Boycott: Curtis Johnson Realty

For a few days I have been busy and there have been some very nice folks and businesses I have wanted to recommend.

Honestly, I have had it on my mind to start featuring businesses and organizations to recommend to you because in The Revolution of Virtue it may be even more important to inform you about positive experiences with businesses and directing you towards good folks than it is to inform you about the miscreants and my misadventures.

Nonetheless, I must inform All Y’all that I can not and do not recommend the services of Curtis Johnson Realty and his associates

Perhaps the problem is just with Curtis Johnson’s associates.  I don’t know but I’m going to find out–as soon as Curtis Johnson returns my phone call.  Perhaps Curtis will be more reasonable than his underlings.  Nonetheless, Curtis as a broker remains responsible for what those under him do.

I know.  I should have seen this one coming,  I should have smelled it a mile away.  But when you really hope a business can help you, you’ll believe their marketing hogwash and even deny your own common sense.


If it sounds too good to be true it probably is FALSE.

We’ll talk more about this.

At this point, let it suffice to say I’d recommend any realtor over Curtis Johnson Realty.

Stay tuned.

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6 Responses to “Boycott: Curtis Johnson Realty”

  1. Seriously Dr. Kent?

    How can anyone take you serious with a post like this? Attention to detail must not be a big deal for you. Since you want to make this public I would hope you would tell more of the details that makes us so bad?

    Like saving your bacon after you stopped paying the bank … finding buyers for your home, working for months and negotiating a sale with your bank so they would let you move on … only to have you REFUSE to vacate the home, force the buyers to move on and blow up the deal. Why is it when people refuse to pay their bills or take responsibility for their actions they have to blame others? Sad.

    It is a sign of a small man that bears false witness against his neighbor in order to make himself look better. I wish you the best Dr. Kent … I hope you find the peace you are looking for.


  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Welcome to my blog, Mr. Curtis Johnson of Curtis Johnson Realty.

    Actually, there is much more to say and much more to post. I am not afraid of details nor of the truth. The question is: Are you?

    Your associate has treatened me. However, he will remain unnamed since it is the policy of The Dr. Kent Show and Dr Kent’s Blog not to unnecessarily mention the names of private individuals.

    In case you haven’t noticed I have approved your comment without editing. You are indeed welcome to post comments freely, however, please confirm your facts.

    You do not have your facts correct. I am going to give you an opportunity to correct them. I advise you take that opportunity to correct yourself. Please do so by the close of business Monday. Thereafter, I will feel free to correct you publicly and throttle your business & your business practises.

    According to Al, if you listen closely a man will tell you about himself. Employing Al’s Axiom it appears your statement trying to claim that I bear false witness against my neighbor is more apropos to you and your organization.

    In your personal message to me you accused me of slandering you and/or your organization. I speak the truth and write the truth as accurately as I can. Indeed, you have slandered me with your comments.

    Gladly I will post the details; however, it appears this matter belongs in another forum. You will be hearing from my attorney; I shall sue you for your company’s negligence and failure. Furthermore, we shall see what the professional association and the Real Estate Board have to say about your conduct and the conduct of your associates. I believe that is the East Valley Realtors or Realty Association.

  3. L Reed says:

    How can you be treatened by someone? That just doesn’t make any sense.

    Furthermore, your lack of detail is stunning. How in the world do you expect to be taken seriously with absolutely no details?

    I should start a blog. I could boycott, let’s say, pickles. I’m not going to tell you why, but pickles, and their tawdry associates (should I name dill and cloves or keep that information quiet as well? I’m new at this) are not to be trusted. They are sly and conniving and I suggest a worldwide boycott.

    Is the suspense going to kill both of my readers like it’s probably doing to yours? Let me know.

  4. L Reed says:

    By the way, Curtis Johnson’s team sold my house in 11 days. Are those the associates you’re badmouthing?

  5. Dr. Kent says:

    Welcome L Reed aka to Dr Kent’s Blog,

    I believe I have answered your query in my recent update post.

  6. Dr. Kent says:

    Hello again,

    Yes and no. I am reporting facts and seeking a legal opinion. Nonetheless, it is wonderful if they sold your house in 11 days! However, me thinks me smells a not so well planted rat.

    Dr. Kent

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