General McChrystal Comes Out on Top

As I think of it, perhaps General Stanley McChrystal came out ahead.  I think McChrystal and his staff knew they had a bad policy and the Afghan War effort is likely to fail because of its seriously flawed policy.  Perhaps he wanted out.  Certainly, Obama’s Administration has treated him poorly.


But, to know you have a wrong policy and to lose men, would drive me out of there.  That’s what happens when you have incompetent men in positions of leadership.  I’m talking about Obama and most of his civilian administration.


Two months ago Soldier of Fortune ran an article* describing why the policy in the Afghan War assured failure and how to correct it.  It seemed a very reasonable article to me.  I think getting out of that doomed effort and away from the stench was a great idea for General McChrystal.  Nobody tell me he hasn’t served his country and given to it. 


After 18 months of losing men and being hobbled by a president who doesn’t give a hoot for the US or for the lives of our young soldiers, I think McChrystal was burnt out.  Now, maybe the gentleman can get a good night’s sleep.


As far as my title, things aren’t always as they appear.  In my opinion, McChrystal beat Obama.


*I intended to blog about that article.  Perhaps I’ll dig it out and review it.


PS The First Amendment Rights of our soldiers was obscured in 1959 as a result of Senator Joe McCarthy’s inquiries.  Joe was right and The New World Order had to shut him up and had to shut our generals up.  If we are ever going to hear the truth and save our country, we need to restore Free Speech rights to our soldiers.  Who else can you trust?

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