattered, and they have destroyed “the team” that built America–the American family.

    We need to go back to basics and that means the Constitution which means taking apart those sexist and racist policies of the LBJ era and reestablishing true equality. The task in front of US is H-U-G-E but we are and have been FAILING OUR CHILDREN!

    I still think the courts and laws favor women over men. The literature shows definitively that children have far superior life outcomes when reared by their fathers alone in contrast & comparison to life outcomes when reared by their mothers alone.

    We have had the data on males since 2001 but if we ever get the data on outcomes for females, we are going to be taken back with our stupidity and our foolish policies that almost require children be “awarded” to their mothers during a divorce. That said, I see case after case in which the fathers are absolute loons and should be not even have access to their children.

    If the default solution was to award full & sole custody to fathers, society would be a lot better shape. But, that is my opinion. I am a loner in my field, definitely an “outlier.”

    Still, I find my conservative values and perpective allow me insights that made me far more effective than my compatriots, and those allowed me to develop Positive Projective Psychology.

    By the way, this Board is very jealous over that phrase and hence is attacking me again. I wish they’d grow up. They don’t even operate at the level of junior high schoolers, more like grade school!

    Rather than harass me, they should be at my door step begging me to help them become competent and effective psychologists. Sadly, today we have a situation in which psychologists are no longer ‘fixing’ and helping people.

    Instead, they are profiting from keeping people mentally ill in support of The Medical Model and they want even more (greedy bastards) because psychologists are seeking “prescriptive authority!”

    Do you know what I call that? Well, in The Bible it is referred to as prostitution. Read Hosea 4: Profiting from ongoing sin, or mental illness, rather than helping cure it!

  18. Chandra Miller says:

    Most enlightening blog. I would suggest that anyone who believes in the veracity of Ronn Lavit is one who has found a way to manipulate him to serve their purpose. I have experienced, curiously enough, Drs. Yee, Lavit and Kohlhepp throughout a four year divorce/custody dispute. Dr. Kohlhepp is extraordinarily brilliant, having been the one professional to provide an almost dead-on accurate psychiatric assessment of the OP; had she been given all the documentation by Dr. Yee she would have succeeded in assessing the situation. In my case, the OP is a borderline sociopath, so good that Drs. Yee and Lavit were both charmed and seduced. That is, until Dr. Yee experienced first-hand how the OP manipulated him for a means to an end. Dr. Yee, who recommended unsupervised supervision for the sociopathic OP, turned around at trial and recommended a YEAR of supervised visitation in retaliation against OP. Both Drs. Yee and Lavit are extraordiarily egocentric and believe in the sanctity of their own power over families in turmoil; a sociopath knows how to play on these egocentricities. Dr. Kohlepp could not be fooled. The good news is, Dr. Yee was embarrassed for his ego-centric vulnerability, and Dr. Lavit was unseated by the judge in our case because of how easily the OP manipulated him. The case cost us $200k and the OP spent another $120k, all of which could have sent the kids to college all expenses paid.

    Finally, this blog shows how incredibly incestuous the whole Maricopa Co. “mental health expert” community is. it needs a serious overhaul.

    Dr. Kent, if you think Ronn Lavit is a straight-shooter, then your credibility is seriously strained as well.

  19. Chandra Miller says:

    One more thing…the OP was a woman, and Drs. Yee and Lavit both fell for her victim role playing. She’s smarter and more cunning than both of them could ever hope to be with their advance degrees.

  20. Dr. Kent says:

    Hello Chandra Miller–

    Now, I am going to play very dumb (Which is a natual role for me since I am somewhat retarded): Can you explain?

    I’ll leave your comment up; however, unless, you clarify things a bit more I am inclined to take it down.,

    Thank you for your comments. I know that all anti-socials and narcissists and sociopaths are male.

    Dr. Kent

  21. Dr. Kent says:

    Ah, now this is more like it! I saw the other comment first.

    Psychologists are more easily conned by pure sociopaths than any other fool on earth!

    I know.

    I admit I was taken by one and I tried to marry the person she pretended to be!

    Thank the LORD for friends close to me who helped me through the matter; however, it was not with losses, great losses.

    Stay tuned,

    Dr. Kent

  22. Dr. Kent says:

    Miss Miller,

    Dr. Lavit and I have no professional relationship. We had lunch once and it was enjoyable. He is older than I and far more experienced and I respect him.

    I am somewhat taken back by your comment that I have found a way to ‘manipulate’ Dr. Lavit to serve ‘my purposes.’ However, if you have any insight into what that might be, please enlighten me.

    There was a law established that attempted to protect psychologists from undue harassment & litigation and it is often referred to as the Lavit Rule. I really do not know the particulars on this and I admit that it is of little concern to me at this time. Nonetheless, I admire Dr. Lavit for his ability to withstand undue insults before our board and the changes in procedures resultant from Dr. Lavit’s struggles.

