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Fluoride Major Cause of Mental Retardation

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Hey, it’s true and it’s merely my humble opinion.  Nonetheless, there was a doctoral level researcher who testified so long ago it was “filmed” in Black & White.


While I am unable to recall her name, I recall watching her plead before the United States Congress to stop this insanity of systematic water fluoridation because the research demonstrated clearly a casual effect of fluoride upon mental retardation.


She testified clearly that fluoride caused mental retardation and diminished IQ’s across the board!


Moreover, that pioneering researcher from the 1950’s, a woman in a man’s field, was black balled after giving her candid, forthright and truthful testimony to Congress.  Thereafter, she lost all of her grants, her position and her status. 


She lost everything—all in the name of the suppression of the truth in order to allow those bastards in The New World Order to further degrade our abilities to think, to reason and to live independent & free.


If you discover her name, please inform me.  We need to honor this pioneer of truth and candor in an insane and corrupt world dominated by the few bastards of The New World Order.


In my estimation being treated with fluoride results in a global drop in IQ of approximately 10 points across the board—for everyone.


Notice, that I write that it is the population and not the water that is being treated.  This is a very subtle difference; nonetheless, I believe it more accurate to write from the assumption that it us human beings who are being “treated” and not the water.