Pat Tillman was Murdered & Tillman’s Murder was Covered Up


In my opinion, the truth about Pat Tillman’s demise has yet to be told.  At first, the Army released a colorful and somewhat jingoistic accounting that Ranger Tillman had died gloriously in battle, in combat with the enemy, that being Al-Qaeda. 


Then the Army admitted Tillman had been killed by “friendly fire.”  But it is all hogwash!


There were accountings of Tillman having a personal altercation with another member of his squad, and then there were the stories of Tillman demanding to know why all the poppy fields were . . . well . . . so huge . . . growing so well . . . and ‘so protected.’


What gives it away to me was the constant waffling of “the truth” and the final accounting that Tillman had been killed with three M16 .223 rounds to his forehead fired at close range.  At merely ten (10) yards, Tillman and his murderer must have looked each other in the eyes!


There are only a few weapons out there that fire .223 rounds in tri-burst mode.  And that brought to mind the “wonder gun” of Vietnam and the theories of a nine fold increase in damage from three rounds fired on target in quick succession.  The damage from three rounds of .223 was said to have been effectively cubed.  In other words, X³ or damage cubed.


And I can think of no other weapon of choice for a CIA operative guarding a CIA poppy field than the old M16 from the Vietnam era that could fire selectably in tri-burst mode.  I think Tillman had been asking too many questions and wanted to know why we were doing nothing about all the vast fields planted with opium poppies in Afghanistan.  


And he got murdered for it.  The US Army and other organizations have been covering up the real story behind Ranger Pat Tillman’s murder.


My apologies to the Tillman family and his fans, but this cover up has to end.  We need to return to a country under the rule of law rather than one ruled by policy & committee.  Otherwise, we are nothing more than communist thugs ruled by committees of tyrants.

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2 Responses to “Pat Tillman was Murdered & Tillman’s Murder was Covered Up”

  1. Gene says:

    Not surprised at all by murder. If U ask wrong questions in the military U risk life! I went AWOL from it as I had seen corruption, drug dealing, rapes, and other crap. Too much shit goes on in war. Not uncommon for an officer to be murdered in war. In Nam, CIA brought back tons of drugs that ended up on our streets, and its like that again.

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Allow me to clarify:

    It is my guess that US Army Ranger Pat Tillman was murdered and that his murder was covered up. However, it remains to be proven; moreover, IT REMAINS TO BE INVESTIGATED!

    You are right: Air America in their silver jets and the CIA brought back tons of dope. And quite a bit was smuggled in via cadavers & cadaver bags through Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska by small time operators.

    However, it is difficult to condone your AWOL. I hope you have turned yourself in and made that right.

    It seems as though the Viet Nam War was multifaceted and had several goals. Among them was the drugging of America. Nonetheless, according to Soldier of Fortune (SOF) magazine the Viet Nam War may be consdiered a success in that it kept communism from spreading allowing the economies of the Tiger’s in Southeast Asia to develop.

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