    I am not worried about my credibility. If I were in the least insecure do you think I’d post this rubbish so openly?

    You are indeed right about the Maricopa County mental health “expert” community, but it is the whole of the mental health expert community of the State of Arizona that needs overhauling especially our board, the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners.

    Moreover, the entire field of psychology en toto has compromised itself and has compromised the mental health of our country at large.

    Dr. Lavit (Thank you for reminding me of the correct spelling of his name. I have had trouble with that.) is a human being and all human beings make mistakes.

    I am not familiar with Dr. Kohlhepp’s work, but your endorsement piqued my curiousity and perhaps your endorsement will generate more referrals for Dr. Kohlhepp.

    To jar my memory I Googled Dr. Kohlhepp but I could not find a photo of her. I recall meeting an attractive and sharp psychiatrist at a training sponsored by the Arizona Supreme Court in about 2005 at Black Canyon in the north end of Phoenix. After her presentation at that training I approached her. While she gave me her personal phone number, we never met for lunch.

    In general, I am not too keen on psychiatry & psychiatrists; however, this woman’s presentation impressed me. She intrigued me but I really prefer it when they (women) ‘unselect’ themselves. It saves me a lot of trouble 😉 and most females don’t want to become friends–they insist a male sweep them off their feet which is insane and to me is tanatamount to using drugs. It’s crazy.

    Frankly, I do not think anyone who functions from the assumptions of an “illiberal” philosophy could possibly shoot straight. They are so deceived and persist upon deceiving others with their poltical correctness & brain washing that they are generally useless, lack competency and are dangerous.

    However, one must look at the community and realize we have to deal within our limitations. Consider the culture war.

    Moreover, we are stuck with those professionals our state licensing boards have endorsed, and my board and all the other boards I have dealt with in Arizona including the State Bar of Arizona are corrupt: Rather than face facts and deal with matters fairly, all are biased and run their processes in a fashion to allow a lot of hieneous crimes to go univestigated and unpunished.

    All of the state prefessional licensing boards rely upon legal expertise provide by our corrupt Attorney General. Hence, the AG’s Office coordinates information & strategies in the background regardless of ethics to suppress evidence, truth, to pervert justice and perpetuate oppression in Arizona. Arizona is now an “illiberal” state. You stupid bastards voted for it!

    There is no justice in Arizona and IMHO Arizona should be regarded as a “territory” rather than a state.

    You see,

    Licensure has been foisted off on all of us as a good idea because its alledged purpose was “to protect the public.”

    However, in Arizona the purpose of licensure is “to protect the State,” and

    “To empower corrupt elected officials.”

    Regarding your comments upon ‘exposing the incestuous aspects of the community,’ that is, the professional community, please take into account the corrupt politicians and how they force those they appoint under them to state licensure boards to back them and their cronies no matter what.

    Feel free to submit your stories on Dr Kent’s Blog. If you’ve got a beef, we’ll air it here.

    Frankly, I don’t give a damn anymore. They’ve abused me endlessly and maliciously.

    Not only am I not going to take it anymore, I’m about to dish it out but I am prayerfully waiting on the LORD my God to guide me. He demands it of me.

    Should anyone wish to write for my blog, I would welcome the addition–even anonymous contributions.

    The attorney’s in this state all knuckle under and bow down to the dictates of Arizona State government and enjoy the largesse as they fatten themselves off your labor. They seem to enjoy racking up hourly fees in the “undue processes” of the State. Witness the legal fees you report! They are bleeding us dry.

    Dr. Kent

  23. family law says:

    I have a blog named child custody attorney where we discuss various aspects of family law

  24. Dr. Kent says:

    Hi Child Custody Attorney–

    How about a real comment rather than a cheap marketing blurb?

    Dr. Kent

  25. Andre says:

    “Dr” Desch is the WORST! Wish I had seen the probation of her medical license in Minnesota – for drug use – before I had seen her. This pertinent info does not carry over to her Arizona license. I had to see someone after thyroid surgery. She is the most condescending, cold person I have ever met. And she doesn’t have anywhere near the medical expertise to be condescending. Trust me on this. Her practice is just a money-making endeavor to her, nothing more.

  26. Dr. Kent says:

    Howdy Andre–

    It sounds as if you seek a outlet to describe your difficulities with Dr. Desch. Has Dr. Desch injured you? Regardless, if you want to post your story within my blog, send it to me and I’ll review & post it.

    This is the first I have heard of such problems with Dr. Desch and I am very interested. BTW, could you please send me a link to any matters pertinent to Dr. Desch’s licenses? I would appreciate it greatly!

    Please visit my new blog. You may reach me directly by the e-mail address as the bottom of my web pages. My contacts page does not seem to be functional.

