Hats Off to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer!

For having the balls to sign that bill criminalizing illegally immigrating to the US!

In a day when I thought our country no longer produced leaders, it takes a woman to do what men will not do but should!

Governor Breweryou have taken the first step–not merely at saving your State but the first step in saving our country!

It is indeed sad that the illiberal media is running their negative bias, but the fact remains most of the country is behind you!

Stay tuned for my tips on finishing the job and maybe you’ll be re-elected.  Or, should I say, finally actually directly elected to your office by the people of Arizona.


Dr. Kent

PS  My apologies for posting late on this matter.  Nonetheless, your heroic and definitive action requires acknowledgment & admiration.  You are advancing from “politician” to “leader,” and I believe you are beginning to show “statesman” like qualities–something rarely seen in our country.

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