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Arpaio and Thomas Fail to Enforce Child Exploitation Laws!

Saturday, August 8th, 2009



First, I voted for “the dynamic duo” and I would again, but this particular hypocrisy needs to be pointed out:


Neither Sheriff Joe nor Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas are enforcing the laws against child exploitation!


Whenever children are used politically those children are being exploited!


We need to reestablish proper adult-child boundaries in our country.  Children have no business being exposed to adult issues and adult politics.  Children can not comprehend the enormity of the issues in front of them and hence need to be protected from such exploitation by adults.


It results in children being prematurely



The next time children are being marched in the heat or out of the heat in a manner that exploits them making them political pawns, those adults herding those children in such an exploitative manner need to be arrested and those children taken into State custody!


Second, my nick names for the dynamic duo are “Batman” and “Robin.”

I’ll let you guess which one is “Batman” and which one is “Robin.” 😉


News Flash: ADOC Director Dora Schriro resigns to . . .

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009


 . . . accept another position with none other than her lover & partner in crime former Governor Napolitano.  My friend just called me to inform me about this news and declared that Schriro following Napolitano to The Department of Homeland Security in DC proves that the two are lovers. 


My father just reminded me that he predicted Napolitano would be taking Schriro to Washington with her a week before it happened.  My prediction?  It will take a minimum of five (5) years to repair the damage the “dynamic duo” have inflicted upon ADOC!


It just goes to show “you can sleep your way to the top” or maybe Dora takes the bottom?