    I have much more to say & write about Dr. Desch in my new blog, please visit it and comment there. As yet, I have received no comments from my new blog.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Kent

  27. Adam says:

    Made a mistake in filing a small claims suit against a Highly-functional BPD for a $2k loan and $1k engagement ring. She got an attorney and probably already spent in legal fees more then I’m asking for. It got moved to civil court, any advise? How can you litigate against the insane especially when their attorney’s don’t tell them their stupid for their willingness to spend so much money on litigation. She has not been officially diagnosed. Any recommendations on an evaluator? Can they interview both parties so I can test to years of irrational behavior? Thanks for any help.

  28. Dr. Kent says:


    Gee, I have no advice for you other than to chalk it up to experience and when you lose, don’t lose the lesson!

    Dr. Kent

  29. Aw man I just wanted to take the time to say I love to read your blog.

  30. della says:

    I would Never trust Ron Lavit as long as there is air in my lungs. Let’s take a close look at court audio recording of his testimony in court. This will proove my point why . Open these complaints against him by reviewing his testimony in court stating family law isn’t his profession. Sorry Mr. Lavit your on the courts roaster so how this possible. I found his name to be nagative reputation at the Women’s Resource Center in Phoenix with other profession or role model in this field. How can he look at himself in the mirror as a honorable individual .

  31. Lori says:

    I have a court ordered psych eval with Dr Yee. I believe the other parent is sociopath. He is extremely charming and manipulative and has already completely fool our parent coordinator, counselors and even the police. Do you have any advice on how to approach the evaluation? He accuses me of everything that he does and it always creates this craziness where people don’t know who to believe and therefore he gets off the hook every time. He is also very good at putting evidence together to ‘prove’ his lies. I have seen him fool so many people. I have done a lot of reading on psycopathy and he definitely meets all of the criteria yet I have failed to prove it to very important people. We are both ordered psych evals by Dr Lee. I am not sure what the best approach to the evaluation would be. I have heard to NOT share what I think as far as his diagnosis and traits of a psychopath. Will any validation be done on his version of the truth? Will we take a test of some sort? Even if we do-I’m afraid he will fool it. Any tips on the best approach to the eval would be greatly appreciated.

  32. Dr. Kent says:


    I found Dr. Ron Lavit to be more competent than the members of the Board of Psychologist Examiners. The fact he holds his ground against feminists appears to make him a lightening rod for attack.


    Dr. Kent

  33. Dr. Kent says:

    Dear Lori,

    I saw Dr. Yee asking questions during an AzPA Conference long ago in about 2005. I also saw Dr. Yee questioning the Board of Arizona Psychologist Examiners and effectively holding his ground against them. He struck me as bright and young; however, from the minor observations I really can not attest to Dr. Yee’s competency.

    With this in mind, you are in a hard position. For one, we regular people almost NEVER WIN against a true sociopath. I would suggest bring in a copy of Martha Stout’s lifetime work “The Sociopath Next Door” and tell Dr. Yee about your concerns and that you contacted me and I recommend you work openly and honestly with Dr. Brian Yee. Give him a fighting chance to discover what you have discovered or at least suspect.

    Of all people, psychologists are fooled more easily and taken in by sociopaths! I know. I tried to marry one! And I worked in the prisons with several sociopaths and narcissists.

    One thing that comes through your comments is that the other party “projects” his stuff onto you and most likely others. He is accusing you and others of exactly what he himself is doing! While we call this defense mechanism (to reduce anxiety) “projection,” in the hands of a talented sociopath it becomes a weapon to confuse and befuddle his mark(s).

    By being open and honest in your concerns you run the risk of rejection and perhaps even being falsely diagnosed as have a personality disorder. However, under the circumstances you have no choice but to throw yourself at the mercy of the evaluator. You should do likewise in all contacts with the police. Call the police right away after any altercation and beg them to help you.

    Be prepared with written notes and logs and evidence; however, I don’t really know Dr. Brian Yee. He may appreciate your organization and input. Or he might be offended because he might like to be in total command and control of his evaluations. However, be prepared to see Dr. Yee expand his evaluation by contacting those persons you cited. And be prepared to lose because few of us win against the sociopath!

    Lose if you must but don’t lose the lesson.

    For some reason you were attracted to and married this sociopath. You need to reflect hard upon what you did to make yourself vulnerable and accept responsibility for your own part.

    An angel never marries a devil.

    I hope this helps. I would appreciate knowing both the outcome and your impressions of Dr. Brain Yee. Please come back and tell me.

    Dr. Kent

    PS I rarely attend to the comments in this old blog. It is merely archived for convenience for those who might benefit from some of its contents.

    PSS Please note this is generic advice and in no way represents a professional relationship between you and I. I have used the name you have given here publically and will only employ the name you have given me. I do not know who you are yet I want to help.

  34. Dr. Kent says:

    Dear Chandra Miller:

    Of all people, psychologists fall more easily for sociopaths and their traps. You may be right about this woman being smarter than these men. Knowledge does not always equate to wisdom.

