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Executive Director Maxine McCarthy: Limitations on “Privileged Communications”

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

To download a copy of Maxine McCarthy’s letter of August 15, 2006, right click on the file immediately below and select <save target as> and select a spot on your computer:


Allow me to comment on the meaning of this evidence.  It is important because it demonstrates the idiocy of a specific area of the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners’ Rules & Regulations.

Furthermore, McCarthy’s letter and claim introduces the concept of “partially privileged” communications as it pertains to complaints brought before BOMAX, the Arizona Medical Board.

According to my first attorney before the Board, Mr. Stephen Myers, Esq., the “partial privilege” was established for medical doctors when a case was brought before the Arizona Supreme Court; moreover, it remains untested as it pertains to psychologists.

This rule or the lack of this rule demonstrates the over reaching power of the State.  Furthermore, this provides fertile ground for the State of Arizona government to be corrupt from top to bottom.  Dare I say that Arizona State government is THE MOST CORRUPT of state governments?

I am not saying that there is more corruption in Arizona than, for instance, Chicago and Illinois.  What I am saying is the limitations of the rules & regulations and statues empower the State government of Arizona so that no one can overcome it–even when the State is wrong–even when elected public officials, their lackeys and underlings commit serious felonies! 

Even if I demonstrated in the courts, Arizona Superior Court followed by the Supreme Court of Arizona, that my Board was used in a criminal fashion {RICO anyone?} to harm and damage me, I could not recover any of my attorney fees and costs!

That would break me.  It represents an insurmountable obstacle.  Dare I say “organized crime?”

However, since I never made such a statement as Maxine McCarthy claimed in this letter, let us proceed with this door having been opened by Executive Director Maxine McCarthy herself.  As you shall see, I will be calling Maxine McCarthy as my witness again towards the end.  Needless to say, there is a lot of evidence to present before then.

Below is McCarthy’s letter converted and copied into Dr. Kent’s Blog to facilitate open searching:

Board Members

James J. Cox, Ed.D.

Miki Paul, Ph.D.

Vice-Chairperson Gary D. Lovejoy, Ph.D. Secretary

Melissa Del-Colle Joseph C. Donaldson Ramona N. Mellott, Ph.D.

Byron N. Rimm

Maryann Santos de Barona, Ph.D.

Fred Wiggins, Ph.D.



Maxine McCarthy Executive Director

Marcus E. Harvey Deputy Director

Vacant Investigator

Shari S. Courtnay Administrative Assistant

State of Arizona
Board of Psychologist Examiners

1400 West Washington, Suite 235
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Phone: (602) 542-8162             Fax: (602) 542-8279


August 15, 2006

John T. Kent, Ph.D.

933 W. Azalea Place

Chandler, AZ 85248-3911

Dear Dr. Kent:

The Board of Psychologist Examiners has received a copy of your e-mail correspondence of August 10 and 11, 2006 to the Executive Director of the State Board of Nursing.

In your e-mail, you state (referring to the Board of Psychologist Examiners) the following: “According to the Rules & Regulations, in the event that a complaint is materially misrepresented, the complaint may not be regarded as privileged and protected.” To my knowledge, this language does not appear either in this Board’s rules or statutes.

As you know, the complaint filed against you by M.K. was dismissed by the Board’s Complaint Screening Committee on March 20, 2006 because it was without merit. Therefore, the Board considers this matter closed.



Maxine McCarthy Executive Director


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Must Go!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

If the Republicans want to keep the Governor’s Office, they’d better bring a different candidate forward during the next election or risk losing the Governor’s Office once again to Democrats!  There is no choice.  Either bring forward a far stronger candidate who is a real leader or lose!


While Governor Jan Brewer made an excellent Secretary of State, it is readily apparent that the current Republican Governor is not a “leader.”  Why?  First, almost as soon as Brewer took office, she went to work on “political appearances” and attending “feel good” publicity events.  She appeared to be focused on running (prematurely) for election to the office she had just inherited!


Second, Brewer does not have the intelligence of her predecessor former Governor Janet Napolitano.  Napolitano is more intelligent and was a far more effective as a leader than Brewer—even though Napolitano’s philosophy and policies were misguided she was effective.


The discriminating point is that after more than a month in office, it is readily apparent that Jan Brewer is not leading!  Rather than make decisions herself, Brewer is requiring division directors under her to make major decisions.  While this might seem to be respectful of the division director’s turf, it is neglect of her gubernatorial responsibilities to the citizenry of Arizona.  And apparently Brewer thinks that by avoiding making the tough decisions and allowing others to lead her, she might not offend anyone, thereby be more electable during her first real run for the Governor’s Office.


Advice to Governor Jan Brewer: 


The only way to survive, for both you politically and the State, you need to lead.  You need to make the tough decisions.  Hard times require one to make serious decisions and not be derelict in duties by forcing underlings to make decisions you ought to be making.


This requires a commitment to make the tough decisions and the right decisions regardless of who might be offended.  And the final irony is it appears Governor Jan Brewer is going to accept the Federal Bail Out with all strings attached.  Those strings reek of former Governor Janet Napolitano’s handiwork:  Brewer is letting Napolitano continue to dictate to her and allow her to run the Arizona Governor’s Office from Washington, DC!


My advice:


Governor Brewer, you are a nice lady.  Put your personal political ambitions aside.  Make the commitment to serve Arizona to the best of YOUR abilities.  Make the tough decisions and take the responsibility.  Make the commitment to see Arizona to fiscal health and a return to sound policy. 


Prepare to step aside for another Republican candidate for the good of your party and the State.  Be prepared to return to your position and wonderful service as Arizona’s Secretary of State.


Otherwise, your wishy-washiness and noncommittal approach to leadership will doom any run for the Governor’s Office and risk Arizona suffering through another Democrat governor, maybe even making it possible for Terry Goddard to be elected Governor.


Goddard must resign as Attorney General.  Goddard has allowed his offices to be used unethically and in a fashion it could charged under RICO—the criminal laws for prosecuting organized crime—which is what Goddard has allowed the Attorney General’s Office to become!