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Friday, April 2nd, 2010

You are responsible for your own education.

Purpose of Dr Kent’s Blog

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

The mission of Dr Kent’s Blog is

To bring flexibility to the thought processes

of Americans and the world

With the idea in mind that

America will regain her bearings


Export her example of freedom & prosperity once again

To break the rule of the “collectivists”


To restore common sense


Critical Thinking

 so that

The yoke of Political Correctness, the brain washing and mass insanity may be thrown off


Reason may once again rule supreme.


Justice may be restored

so that even the

Poor may have remedy


Property Rights are returned to citizens

so that

The Rule of Law may be restored once again in America.

Death to Tyrants!

Boycott BANK OF AMERICA Due to Racism

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Bank of America has featured race-based ads and we need to consequate

Bank of America for its obvious racism!

Years ago large corporations were criticized for failure to feature women and minorities in their advertising.

The omission of minorities and women in advertising was ruled de facto discrimination.

Today, we see “reverse discrimination”* practised by almost all corporations and government.

Walk into a Bank of America lobby and see posters of smiling photos of “people of color” and “females.”

You’ll never see any poster ads featuring Caucasian males.

Why?  Because discrimination has been made public policy.

It is public policy to discriminate adversely against white males.

Consider Bank of America’s television advertising campaign:

Only women and children, primarily of color, and an occasional adult male of color are featured.

Apparently, no white male can “peer into the Bank of America logo” and see a future!

That is a terrible message!


Boycott Bank of America and

Any corporation that discriminates openly by omitting pictures and depictions of Caucasians enjoying a wonderful future.

*There is no such thing as “reverse discrimination.”

It is a misnomer.

There is only “adverse discrimination.”

There is nothing wrong with “discrimination” per se.

For instance, to have a “fine discriminating mind” would mean

One is bright and able to make good decisions.

Alas, demonizing the word discrimination is part of the brain washing!

Revolution of Virtue Trumps Race War

Sunday, July 12th, 2009


Do not mistakenly assume I am a white supremacist because of my last posting.  The day prior I posted what I really believe in:  That upon which our form of government and country were founded—a revolution of virtue.


You have been warned what is possible as the United States of America sinks into disorder and chaos: We regress and are unable to control ourselves.


There are many other lines upon which we might divide and kill one another.  For instance, it could be baseball team endorsement or even eye color.  However it might start, the lowest common denominator of behavior is a civil war based upon race.


Be advised the only thing that might pull us through the atrocities of the coming months is a revelation in our behavior based valuing virtue.  For many this will require a return to God in order to make the changes necessary. 


Let me clarify:  This means valuing people, valuing relationships over things, over that retirement of which you were recently robbed.  One values one’s word and one’s character above taking unfair advantage over others.


This means giving up any deceptive business practice which we may become accustomed to engaging, especially those we perpetrate upon others by acts of commission or omission.  In the language of a six year old, this means giving up lying.


This means ceasing business with any and every company that is not honest or not completely on the up and up.  This includes utility companies and every corporation that practices deceptively.  If their advertising is deceptive to any degree, they are to be shunned.


By boycotting those who lie and deceive, we shut them down, teach them a lesson.  Generally the fittest who value honesty and virtue as we do will survive and thrive.


The revolution of virtue and an attitude of gratitude are only antidotes to guide and to manage & minimize the government intrusions and other invasions that will soon be upon us. 


To those who want to be prepared, I recommend (a) getting in good physical condition and (b) building your relationship with the Holy Ghost.


Guns aren’t going to save you but may help.  The weapons our own government has and their diabolical plans (Forced vaccination against the current swine flu—a man made strain of flu!) are unbelievable.


I will close:  A revolution valuing virtue that builds character is the best way to overcome the enemy and the insanity of their programming & brain washing.  Violence is their language and violence plays right into their plans.  This can only be won spiritually.  This is a spiritual battle for the mind.


This is Psychosociopolitical Warfare.


RIP The Arizona Republic newspaper

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

The Greater Phoenix Area will be the first major metropolitan area in the United States without a newspaper.

Good riddance!

The Arizona Republic was a horrible piece of propaganda, good for nothing, always suppressing local news in the name of Political Correctness and brain washing!

The Arizona Republic deserved to die!

Governor Brewer, Get Your Head out of Your Ass: It is NOT “Education” you are Saving but “Indoctrination”

Friday, July 10th, 2009


Get your head out of your ass


Hear, learn and use your mind.


“Public Education” has been totally compromised in this country.  Education in the USA has been nothing more than indoctrination and “brain washing” for decades.


You need to let the system die.  The current system of “public indoctrination” you mistakenly call “public education” has resulted in the “dumbing down” of all us.  Few can think clearly.  Almost no one can think independently.  We’ve lost the capacity to think critically.


It’s all because of the great centralized screw job we foist off on an unsuspecting public calling it “public education” when all this brain washing system has done is contributed to our demise and the miserable state we are experiencing.  We are enslaved in our minds and have lost our most precious capacity for freedom.


But wait, there’s more.  These are the “good days” and what is coming will be far worse than anything you can imagine.


Therefore, pull the plug on this bastard child mistakenly called “education.”  Let free enterprise in education have half a fighting chance.  We might again be able to produce fighting men and women, citizens who can think critically and analyze accurately.