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You Can Take It With You!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


Don’t believe the Great Deception:


“You can’t take it with you!”


While that might apply to things, goods, chattel, clothing and the like; it has nothing to do with “spirit” or “character.” 


Don’t generalize this axiom to the spheres of spirit, personality and character.  That would be a mistake and a serious error.


The fact is:


You can and do take it with you.


You take all of your character you developed and all aspects of the spirit with you when you leave your body.  The godless ones will (mis)lead you to believe that nothing matters and you take none of it with you, but our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) would agree universally that when we die we take all of the character we have built across a life time with us.


Don’t allow yourself to be deceived and cheated out of that which is your birthright.



Welcome my Friends to The New World Order

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009


Welcome my friends to The New World Order.  It’s already here and from this point forward things are going to happen very quickly. 


Witness the breakdown in the family, the breakdown in government to the point of the absolute perversion of justice, and get ready because the disorder that will evolve could make all of the atrocities in the last century pale in comparison.  We are seeing a rapid increase in sociopathy and not merely acceptance & tolerance but the encouragement of antisocial behaviors—by our own government and its policies!


There is no way that a representative democracy or a republic or a Commonwealth or any form of government in which there is freedom & liberty can sustain and function under the circumstances. The prevailing policies and mass hysteria, especially regarding the (illegal) election of that “Kenyan Bastard,” can only result in the destruction & decimation of these United States of America.


You have turned your back on the Constitution and now you expect it to protect you?


You’ve turned your back on God and now you expect God to bless you!


We have fallen exactly in the traps that the godless communists have set for US and we deserve nothing more than what is about to befall US!