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The Late Great Planet Church

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Like the First Century Jews, we are presently deceived by a system of interpretation that has caused Christians to withdraw from the world and fail to act in our commission as "the salt of the earth."



Upon Reflection I am in Error, Serious Error . . .

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

 . . . when I wrote that saving America does not require a return to God, a return to The LORD.

Certainly, I want to make room for those who do not believe as I do and

Might not necessarily believe in God.

The fact is America was founded upon the blessing accumulated over 180 years,

Built upon a foundation of a society norm and value of


More than 180 years of living virtuous lives culminated in the

Declaration of Independence and the

United States Constitution.

Without that foundation, America as we knew it (pt) would never have been found.*

For those of you younger than me, this is beyond your years,

Beyond most Americans’ memories and

Beyond your imagination.

I hope you’ll join with me in a Revolution of Virtue

But I am now thinking it will take a returning to The LORD in order to make the huge

Change in heart

Necessary to Save America,

The Real Change All Can Believe in,

In order to make it happen.

That would be Jesus Christ

NOT Obama

Has we made America an Abomination?

(Alliteration: Obama-nation)

*This is not America.  This is slavery.

A Day in the Life of Kate

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009


This says it all–

We must act to take back America for the sake of our children.

Calling for a Revolution of Virtue

Thursday, July 9th, 2009


The United State’s Declaration of Independence and the United State’s Constitution did not appear “magically” from God.  Those documents and that blessing only occurred after a long hardship.  They were preceded by a “revolution of virtue” that lasted 185 years.  The spirit of virtue, valuing one’s self and one’s freedom culminated in the best & most rational form of government ever devised by man.


Many are shouting “only by returning to God, to the LORD will America be restored.”  Hogwash!  At best we’d reinvent The Grand Inquisition.  There’d be so many religious nuts and so much religiosity; men would commit the most horrible atrocities in the name of God.


It all comes down to behavior.  While we can not control our own minds, and we certainly cannot control what occurs in the minds of other men, we can observe & agree upon behavior.  Besides, there needs to be room for dissent and freedom of the mind, and that requires healthy reflection, internally and externally.


Therefore, be it declared a New American Revolution.  A Revolution of the Mind.  A Revolution in Virtue.


Men alter their thinking to support their behavior.


Criminals rationalize their bad behaviors.

Now, how is this accomplished?

By valuing your self.


By valuing your word.


By honoring your word.


Real men will only give their word when they mean it.  Moreover, real men only give their word when they know they are able to live up to it.


Therefore, we need to say “no” much more.  We need to hear “no” much more often.  And we need to accept hearing a man choosing and uttering “no” far more often.


Also, we need to recognize the lying thieves we’ve become as a society.  “The government has turned us into a bunch of liars and thieves,” my neighbor from Texas via the North Slope declared.


We need to recognize the lying and thieving and, more importantly, we need to call it boldly what it is.  We need to label it properly regardless of hurting feelings.




In order to get in touch with reality we need to stop denying reality.  We need to stop “inventing reality” and stop making things up.


It’s time to stop acting like children and grow up.  Children have the luxury of imagination.  We don’t.


If you know of any business (And almost all corporations are involved in deceitful practice, deceit in their marketing and deceit in their contracts.) that practices deceit, walk away.  Do not do business with them.  Force them to become honest in their claims and accurate in their advertising.  Make them live up to their words.


Walk away from any business or corporation that deceives in the slightest degree.  Make them value their word.  Make them value their public presentation.  Or let them die.


If we individually start to value ourselves and our word, and we change our behavior by refusing to buy anything that is misrepresented in the slightest.  And we refuse to patronize (Get a dictionary!) any business that lies, then we can begin to shut them down.  We can begin making everyone honest.  We can begin reclaiming our country and our heritage.


The only way to end the thieving, the madness and insanity is by telling the truth, being truthful to ourselves and by being truthful to each other.


Don’t you understand?


We are at War.  We’ve been at War.


This is a battle for the mind.


It is a battle of the mind.


It is


Psychosociopolitical Warfare


Let’s wage it to win.




We’re taking the country back!



LORD, Hear the Supplication of Your Servant: Stop All Road Work in The City of Snakes

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

LORD, hear the supplication of your servant.

Stop all road work in the State of Arizona.

Halt all construction, expansion, improvement and maintenance on all streets in the Greater Phoenix Area.

LORD, you know the heart (mind) of man.

You know our hearts.

LORD, show us your glory and shows us our own hearts.

LORD, draw us near to you.

