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Boycott Chase

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Boycott Chase Bank and especially Chase credit cards for two reasons:

Historically, Chase-Manhattan financed the Soviet missile arsenal by lending the money necessary to build their nuclear carrying intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Chase-Manhattan Bank loaned money to the USSR at a preferred rate of 5%.

Might one consider that activity of the Chase-Manhattan Bank treason?

Certainly it was not in our best interests to build up our enemy’s war chest!

Talk about “playing both sides!”

That was during the “Cold War” and it definitely cost the American tax payers dearly to counter fund the effort to keep the communists in check.

Currently, Chase is the worst of the credit cards out there because Chase in the bottom of the pit.  Chase’s services are terrible.

While most have come to think of the credit card companies as “protectors” in case they are swindled or something, Chase protects no one but themselves.

When my credit card account was sold and taken over by Chase, Chase handed me over to the shannanighans of Great Expectations in Scottsdale who defrauded me and breached their own contract!


Save yourself the headache of being further betrayed by Chase.

Traitor Robert McNamara Died (Finally!) This Past Monday at 93

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

TRAITOR Robert McNamara died finally this past Monday at the age of 93.

While McNamara will most likely be remembered for being JFK’s Secretary of State and the man who devised the strategy to lose the Viet Nam War and sacrifice our young men in a senseless conflict, one should recall that prior to his “public service” McNamara came from Ford.  However, do not think  that absolves McNamara from his lifetime of gross “public disservice!”

May it be known the Ford Foundation destroyed American education.  That in part is why we are so dumb.

My source?  Get out and read you bloody idiots!

Americans are the dumbest people on earth!

Being led to slaughter by that Judas Goat President Obama.

You stupid people are getting what you deserve!

Read.  Study.  Educate yourselves.


I paid dearly for mine.

What’s your excuse?

PS  McNamara was a member of  John F. Kennedy’s cabinet which tried to push President Kennedy into invading Cuba–that included McNamara.  Had Kennedy not resisted the unanimous thrust of his entire cabinet, the East Coast would look entirely different today.  Miami would definitely not be there.  Even Washington DC was within reach of those Cuban missiles. 

The Cubans had four (4) nuclear missiles ready to launch on their beaches.  Those nuclear tipped missiles were NOT under Soviet control.  They were entirely under Cuban control, and Castro would have launched them had we attacked.  In fact, those four nuclear missiles remained on Cuba after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Kennedy did one thing right:  He averted those four nukes being used on US.  Indeed, JFK may have averted a thermonuclear war with the USSR.

PSS  WE put Castro into power but THAT is another story.

We have been fooled.