RFI No. 05-04 MIDDAUGH Complaint Screening Committee February 14, 2005



During this brief .mp3 recording one can hear Dr. Anne Middaugh address the Complaint Screening Committee.  At the end of this brief three person Complaint Screening Committee (CSC) discussion one may hear the 2-1 vote to forward the matter to the full Board of Psychologist Examiners for review.


While the CSC voted to drop the charges (see my report) against Dr. Arnold, because Dr. Anne Middaugh was no longer a State employee, the Board elected to pursue Dr. Middaugh.


The CSC voted with the exception of one individual to refer Dr. Middaugh case to the full Board.  The sole dissenter was public member Joe Donaldson—Donaldson always votes to defend the State.  I suppose a successful “professional politician” knows he’d better support the State machinery and State employees least they not support him.


After hearing this recording, I recall drafting a letter in support of Dr. Anne Middaugh.  While Dr. Arnold denied any culpability and any wrongdoing, I was impressed by Dr. Middaugh because she faced the CSC and admitted what she had done and submitted to the Board.  Dr. Middaugh’s presentation was quite honorable under the circumstances.





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