While many think that the highways in the State of Arizona are merely where ‘the rubber hits the road’ as they make their ways to and fro,

LORD, reveal the ways of the politicians in the State of Arizona & the organized criminals they serve

And meet

On highway construction in Arizona

Where more than mere rubber hits the road

But men’s souls are tried, won and lost

Under the wheels of corrupt State government

In the City of Snakes

In the State of Arizona.

LORD, show us your glory.

LORD, show us our sin and wicked ways gently

So that everyone can see

And all recognize

How far we are from You

How far we have fallen

That we might correct ourselves and the affairs of the CONstatesMEN

Who prey upon the weak, the poor and the humble

In the State of Arizona.

–In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost


above all

In the name of Jesus Christ


The Last Word on Fluoride

Saturday, June 20th, 2009


While I have a reputation of having something to say about everything (Ask Pastor Scott.), I think it best to let God have the last word.  So, here it is.


Isaiah was the prophet with the longest vision.  The Prophet Isaiah not only spoke for the LORD, of all the Old Testament prophets, Isaiah had the greatest vision.  He saw further than another other prophet and described the New Jerusalem.


God spoke through Isaiah and I believe Isaiah could see our present and our future. 


Hear the Word of the LORD:


And though the LORD give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: (underscoring added for clarity)


Isaiah 30:20

A Call to Action: Muslim Demographics

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Hey, Obama!

Thursday, May 21st, 2009
Obama Shut the Hell Up!
Obama Shut the Hell Up!

We are tired of hearing you day after day as the mainstream news media makes you into some kind of demigod.

While we realize you are Hitler reincarnated.
Day after day holding news conferences.
Providing US with the Obama version of
The Ultimate Solution!

Welcome to Dr. Kent’s Blog

Friday, May 8th, 2009

My response to T. Price’s comments is worth more open attention because of the philosophies expressed within.

Please come back and tell others about Dr. Kent’s Blog.

There is a lot of info here and there will, in short order, be a lot more. You have free access to my archived radio shows and my on-line novel. Or should I say “book” because it is nonfiction entitled:

The Flagship is a Little Dingy: A History of Sex, Murder and Mayhem at the Arizona Department of Corrections.

While I have no prepared outline, I seem to be getting short chapters written and posted weekly. However, feel free to submit links, email and all as you like for possible posting on Dr. Kent’s Blog. Also, I am seeking more proof readers and contributing writers.

As a “reformed liberal” I am beginning to understand the differences between liberalism then and liberalism now.

The basic difference is that liberalism now has become The Establishment. It has become the status quo. Whereas, in the past, liberalism actually stood for something, More importantly liberalism stood against something. That is, liberalism was against supression and for EXPANDED LIBERTY.

Today’s liberalism is corporately designed and managed. It is Psychosociopolitical Warfare.

The facism of the Italians was more obvious and it was obviously different. Today’s facism is reversed. In the past facist government controlled the corporations. In today’s liberal facism, the corportions control, own and management our “illiberal” government.(Sic)

While many embrace what they think is socialism, they disregard the lessons of the past. They ignor history.

The only difference between communism and socialism is that socialism starts as a slow, civil, and methodical takeover whereas communism espouses raw violent takeovers. Nonetheless, the outcome is the same:

Society and civilization deteriorate rapidly. There is mass hysteria, mass insanity and mass psychosis. Delusions are shared (Political Correctness).

Ultimately there is disorder and we go back to The Dark Ages and lose all the progress to date as we fail to recognize and protect and defend property rights.

You see, the Real Motto of the American Revolution was:

To Preseve Life, Liberty AND PROPERTY.

It had nothing to do with the Pursuit of Happiness per se but everything to do with glorifying our Lord, the one true God.

It was under the blessings of God that we prospered and made such leaps in civilization, prosperity and technology. We abidded by Natural Law.

But, alas, today Man knows better [than God] and man has made himself god and is idolizing and worshipping himself!

The only way out of this is not with guns & ammo (although that might help), it is with the Power of the Holy Spirit which was bought at a price and can only be restored by The Ultimate America Revolution:

A changing of heart, repentance and begging our Lord to help US out of our sin and to overcome our sin.

That is why our Muslim brothers have been called to arms–to give US a wake up call. Which they’ve already given but we resist.

That is why God placed Obama in the President’s Office. Obama is the Shepard Who Will Not Care in Zachariah 11.

Video — An Alarming Video Every Westerner Should See

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Courtesy of Alaska a short video with translation subtitles that every Westerner should see.

An Alarming Video

Why can not both be true?

There are enemies within.

And enemies without.