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1998 Obama Identified by High Level Russian Official as Chosen for the American Presidency!

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I have no idea of how credible this story is but here it goes:

In 1998 an American network engineer finished his job building a computer network in Russia.

Upon completion of the project the American went to enjoy dinner with his Russian hosts to the home of one of the managers for his client.

While trying to compliment the lady of the house about her beauty, she (wrongly) took what he said as an insult.

And the entire room full of guests went silent because she was the highest ranking person in the room with the most power.

She exclaimed,

‘You Americans think you’re so superior.

‘Well, let me tell you there’s a black named Obama who is being groomed right now to be President of the United States, and


In other words, Obama’s philosophy lines up with the of the politburo of the former USSR.