    Dr. Kent

  35. Dr. Kent says:

    Chandra Miller,

    In February 2009 I stopped my talk radio show and effectively retired; hence, my tardy response. I approved your comments long ago because they are germane and on topic.

    I take issue with your accusations that I have been manipulated. That is not the case. There has never been opportunity or cause for Dr. Ron Lavit to “manipulate” me. All three of the practitioners you mention are indeed very intelligent; however, the one you laud demonstrates your bias–assuming you are female. Moreover, of three professionals, the one with the most issues is also the one you applaud!

    I also am deeply offended at your accusation of “incestuous.” No one in involved in this blog. It is my blog and you have been drawn to it enough to comment publically within it for a reason.

    While I am not able to follow your story very well, it appears you prevailed. For that you should be glad.

    In this case I would say that it takes a thief to catch a thief. Feel free to read between the lines in anyway you like.

    There is some truth to your comment about the enmeshment of the mental health community in Phoenix and Arizona. I must agree with you, it is really sick. However, I hope you realize that I no longer practice and I receive no benefit from offering the service my blog brings to the community.

    If the case went as you described, I applaud you for sticking to it and prevailing. Next time, try not to offend me.
    Dr. Kent

    PS This is my old blog and is archived for the purpose of helping those seeking information. I rarely attend to any comments in it. In fact, I rarely attend to any comments in my new blog. My new blog was thrown together on a shoe string and lacks the functionality I need. Therefore, you are right about it needing an overhaul. That is in my long range plans. Currently, I am interviewing subject matter experts for a book I am writing, “Awakening Israel,” and I am recuperating slowly from a series of incapacitating health ailments.

  36. Dr. Kent says:

    Actually, NOT!

  37. Jeff says:

    Most of the public is unaware of the pending changes to family statute as a result of SB1127. This change to parenting time allocation now requires judges to maximize the amount of time that parents can spend with their child(ren) providing there are no fitness issues. Now this may seem like a grand invitation for fighting parents to go get a hired gun to document a fitness issue but the new statute also includes penalties for false allegations as well. The hope is that by removing the incentive for parents to throw each under the bus (parents will get a roughly equal parenting time out of gate as long as they don’t have legitimate problems) and by providing a threat that false allegations (common practice in family law tactics today) will circle back to hurt the one making them, we might just see very different dynamics in the future. With all of that said, it raises the stakes for psychologists in evaluations as they will be the lynch pin to issue the fitness concerns and release the alledging parent from the false allegation risk. Since psychologists have immunity from complaints by the Pych Board, this could get real ugly…

  38. Dr. Kent says:


    Psychologists have no such immunity from the Board. I know things have changed across the years since I stopped practising but this Board will never relinquish any power. This Board is rabid power crazy. So much so that one of the best attorneys in Phoenix refuses any work with this Board because this Board is a veritable pain in the ass. When I was giving up practising there were some suggestions made by psycholgists to protect themselves from the nerve wracking and substance depleting cantankerousness of this Board. Could you clarify the limitations if any on Board complaints concerning psychologists working in this area?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Dr. Kent

    BTW, in my opinion society has a vested ineterest in fathers getting full custody of their children and fathers should be givien preferential treatment, i.e. more time with their children BECAUSE CRIMINALITY IS CAUSED BY FATHERLESS PARENTING!

  39. Jeff says:

    Dr. Kent, the immunity that I am referring to is contained within A.R.S. §32-2081(B). Here is the passage:”The board shall not consider a complaint against a psychologist arising out of a judicially ordered evaluation, treatment or psychoeducation of a person charged with violating any provision of Title 13, Chapter 14 to present a charge of unprofessional conduct unless the court ordering the evaluation has found a substantial basis to refer the complaint for consideration by the board. The board shall not consider a complaint against a judicially appointed psychologist arising out of a court ordered evaluation, treatment or psychoeducation of a person to present a charge of unprofessional conduct unless the court ordering the evaluation, treatment or psychoeducation has found a substantial basis to refer the complaint for consideration by the board.”

    This is a matter of jurisdiction that the Board loses on judicial appoints that in practice, results in immunity for psychologists because it is highly unlikely that an appointing judge will refer their trusted ally to the Psych Board for discipline.

    Regarding custody appointments, I support arrangements that remove stress and the incentive for parents to fight. It’s the right thing to do for the children but unfortunately some parents simply cannot put their children’s best interests in front of their own.

    Best regards,

  40. Dr. Kent says:


    THANK YOU for presenting this. I assure you that your contribution has and will help others.

    This is perhaps the hottest topic on my old blog. I rarely monitor this old blog. My apologies for not responding sooner to your comment. I ceased actively practicing psychology circa 2006 and retired my psychologist licenses unimpeded. Hence, I have not kept up with the changes in the laws, rules and regulations.

