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Hear the prayer of Thy Servant, LORD

Saturday, August 15th, 2009



Thank you this morning for President Barrack Obama.


With each passing day my people are finally awakening to what we’ve become.


The monster we are within in which we have become a wicked people and the monster we are without as our state bureaucracy acts covertly to deny justice abroad.


There is no justice within our country and no justice outside of our country.


Thank you LORD God for putting Barrack Hussein Obama in the United States President’s office.


With each passing day these people are slowly awakening and realizing in many cases for the first time to what we’ve been doing to ourselves and to the poor beyond our borders.


Truly, all are poor.  No one can secure his own fate.


No one seeks justice.  No one can get justice.


Indeed, we have gone astray, each in his own way.


Thank you Lord for giving US President Obama.  I realize and now these people are coming to realize Obama is your agent.  Your chosen one—to render your judgment upon America, to rent US apart because all have turned their backs upon you.  Each goes his own way.


As the savior taught us to pray—





Sotomayor Has an Abysmally Low IQ

Saturday, July 18th, 2009


Based upon her public performance before the US Senate, a psychologist trained in intellectual assessment who administers IQ tests regularly might surmise Sonia Sotomayor has a Verbal IQ of merely 88.  This would place Sotomayor in the Low Average Range of intellectual functioning.


Moreover, based upon her presentation during this well orchestrated play that masquerades as a Senate hearing for the approval of President Obama’s candidate for the United State’s Supreme Court, one would have to describe Sotomayor as deceptive, disingenuous and a Trojan horse.


Come to think of it, she is the ideal bookend match for that Kenyan Bastard in the White House!


After all, Obama is the ultimate Trojan horse!!!


However, to be fair, based upon her presentation and vocabulary employed thus far during this tightly managed public presentation, Sotomayor might possibly approach but would not break 110 on her Full Scale Intelligence Quotient.


At best, Sotomayor has an average IQ, but I certainly want someone smarter than myself on the highest court in the land.


Wouldn’t you?


Obama is Breaking (And it’s Becoming Obvious to Everyone!)

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

This morning when I watched President Obama giving his usual morning star pep talk, I noticed something unusual.  Maybe you did, too?

The President has developed an involuntary eye lid movement.  While some would say this is in keeping with lack of sleep, I think we are seeing the man finally coming unravelled.

Why do I say that?  Because one can only keep up lying for so long–unless one is a rather pure sociopath.

The sad thing is that as Obama loses his grip and the Pied Piper effect wears off, I am concerned really stringent measures of control will be brought forth.

Watch Obama closely as he is unraveling.  You’ll see his eye lid movement becoming more difficult to mask, more difficult to hide.

The man may not be a sociopath but we are witnessing pathological lying.

The sooner we realize him for the lying Kenyan bastard he is, the sooner we wake up and

Take Back America!

Are We Headed for a Violent Summer?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
Why is it I have had the feeling for the past two months that the other shoe is about to drop?

Are we headed into a violent summer?

What if Obama was assassinated?

My mother warned there’d be rioting in the cities, if that happened. 

Yet, according to the historic cycle we are due for either an assassination or an assassination attempt.  Mom also told me the Secret Service detected and dismantled a major plan to assassinate President Obama early at the beginning of his administration, shortly after his “coronation,” uh, inauguration.  The report was the bomb was so large that the conspirators were going to make certain not one escaped the blast zone; they were going to assure they got Obama no matter what.  However, I never heard any more about that incident and the Secret Service’s success in thwarting that assassination attempt.

As mush as I don’t like the man and all he stands for, he is our President and I don’t want him murdered.  True, I want his re-election attempt obliterated but only at the polls–as the American people wake up to the communist bastard that Kenyan-born president is!

Obama after all is The Deceiver-in-Chief!

But there is something more sinister possible.

In Obama I see a man seething with hatred, especially for “white” people, my race.

I hate the term “white” people as much or more than the term “colored.”  And I think there is no such thing as race!  There is only one race—the Human Race.

There are far more significant differences within races than there are between races.  This is science, not politics–something that is very rare these days in Political Correctness, Groupthink and Doublespeak.

But I digress.

