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The Biritish Covert War on America Launched from the Tavistock Institute

Monday, April 5th, 2010

The Hippie era of “Flower Power” and rampant drug use and all of the 1960’s was part of the ongoing British assault on America. This covert psychosociopolitical warfare was planned and launched from the Tavistock institute. It has been part of a long series of overt and covert war in attempt to regain the American colonies Great Britain lost during the American Revolutionary War.

This was not the first time Great Britain waged war against a population using drugs. The Brits have a history of it and they waged two wars on the Chinese in the mid-1800’s called the Chinese Opium Wars.

The Tavistock Institute

The Tavistock Institute

I must admit I have not read Coleman's book yet but I expect it to outline the most significant and effective secret ongoing psychosociopolitical warfare waged against the United States of America--Dr. Kent