    This Board, the Arizona Board of Psychologists Examiners is a real pain in the ass. Good attorneys* have abandoned practicing before this Board because they are so unreasonable and such a pain in the ass. They are not reasonable and they are not logical. This Board stresses everyone. They are unhealthy! THEY ARE MENTALLY ILL! All they want is power and they want that absolutely!

    In my honest opinion, this Board has destroyed the professional practice of psychology in Arizona!

    Your citation is wonderful and you are correct. I agree with you. This law and this Board have gone too far. However, Arizona has a long standing history of stupid laws.

    Arizona State legislators are among the dumbest and pass the stupidest legislation! Consider when they passed “Shannon’s Law” making it a mandatory one and a half years in prison when a person discharged a “gun” (and the meaning of the word gun varies from city to city within the county) even by accident inside Maricopa County.

    An elderly prosecuting attorney from the deep south who had retired to Arizona drew his weapon and fired it successfully protecting one or two little girls of perhaps four or five years of age from two pit bulls that were intent upon tearing her (them) apart! And what do we do? Rather than reward him, we prosecute him! I never heard the outcome of that case.

    But the fact is Arizona has crazy legislators who pass insane legislation. Arizona is not a people friendly State and appears to want to inflict unnecessary harm (conviction and incarceration) upon common citizens. However, Arizona is being drained by a criminal justice system gone out of control.

    This law you have cited for us giving absolute immunity is way out of line. There needs to be a route for someone who has been harmed to redress grievances. Alas, psychologists have become part of the power structure in oppressing citizens.

    One more thing, there was a public member of the Board who appeared to be appointed because her husband was a judge and they had a business offering services for divorcing parents. Perhaps it was mediation or parenting classes; I do not recall. That was a conflict of interest but all of the appointments of this Board are extremely political and conservative Republicans (if there are any left of the Goldwater vein) have been remiss and always have ignored this Board allowing it to be dominated by liberals. Liberal psychologists appointed to this Board had a standing history of failing applicants on their oral exams whenever the Board detected an applicant was conservative. Hence, one can not find a conservative psychologist in Arizona who has the same values.

    Arizona is an extremely corrupt State. There is one woman who owns all the court ordered substance abuse services**. She charges outrageous fees. She pays her employees a pittance. Her treatment programs are canned and in my opinion lack efficacy but she pulls down big bucks. I wonder what it costs and who you have to pay off to get a gig like that!

    I highly recommend people stay away from members of my profession because our ranks are full of people with different values who can not understand us and will never respect us. For us conservative people to seek help from them is purely destructive as they do not respect diversity and try to force us into their mold. Liberal psychologists, especially feminists, will always damage clients with conservative values because they themselves are extremely damaged!

    Stay away from me and my kind!

    I was the exception to the rule but my kind have been weeded out of the profession and discriminated against purposely over a long period of time. No wonder there is so little success in psychotherapy today. Today’s psychologists do not understand the damage they are doing and have no idea of what was once the greatest psychology in the world, American psychology during the first half of the 20th Century. They have forgotten their roots and the skill set we once all shared. They are worse than impotent; they are incompetent!

    Again, thank you,

    Dr. Kent

    PS *I highly recommend attorney Dr. Larry Cohen when a psychologists needs representation before this Board. Call Larry at (602) 266-3080.

    PSS **Arizona has one of the best treatment centers for addictions in the world in Tucson. I highly recommend Sierra Tucson. I believe they successfully treated a big man in my field; however, it would be unethical for me to share my hunch with you. Call them at (800) 624-9001.

  41. Lori says:

    Dr. Kent,
    Do you still believe your statement below to be true when the father is a sociopath? I am interested in your thoughts around this as I honestly do not know if the negative affects outweigh the good in this situation or there is still benefit to the child or perhaps it just depend on the situation? I want what is best for my son, however, am fearful how Father will hurt him knowing he is a sociopath.

    “BTW, in my opinion society has a vested ineterest in fathers getting full custody of their children and fathers should be givien preferential treatment, i.e. more time with their children BECAUSE CRIMINALITY IS CAUSED BY FATHERLESS PARENTING!”

  42. Dr. Kent says:

    Hello Lori,

    I rarely get back to this old blog but this one thread is still the hottest one going after years.

    There is extensive literature on impoverished socialization when a child’s parents are sociopathic. Of course, I don’t think it is the best interests of society or the child to be stuck with a sociopathic parent, yet I have seen female sociopaths who remain in touch with their children. In such circumstances, the sociopathic mother seems to benefit. It almost appears that continued access to her children soothes her and keeps her somewhat grounded in the greater humanity. However, it is difficult to remain optimistic about the future of such children.

    In short, to answer your question: I could not support a sociopathic father being awarded custody. Indeed, you are right. Each situation differs. My heart goes out to you. I sense your struggle. Allow me to reinforce you: I believe you know what is best for your son.