What I fear most is an incident which would put Barrack Hussein Obama over the edge.  Maybe even push him off the edge.  The incident I fear most would push any man or woman over the edge—the loss of his own child.  Should some crazy man harm the First Child in some horrible horror in public on the new playground at the White House that would be enough to make Obama do ANYTHING!

An angry and uncontrolled Obama would scour the land and take away our guns no matter what the cost.  An angry and out of control Obama could do anything and not blink an eye.  If the culprit was white or used a gun, there’s no telling to what extremes Obama would go!  There’s not way to know what this man is capable of!

Not only is the man The Liar-in-Chief, but his constant use of deception and deceit has had the same effect such shenanigans and manipulations have upon those who use such underhanded methods over time–they ultimately succumb to their lies themselves and lose touch with reality.  Ultimately, they deceive themselves!

Message of the Day: To Senator “Lackey” Jeff Merkley (Oregon)

Monday, May 18th, 2009


Bull Shit!

Bull Shit!


Dear Senator—


Have you ever thought “the root cause,” real cause of the financial crisis is the Federal Reserve System?


No, of course not!


Because you are a sycophant, a lackey.


Who remains uneducated.


Dare we call your wonderful message treason?  Treason to the very document you swore upon oath to defend?  Are you a traitor to the American Way?  To true Freedom?  And the Constitution?


I say YES!


Until we get traitors, lackeys and stupid people like you out of office we haven’t a hope as a people.


Read, Senator, read.  Educate yourself. And get your head out of your ass before you and your ilk reduce US to foreign invasion!


Read the books I recommend beginning with these three:


Straight forward,


Dr. Kent


From: []
Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 12:24 PM
Subject: Thank you for sharing your views



Dear Friend,


Thank you for contacting me to share your views.  The views of Oregonians are very important to my work in the U.S. Senate, and I appreciate your patience in my response. 


Since I was sworn in as a United States Senator on January 6, 2009, I have been actively engaged in my Senate duties and pursuing a legislative agenda, while setting up an office, hiring staff, and establishing a system for communicating with my constituents. I am pleased that my office operations are now fully in place.  But I regret that during these initial months, I was not able to respond directly to all of the letters, emails and faxes I have received.  I have, however, reviewed daily the content of these messages.  Thank you so much for sharing your views. 


Here are some of the issues I have been working on during the last four and a half months.


Without question, the greatest challenge facing our country is the faltering economy. More than 13 million Americans are currently unemployed, and the number continues to grow each week.  In Oregon, our unemployment rate has risen a full percentage point every month for the last four months and now exceeds 12 percent.  While we cannot put America back to work overnight, we must meet this economic crisis head-on by creating jobs, investing in our infrastructure, and helping states avoid disastrous cuts and layoffs. 


I worked with President Obama and my congressional colleagues to enact the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This legislation creates jobs now – more than 44,000 in Oregon alone – by investing in our nation’s transportation infrastructure, promoting the development and production of renewable energy, and modernizing our schools and repairing public buildings. This legislation puts money back in the pockets of working families by providing tax cuts for 95 percent of workers and their families, including a tax credit of $400 per person and $800 per couple for most working Americans. 


As a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, I am working closely with my colleagues to end the abusive and reckless Wall Street practices that crippled our financial system. We must also ensure vigorous congressional oversight and tough limits on inappropriate and excessive executive compensation for firms recapitalized with government assistance. 


We must also take action to address the root cause of our financial crisis, the housing market. I know how hard Oregon families are hit by the mortgage crisis, and I am committed to supporting legislation that protects borrowers, reduces foreclosures, and helps to keep people in their homes. Recently, I introduced two major reforms. The Transparency for Homeowners Act would ban steering payments, which are kickbacks paid to brokers to place unsuspecting homeowners into high-cost and destructive loans. The Promoting Mortgage Responsibility Act would prohibit the use of prepayment penalties – a practice that can lock homeowners into exploitive high-interest loans. I have been asked by Senator Chris Dodd, head of the Senate Banking Committee, to chair a hearing on these predatory practices later this year.


