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Obama’s ASU Commencement Speech Holds Neither Water or Substance

Thursday, May 14th, 2009


Liar-in-Chief President Obama continues in his fine tradition of lying and deceiving.  Even I must admit Obama’s presentation is great.  But Barrack Hussein Obama’s teleprompter reading talents belong on the evening news rather than in the office of the American President!


Take my life as an example:  I lived for greater causes and, more specifically, I lived to help others better themselves.  I did this in the Alaskan Bush, in the Deep South and in Indian country. 


What I learned is that the world is ruled by raw power and those “illiberals” in political office abuse their power to protect their fellow criminals.


Take the Arizona Department of Corrections for example. 


While I made major contributions as best I was allowed to providing better services and releasing a “safer product,” the graft & greed in ADOC Mental Health and Counseling & Treatment Services was only exceeded by their audacity in using raw power to harm anyone who did his job according to the Arizona State Revised Statues (ASRS), all the Rule & Regulations and ADOC Policy.


In fact, Obama rewarded those culprits by appointing their chief-in-crime to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.  And Janet took her lover Dora with her to Washington, DC. 


None dare call it nepotism.


While the minions below got away with murder, fraud, theft, rape, and all sorts of felonies. 


So, crime does pay—at least for those “illiberals” sharing the same philosophy—while lying, cheating and deceiving America and the US Treasury!


However, President Obama’s commencement address at Arizona State University is for me personally inspiring:


I shall continue to give my all to bettering those poor people who have been unable and are unable to defend themselves—especially those dead inmates. 


Schriro allowed the cover ups and ultimately Director Dora Schriro covered those murders up! 


While they literally buried the “evidence,” ADOC and Dr. Susanne Arnold and Dr. Pamela McCauley allowed the culprit to continue practicing & harming inmate patients and defrauding the State.





Harassment at ADOC, Fraud & Malfeasance and Real Sexual Harassment (Quid Pro Quo) [Sex in Exchange for a Senior Position] Using ASRS Wrongly as a Reward System for the Harassment of Others

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Harassment at ADOC, Fraud & Malfeasance and Real Sexual Harassment (Quid Pro Quo)  [Sex in Exchange for a Senior Position]  Using ASRS Wrongly as a Reward System for the Harassment of Others


ASRS Fraud




Attached is a series of letters (scanned & .pdf forms) detailing part of the harassment to which I was subjected.  For one, my Hazard Duty Pay may have been meager but was wrongly terminated in order to harass me.  Those who harassed me were rewarded by being allowed to remain on the job after their malfeasance costing the State tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to reach the 10 year service mark to achieve an increased multiplier after successfully targeting me for eventual (wrongful) termination.


Namely, Pam McCauley was allowed to remain a State employee for the purposes of further harassing me and in order to pad her retirement.  Isn’t malfeasance a felony?  Especially at this level?