    My statement was made in the context that the father is healthy and has the means to support a family. Moreover, he wants his children.

    I think that when mother and father are equal in that both are healthy and both earn adequate income, the father should be given custody over the mother. I think this I true for girls as well as boys.

    For boys we have the data (Lykken, 2001. On Parental Licensure) but we don’t have the data for girls and I doubt we ever will. Rearing daughters is far more dynamic and when women see the effects of fathering and the lack of fathering have upon their daughters, I am confident that any unselfish mother who has the bests interests of their children at heart will insist that the fathers take not only their sons but their daughters as well.

    I admit this is just my hunch but it is an educated one.

  43. Lori says:

    Thank you Dr. Kent. That really helps; I’d love to read more literature if you have any recommendations. It is also extremely challenging to move on and live a peaceful life when trying to co-parent with a sociopath. For me, it is in the courts hands, which is frightening; however, out of my control. At least I know, no matter what happens I did everything in my power to try and protect my son. Do you know much about the genetic vs environment percentages in developing psychopathy? That will be the next research project, how to provide everything my son needs to hopefully overcome the genetic pre-disposition.

    I am awaiting psych eval results and hope the results are accurate and have a significant impact on the existing court ordered 50/50 time and joint custody. It has really felt like an uphill battle, with the sociopathic parent as well as the courts systems and processes. It has also seemed like an extreme ‘Father’s Rights’ and psychologically unsophisticated state, in my experience.

    After hearing your explanation and knowing the Father’s Rights data comes from our criminals, it makes much more sense and is understandable when the parents are equal in ability, means, and desire. Also, comforting to know I’m doing the right thing and have your support of father not having custody IF he is sociopathic, now I suppose the next step is – how do you determine how much time with the Father is truly in the best interest of the child? How do you really know? I doubt any judge, regardless of the diagnosis would significantly reduce or even remove parental rights after 50/50 -joint has been exercised without any obvious/physical abuse to the child. I’d like to think dad could turn off his sociopathic life style when it comes to his child and for now it appears he does intermittently but is that the narcissistic ‘golden child’ or wanting to ‘win’ this fight? The diagnosis, as well as my own history and experience with him proves no matter how wonderful he might seem to be for a week or two, it never lasts in the end and was actually a manipulative tactic of ‘niceness’ that is what hurts the most. It almost makes it more painful having experienced the ‘good’ and have bought into it than never have experienced it at all – the realization it was not real or genuine is painful – that is what I worry about with my son. I do not care at all if it benefits the father, this is not about him (that’s a first).

    I would agree with you with daughters, they will find ‘manly’ love that was missing from somewhere and it most likely will have a devastating impact on their life.

  44. Lori says:

    Do you know of any psychiatrist in AZ who is trained to administer the PCL-R?

  45. Dr. Kent says:

    Dear Lori,

    I hate psychiatry and I loathe psychiatrists! They are almost as bad as psychologists! 😉

    Probably every psychiatrist in the State of Arizona will claim qualifications to administer the Hare Psychopathy Checklist! And anything else they desire to do!

    However, the problem would be in the interpretation and application. I never used a single test or tool to do the job. It takes more than that; it takes clinical (which is very subjective) expertise.

    I think I would turn to a psychologist rather than a psychiatrist to administer any psychological test or inventory rather than an MD psychiatrist. Psychologists are trained to design and implement psychological tests, not psychiatrists.

    Even psychologists tend to over rely upon psychological tests! Moreover, most “milk the data,” go further into the test results than the research supports. Or they screw up in some way by seeing what they want to see as well. (See my other comment per Projection)

    I am concerned you want to have the PCL-R?

    I do not hold to the concept of “psychopathy” because I have not found it useful. However, I adhere to the conceptualization of “sociopathy” and the “sociopath.”

    Dr. Kent

  46. Dr. Kent says:

    Dear Lori,

    First, I highly recommend Martha Stout’s seminal work (2006?) “The Sociopath Next Door.”

    Second, from my experience serving those serving time, I am leaning towards an entirely learned environmental etiology for sociopathy. Nevertheless, the lack of understanding by psychology and psychiatry and all professions as to what a sociopath is, bothers me. We, in all of our understanding and learning, remain ignorant. They are no formal diagnoses of psychopath or sociopath. Moreover, I admit the sociopath challenges the assumptions from which I practice(d)! They defy all of my book knowledge.

    Third, only 20% of our criminals incarcerated are sociopaths. The vast majority are merely antisocial (APD: Antisocial Personality Disordered). That segment is growing as our civilization and culture deteriorates thanks to “diversity” and the devastating subtle warring techniques foisted off upon us as noble. Only 4% of our population are sociopaths and most of them are NOT in prison. Most are heading corporations and holding public office.

    Fourth, I am concerned. No, alarmed that you are assuming your son is a psychopath or a sociopath! Please don’t make the mistake of “Projecting” the harms, insults and damages you suffered in your marriage at the hands of a man you consider a sociopath upon your child!