Another huge challenge is fixing our broken health care system.  I was pleased to be assigned to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), which will play a key role in drafting health care reform legislation. One of my first votes was to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).  The expansion of SCHIP, which was signed into law by President Obama on January 30, 2009, will provide health care coverage to about 42,000 additional children in Oregon. But with over 47 million Americans currently without health insurance and the continuing rising costs of health insurance straining families’ budgets and businesses’ bottom line, more needs to be done. I will work tenaciously with my colleagues on the HELP Committee to secure affordable and accessible health care for every single American.


As you may know, protecting our environment ranks high among my legislative priorities. I am proud to have cast my first vote in the Senate in support for the passage of the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. This legislation, which was recently signed into law, designated approximately two million acres across the country as Wilderness, including nearly 200,000 acres in Oregon. Protecting these special places not only conserves wildlife habitat; it also protects sources of clean water for many Oregonians and creates jobs in the tourism and recreation industries. 


In addition, I am working hard to promote the development of clean and renewable energy. Indeed, converting our economy to run on clean energy is one of the most pressing challenges our nation faces.  As a member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, I am helping to help draft comprehensive energy legislation to strengthen national security, create jobs, and take on global warming. It is essential to our national security that we end our dependence on foreign oil, to our economic future that the next generation of clean energy jobs be created here at home, and to our environment that we limit the pollution that is causing global warming. We are already seeing the effects of global warming in Oregon, where scientists have measured shrinking snowpack in the Cascades, which threatens reduced river flows for farm irrigation, salmon migration, and hydropower generation.


Finally, I am fighting aggressively for much-needed credit card reform.  Many Oregonians are getting slapped with unfair credit card penalties and fees – at any moment their interest rates go sky high for no reason at all.  I cosponsored legislation, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act, which will tighten the rules to end such deceptive and unfair practices in the credit card industry. I am pleased we passed this landmark consumer protection bill out of committee, and I look forward to getting it to the President’s desk soon. 


If you would like to know more about my work in the Senate and positions on other important topics, please go to my recently launched website,, to sign up for my e-newsletter updates or to email me directly about issues that matter most to you. 


Thank you, again, for taking the time to contact me.  It is an honor to serve as your Senator, and if I have not appropriately addressed your concerns in this response, please share your views again.


All my best,

Jeff Merkley
United States Senate




Financial Time’s Gillian Tett Hits another One Out of the Park!

Friday, March 20th, 2009

As I said, I am in love with this woman’s mind.  Her writing is impeccable.  Her mastery of the English language undeniable and her Insight is excellent.  The first two paragraphs of her column today, Friday March 20 are very insightful.  However, I must admit I don’t know what “market makers” are.


Let me sum those paragraphs up:


‘While the politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have vowed to clamp down on “greedy” speculators and go after those engaged in “unbridled risk-taking” . . . the “disappearance of risk capital” is a key reason so much of the financial machinery is failing to work.’


Think about that.


Because we are fixated on pursing anyone or any organization which takes risks and appears greedy, we have chased all the players out the market because there is nothing to gain and much to lose.


In ball playing terms: Because the politicians keep changing the rules of the game, the investors who take the risks have taken their ball and gone home.  Who can blame them?


Tett’s Insight column is an another indicator that the governments on both sides of the Atlantic need to get out of the way and let the markets function as they should—those who lose should be allowed to fail; however, those who succeed should be allowed to reap the rewards of their efforts and their risk taking.


While Obama and his minions keep changing the rules of the game, the Obama Administration is having one effect: 


It is keeping everything unstable.

And, IMO, this appears “purposeful.”


In other words,


The Obama Administration is creating instability on purpose,


With a reason.


And it is not a good reason.


One piece of evidence that this instability is intentional is the fact that the US Congress, Senate and President knew about AIG’s contractual obligations to pay bonuses.  How do I come to that conclusion you ask?  Simple.  Senator Dodd added wording that exempted “contractually obligated bonuses” into the Bail Out Legislation.


These political folks keep playing both sides against the middle, against us.  And it’s got to stop.  Otherwise, they are going to destroy everything.  If they can tax those bonuses out of existence, they can tax any of us off the map.  In fact, let me step out and say that this is exactly what God wants.


Wake up, America!


You, we are the target.