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An Open Letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

By my estimate in 2006 there were 30 Million illegal Mexican aliens living inside our borders.  Now, however, in 2010 their leaders boast about 40 Million criminal invaders seeking citizenship and demanding amnesty by “adverse possession.”


When Phoenix passed Philadelphia becoming the 5th largest metropolitan area in the United States, I knew it was a sham.  How did I know?  Because I took the stats published in our otherwise severely liberal newspaper, The Arizona Republic, and I did the numbers.  Had they not counted the illegal aliens, Phoenix would not be as large.


That newspaper claimed that 85% of Mexicans in Phoenix were here illegally.  From the figures available, in 2006 I estimated there were more than 1,000,000 illegal Mexican nationals in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area!


Then, the bottom started falling out of our economy and the rats started leaving in droves, abandoning ship because they were only here for the jobs and the entitlements we lavish upon them.  Almost overnight the streets around Phoenix experienced reduced traffic and we could drive freely most of the day.  When the illegal’s were here en masse, it was “rush hour” all day long, but once they started going home, we could drive freely again between rush hours.  Now, I estimate there are approximately 500,000 illegal Mexican nationals remaining in Phoenix.


Now is the time for the Governor of Arizona to step up and make it State Law that all law enforcement agents shall first confirm the legal status of all persons they come in contact with before they proceed with any other business.  This completely eliminates any (false) claims of “racial profiling” because we are doing it to all, to everyone.


Then the State of Arizona needs to make it a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment to hire an illegal alien.  It shall be a misdemeanor to employ an illegal alien and it shall be a felony to knowingly employ an illegal alien.


Governor Jan Brewer took a courageous step in signing into Arizona State law a mirror image of the Federal law.  It was an ingenuous leap.  I applaud Jan Brewer for her courage and fortitude.  And at least her detractors have used a flattering photo of her in their “Nazi” posters.


Nevertheless, Govern Brewer’s biggest failing(s) was not taking her complaints to the citizens of Arizona when she saw how badly the former governor, Janet Napolitano had mismanaged the State and the illegal manner in which Napolitano cooked the books and violated the law fiscal ruining Arizona.  It would have saved US a lot of trouble not to have Napolitano’s incompetency in DC.  Perhaps it’s not too late.


Governor Brewer,  Are you listening?

Boycott Outback Steakhouse False Advertising

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


For a few days I have really wanted a steak.  When its 113-114° degrees outside, the last thing one wants to do is cook and heat up one’s house.  Forget about firing up the Barbie—cooking outside this time of year in Phoenix poses a severe health risk!


Yesterday when the Outback Steakhouse card came in offering summertime special entrées for $9.95 plus the purchase of a Coca Cola beverage product or $5.00 off on the purchase of a second entre, I went for it with gusto.


I figured I’d give $3-$4 more for the Coca Cola plus tax and a generous tip I’d eat a great steak dinner for $16-$18.


However, when I got to my local Outback Steakhouse in Chandler, I asked my waitress how the mailer worked.  And was I floored when she repeated that one had to buy TWO entrées!  Their mailer said nothing about that requirement.


I informed her there was no way I was going to do that and eat two entrées.  On the way out I gave my Outback Steakhouse card with my name and address imprinted on it to the Chandler Outback hostess and informed her:


You’ve got to be more truthful in your advertising and I will blog this.


Indeed it is illegal to advertise fraudulently using the U.S. Postal Service but that is exactly what Outback has done.


Therefore, I say, in the spirit of the Revolution of Virtue




Boycott: Bank of America Loves Illegal Aliens

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

At least in Arizona

B of A

Bank of America

Has made tons of loans to illegal aliens contributing in a major way to the

Real Estate melt down in The Valley.

Bank of America wrote thousands of mortgages to illegals without checking their status on the West side of Phoenix.

Look at all those empty houses on the West side of The Valley of the Sun!

Bank of America supports illegal aliens invading our country.

Maybe B of A should change its name to:

Bank of Illegal Aliens!

Earliest Monsoon on Record?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009


Are we headed towards setting a new and ominous record for the earliest monsoon in the history of Phoenix?  The Valley of the Sun?


Certainly, since looking out over the desert on Sunday evening south of Chandler and seeing lightening dancing across the sky reminded me of monsoon season on May 17th!


The trend appears present.  One house in Surprise destroyed by lightening and a microburst on the east side took out electrical service for approximately 10,000 homes.


The North American continent is known for having the most violent weather on the planet.  Certainly we’ve seen a lot of tornadic activity, flooding and “snow hurricanes” during this recent winter.


If so, the Valley may be headed for a summer of violent weather, alternating between humid and scorching.  The propensity for more microbursts than usual and a lot of property damage is there.  This summer may test our patience and our endurance.



WE ARE AT WAR! And We Don’t Even Realize It!!!

Friday, April 17th, 2009


We are and have been fighting on all fronts.  Because the enemy has penetrated us so deeply and thoroughly, it doesn’t have the appearance of war, but, believe me, we are fighting on ALL FRONTS!


Call me paranoid.  I don’t care but my job is to warn you that America is about to go under and I don’t think we can survive one more emersion in the depths of war.  Not just any war, but World War.


America and the hope of a recovered United States are all that stands between the evil ones and the little guy around the world outside of our borders.  But, we are the target. 


Once they take US down, there will be nothing in between them and the little fellow around the world.  It’ll be a cake walk for them to wreak havoc on any & all around the globe.


The problem is we are losing and sinking fast inside our own borders.  We are the most naïve people on the planet and we are dumb.


It’s time to wake up and it is much too late.  There is no way to avoid the fate of an invasion.  I write from Ground Zero in Phoenix, Arizona.  Only instead of 9/11, it will be 11/9.


We are fighting on all fronts and let me give you merely two examples: 


(1)  The old wives’ tales about the FLUORIDE in our water?  They are all true and we don’t even have the power to stop them from poisoning our drinking water!


That type of fluoridation of our water is THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO:


Heart Disease


Heart Attack


Diabetes Type II




Mood Disorders


(2)  The main cause of autism and Bipolar Type I Disorders? 


It’s in the food!


Somehow corporate America has been adding MANGANESE to infant formula and to cereals we feed our children.  One (1) out of every forty-nine (49) boys has autism today. 


How?  An infant’s liver can only process approximately 400 mg of manganese a day but his soy formula is spiked with 8 grams of MANGANESE. 


{8 grams = 8,000 mg –or– approximately twenty times (20X) what a baby’s liver can detoxify across a day!}


Even General Mills’ Cheerios has enough MANGANESE in two & a half bowls to give a toxic dose of MANGANESE to a 250 pound man!  Yet, the Federal Drug Administration allows General Mills not to disclose how much MANGANESE is in Cheerios!  {Communicated to Dr. Young}


MANGANESE accumulates in the basal ganglia in the brain where it causes all kinds of misfires.  Listen to my archived radio shows to hear other experts & their opinions.  What’s yours?


Now, you know in part why I affectionately call the FDA:


The Federal Death Administration