    Please reflect upon your personal tendency to “Project” this diagnosis upon your son! I don’t know you, so I really have no opinion, but it concerns me to hear that a mother assumes their son is a deviant because (she believes) her husband is a head case!

    I have seen many women who are bitter who Project negatively upon their sons because their sons remind then so much of the husband they could not get along with. Be careful not to fall into that trap—least you become less effective in looking out for the best interests of your son.

    My sense is that you need to get some help for yourself. However, it is very difficult for me to recommend anyone or refer you to anyone in the State of Arizona or elsewhere for that matter.

    I work(ed) from a different perspective of growth and development I call “Positive Projective Psychology.” However, I no longer am licensed in any jurisdiction as a psychologist (Thank God!) and I no longer practice.

    Recently, I engaged a young woman to help her write her book utilizing my concepts. She is highly motivated to change. I am hoping we produce our first book by April with another to follow up. It will be a self help book for persons challenged by Borderline Personality Disorder with complex challenges.

    To date, all of your comments have focused upon the problems being outside of you, being in others. I would strongly suggest you work on yourself for yourself. With all you have been through, it must be taxing to juggle all of this and stay balanced. I would highly recommend a small network of friends who can shore you up and support you through all of this and the growth you are about to experience.

    You may actually be on top of this already. In that case, ignore my suggestion.

    As I get older, I am finding the wisdom of my grandfather ringing true. I am finding that women and men were not designed to be separate. Men need a help mate, and women really need the shoring up and security only a man can provide. Perhaps I am a bit jaded, but I think that women can not be mentally stable without being in a loving marriage. Likewise, men are hanging out to dry, blowing in the breeze because they lack the grounding they can only get from a committed woman.

    Still, no relationship is better than a destructive relationship.

    Your comment was long and I don’t think I stayed on track or addressed it completely.

    I am merely a man and I have issues myself. For the most part it is difficult to find a woman who is intelligent and educated and yet is still a real woman (not a feminist) for me to pair off with. But I remain hopeful.

    You probably know a lot that many licensed practicing psychologists do not know but your comments cause me to wonder about the possibility you might be Projecting upon you son unfairly or you may be trying to cross bridges that aren’t there yet and may not exist.

    Don’t make it rougher than it is. You’ve amazing insight for a lay person.

    Dr. Kent

  47. Lori says:

    Thank you Dr. Kent. I love and adore my sweet son deeply; he is only 2 and I absolutely do not think he is a sociopath like his father. I am curious about the genetic predisposition and want to do all I can to help him developmentally. I read Dr. Leedom’s “Just Like His Father’ and do believe it can be done with enough love. I just want to be aware and as prepared as possible to be the best mother I can be to him, knowing what the other half of his life, parenting and influence will be (his Father).

    Thank God, I never married him. I am working on me; I know the role I played. I knew on a cellular and logical level I should not have stayed with him as long as I did and ignored many red flags. I willingly did so to not be away from my infant son as he constantly threatened court and taking him away from me, it was my weakness.I could not bare the thought of being away from my baby. It nearly destroyed me. Now, I am fighting to protect my son and for my own peace. I still have a long way to go and I might lose the court battle and accept 50/50 time but i will have peace I did all I could to try to protect my son. I also have peace in my heart that I stood up for myself finally walked away. We do have a court ordered psych eval and I worry he will fool the psychologist as he has so many before but I realize it is out of my control. I asked about the PCL-R because the tests they are administering are self reporting – MMPI2 – I’m afraid he will fool it, as he assured me he will. I’m searching. I get some input (a short interview) as part of the evaluation and want to present the best information to help the evaluator see truth and not be fooled by his lies and manipulation.

    I ready Martha’s book ‘The Sociopath Next Door’, describes him to a T. As does Robert Hare’s “Without Conscience” I wondered if he was actually diagnosed how that might impact our custody and parenting time. Feels like a crap shoot on all accounts, that he will be diagnosed and that it would be meaningful enough to the judge to change the existing order. I have been perceived as a parental alienator by trying to fight the existing order. After the trial I will go back and focus on me, now my energy is wrapped around the opportunity to ‘prove’ the torture and hopefully protect my son and have a chance at a peaceful life. I know I can come across bitter, angry and as an over protective, alienating mom.

    I really appreciate your thoughts, it is hard to find truth out there.

  48. Dr. Kent says:

    Hello Lori,

    It has been years since I was in touch with Dr. Leedom and my memory may fail me here. Indeed, my memory fails me here. But I shall try.

    This is exactly the area I was hoping you would NOT fall in! As I was reading your comments over time, those associated with “Love Fraud” haunted me but it was just beyond my conscious awareness. Now, I know why.

