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Revolution of Virtue Trumps Race War

Sunday, July 12th, 2009


Do not mistakenly assume I am a white supremacist because of my last posting.  The day prior I posted what I really believe in:  That upon which our form of government and country were founded—a revolution of virtue.


You have been warned what is possible as the United States of America sinks into disorder and chaos: We regress and are unable to control ourselves.


There are many other lines upon which we might divide and kill one another.  For instance, it could be baseball team endorsement or even eye color.  However it might start, the lowest common denominator of behavior is a civil war based upon race.


Be advised the only thing that might pull us through the atrocities of the coming months is a revelation in our behavior based valuing virtue.  For many this will require a return to God in order to make the changes necessary. 


Let me clarify:  This means valuing people, valuing relationships over things, over that retirement of which you were recently robbed.  One values one’s word and one’s character above taking unfair advantage over others.


This means giving up any deceptive business practice which we may become accustomed to engaging, especially those we perpetrate upon others by acts of commission or omission.  In the language of a six year old, this means giving up lying.


This means ceasing business with any and every company that is not honest or not completely on the up and up.  This includes utility companies and every corporation that practices deceptively.  If their advertising is deceptive to any degree, they are to be shunned.


By boycotting those who lie and deceive, we shut them down, teach them a lesson.  Generally the fittest who value honesty and virtue as we do will survive and thrive.


The revolution of virtue and an attitude of gratitude are only antidotes to guide and to manage & minimize the government intrusions and other invasions that will soon be upon us. 


To those who want to be prepared, I recommend (a) getting in good physical condition and (b) building your relationship with the Holy Ghost.


Guns aren’t going to save you but may help.  The weapons our own government has and their diabolical plans (Forced vaccination against the current swine flu—a man made strain of flu!) are unbelievable.


I will close:  A revolution valuing virtue that builds character is the best way to overcome the enemy and the insanity of their programming & brain washing.  Violence is their language and violence plays right into their plans.  This can only be won spiritually.  This is a spiritual battle for the mind.


This is Psychosociopolitical Warfare.


Teddy on Language, Culture and Unity

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009


Roosevelt 1909 Tade Styka

Roosevelt 1909 Tade Styka


“We must have in this country but one flag, and for the speech of the people but one language, the English language. During the present war all newspapers published in German, or in the speech of any of our foes, should be required to publish, side by side with the foreign text, columns in English containing the exact translation of everything said in the foreign language. Ultimately this should be done with all newspapers published in foreign languages in this country.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

Boston Daily Globe (July 5, 1917). “‘Moral Treason’ to Attack Allies.” p. 10.


Are We Headed for a Violent Summer?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
Why is it I have had the feeling for the past two months that the other shoe is about to drop?

Are we headed into a violent summer?

What if Obama was assassinated?

My mother warned there’d be rioting in the cities, if that happened. 

Yet, according to the historic cycle we are due for either an assassination or an assassination attempt.  Mom also told me the Secret Service detected and dismantled a major plan to assassinate President Obama early at the beginning of his administration, shortly after his “coronation,” uh, inauguration.  The report was the bomb was so large that the conspirators were going to make certain not one escaped the blast zone; they were going to assure they got Obama no matter what.  However, I never heard any more about that incident and the Secret Service’s success in thwarting that assassination attempt.

As mush as I don’t like the man and all he stands for, he is our President and I don’t want him murdered.  True, I want his re-election attempt obliterated but only at the polls–as the American people wake up to the communist bastard that Kenyan-born president is!

Obama after all is The Deceiver-in-Chief!

But there is something more sinister possible.

In Obama I see a man seething with hatred, especially for “white” people, my race.

I hate the term “white” people as much or more than the term “colored.”  And I think there is no such thing as race!  There is only one race—the Human Race.

There are far more significant differences within races than there are between races.  This is science, not politics–something that is very rare these days in Political Correctness, Groupthink and Doublespeak.

But I digress.

What I fear most is an incident which would put Barrack Hussein Obama over the edge.  Maybe even push him off the edge.  The incident I fear most would push any man or woman over the edge—the loss of his own child.  Should some crazy man harm the First Child in some horrible horror in public on the new playground at the White House that would be enough to make Obama do ANYTHING!

An angry and uncontrolled Obama would scour the land and take away our guns no matter what the cost.  An angry and out of control Obama could do anything and not blink an eye.  If the culprit was white or used a gun, there’s no telling to what extremes Obama would go!  There’s not way to know what this man is capable of!

Not only is the man The Liar-in-Chief, but his constant use of deception and deceit has had the same effect such shenanigans and manipulations have upon those who use such underhanded methods over time–they ultimately succumb to their lies themselves and lose touch with reality.  Ultimately, they deceive themselves!

America for Americans –Teddy

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

–Theodore Roosevelt




“The salvation of our people lies in having a nationalized and unified America, ready for the tremendous tasks of both war and peace.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

While the sole purpose of the EEO and so-called “Equal Employment Opportunity” laws & policies is to divide us along racial and gender and other lines, the goal of the EEO is to divide US in a manner that allows US to be conquered.

–John Taylor Kent, Ph.D.

Divide & Conquer

Be it from within or without

End this Insanity

Before We Cease Being a Nation of Free People.