Is Attorney General Terrance Goddard Concealing a Past Party Gay Lifestyle?

According to a retired Phoenix police officer, he remembers quite well answering calls for police assistance many times to Arizona Attorney General Terrance Goddard’s residence.   As an eye witness he reported that it was obvious that those were gay sex parties and that Goddard was living a homosexual lifestyle.   The parties at Goddard’s home were so wild that often the Phoenix police were called to quell disorderly conduct and assist Terry Goddard and his friends.  He believes Terry Goddard may have married in order to put on a public front for political purposes and conceal his lurid past from voters.

When you vote in and hire “perverts,” you get “justice perverted,” especially in Arizona.  Homosexuals do their best bending over backwards, not merely to cover their asses, but to aid & abet other homosexuals in the commission and cover up of heinous crimes.  The result has been an economic crisis for the State of Arizona resulting in harsh oppression as the people are suppressed and courts used unconstitutionally to collect “taxes” in the form of photo radar tickets.

Due to years of fraud & malfeasance by the former governor, the State of Arizona has been forced to drastically curtain essential services of government.  The result is Arizona is no longer a safe place to live. 

News, in both print and on television and on radio, even so-called “conservative” talk radio, has been filtered and the violence is under reported.  When the news on KFYI gets censored across a period of merely four hours and that gun battle involving automatic weapons fire on the west side of Phoenix that occurred before noon is no longer reported by the evening news during drive time, you know there is an organized effort by a well-oiled machine.  And it matters not which party is in power.

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3 Responses to “Is Attorney General Terrance Goddard Concealing a Past Party Gay Lifestyle?”

  1. Solutions says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!! I have known Goddard for years and once and for all, he is NOT gay….— you guys are sickos for spreading this garbage.

  2. Dr. Kent says:


    My source is impeccable and unimpeachable. Let Goddard speak for himself. The Arizona Attonery General has handled his office and the offices he oversees in a fashion to aid & abet those in positions of public trust and those under the color of authority to commit and get away with murder! Literally. Moreover, Attorney General Goddard covers up for them! It’s about time the world knew and the bastard was voted out of public office–forever.

    However, since you have qualified yourself as an expert ‘having known Goddard for years,’ certainly, you will not mind identifying yourself and detailing the nature of your relationship to Goddard. Moreover, feel free to enlighten us further with your observations and comments. As one can see, I will approve & publish them unedited.

    Please tell me who else has posted similar material. Your comment implies there are others.

    Please: Tell us enough about yourself so that we will not think that there might be a conflict of interest.

    Please note, I wrote “past” gay lifestyle. I don’t know if the man is bisexual.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Kent

  3. Some of the images are not displaying properly but, the web site still looks great. I have been visiting this site for a few months now and i’m very impressed with the content. What is the feed address?

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