    Liane Leedom forwarded many papers to me. I used to have her phone numbers as I was going through my own ordeal as I (yes I) had tried to marry a woman who was (and remains) a rather pure sociopath! It has been so long, I can’t find those articles right now. As I Googled Dr. Leedom’s name to help me remember and I searched my files, I was shocked to see her described as a “disgraced psychiatrist” in a 2011 post and, moreover, I was appalled to discover that she is an advocate for ECT!

    Electroconvulsive Therapy (shock therapy) destroys massive amounts of cortex material (brain material) and functions solely on the principle of disabling—permanently disabling! As a psychology intern and resident, I worked with an older psychiatrist who used ECT at the private hospital at which he also worked. We did not use ECT at the outpatient community mental health center at which I worked. Dr. Goff was part time at the facility at which I worked.

    Dr. Leedom is a psychiatrist. And I agree with few psychiatrists, Dr. Peter Breggin being the exception. You have fallen into the rabbit hole and you will have to get yourself out.

    I recall speaking with Liane Leedom on the phone several times during a period when I believe her license had been suspended or restricted or revoked because she allowed her unqualified husband to “practice medicine” in their clinic. I do not recall all the details but I think Liane thought her husband was a con artist, a sociopath.

    Dr. Leedom was associated with “Love Fraud” founded by Donna Anderson who was a guest on my talk radio show “Giving Psychology Away” in the summer of 2008. I still have Donna’s phone numbers on my phone.

    When I asked Donna on air about her opinion on the number of these men she saw or had reports of from her website and the women who turned to her. When I asked Anderson how many of those men were sociopaths, she answered, “All of them!”

    Which is preposterous! I treated my guests gingerly, so I did not confront Donna Anderson openly and challenge her obviously erroneous and biased thinking. You have fallen into lot with women who have extreme prejudices against men.

    Dr. Leedom believes that all sociopathy is genetic as I recall. Certainly, Dr. Leedom is in gross error holding this extreme view. She is rigid or at least was, and rigidity is not a sign of good mental health nor does it bode well in expertise in helping others and in competence.

    Furthermore, Dr. Leedom was insistent (same rigidity) that her son was a sociopath because his father was a sociopath. Remember what I said about Projection? Projecting negatively upon one’s son is never good—certainly not for that boy!

    During that show with Donna Anderson we experienced “feed problems” as the folks at KKNT were sending out an entirely feed with more commercials than they were supposed to during that show and it didn’t air! Rather, the public was subjected to a barrage of constant commercials for that entire hour! I left KKNT 960 AM in Phoenix because of this. I paid dearly for my on-air time. Some $500 for each hour and I was not merely losing money but KKNT was cheating me out of the precious time for which I had paid them dearly!

    As a result that show was never aired and never recorded. So, I do not have a copy of it to share. Which is just as well because that was one time when perhaps challenging my guest and even getting in my guest’s face would have been appropriate.

    One last thing, I have your personal message directed to me which I am letting go unanswered. I do not establish any relationships that look remotely professional with anyone. I don’t want to be harassed by my former Board. They are a bunch of liberal jackasses; they and their ilk have destroyed psychology across our nation and the world and damaged our country!

    As far as etiology, I doubt there is a genetic component and I doubt there ever will be one found. I would not waste my time trying to prove what is not true. There certainly is no genetic component in schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

    By the way Dr. Hare did NOT design to the PCL-R to be used on the general population but only upon those convicted and incarcerated for heinous crimes. Administering a Hare Checklist of Psychopathy in this instance would be psychological malpractice.

    I am afraid you have been sorely misled. I would get myself away from the strident and extreme influences of women who hate men and have such serious issues with men and I would look towards models of health and excellence.

    As far as your court ordered assessment and treatment, I will not advise you. The problem is not you but me. I must protect myself from any possible errant charge from a Board that is described by many attorneys as “a pass in the ass.” Many excellent attorneys in Arizona will not accept cases before the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners because my old Board is so impossible to deal with. They are not rational and they are power hungry. The Board knew they were damaging me the way they treated me and they were protecting their precious liberal governor who had appointed most of them—Janet Napolitano. (Read my tab “Giving Psychology Away”)

    I have no opinion as to which of the two of you might be a possible better parent than the other. I have no opinion as to the possible psychopathy of the father. I have no expertise in child custody and those are the last cases I would ever involve myself in professionally because they are so dangerous to the practicing psychologist!

    Good luck in your quest. I rarely visit this old blog; it is merely archived for the public. I will soon have work done on my site archiving the current active blog and this old one and setting up a new blog.

    My interests have gone from psychology to the truth about the God of Israel. It is a much bigger and far more serious story. Yet, I have a self-help psychology book in the hopper. It remains to be seen, however, whether I will ever overcome my perfectionism and publish.

    The truth about who Israel really is and who the Israelites are is far more important and far more applicable to world today than anything else! Look for “Awakening Israel” and other books.

    Best of Luck to You,

    Dr. Kent

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