“Traitor Jon Kyl” also known as the Junior Senator from Arizona

Jon Kyl,

You sir are a traitor!

We will never forget that it was you who introduced the bill and hawked “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which really should have been called

“Comprehensive Amnesty”

During the last days of the Bush (mis)Adminstration.

We will never forget and will NOT vote for you.

I am ashamed to have worked on your last campaign for re-election.

May it be your last one!

A democrat from Arizona will take your seat!

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2 Responses to ““Traitor Jon Kyl” also known as the Junior Senator from Arizona”

  1. Miriam says:

    “Dr” Kent, I am going to tell you what all your family and acquaintances apparently will not – you, sir, are a crazy loon. No, really, you’re ready for padded walls.

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Hi Miriam–

    Thanks for commenting and bringing attention to my post on Senator Jon Kyl and his treasonous action he committed towards the end of the Bush Administration sponsoring “The Total Amnesty Bill” he attempted to foist off on US a “Comprehensive Immigration.”

    Since, you’ve called me names, my ire is up a bit right now, but do read the books I have recommended and heed my health tips & warnings for the sake of the health & welfare of our country and our children.

    Admittedly, I am outspoken but the times call for it.

    Indeed, I am a “doctor.” A real one but sadly few are educated in our society to know the differences. I post a lot of controversial things and often I jump to my conclusions rather than lose my audience trying to explain things.

    No, I do not expect you to understand. At least not readily and not today, but my legacy in the electronic ethers will remain.

    Hence, I am not afraid to post your comments. However, I wish you’d inform me of what it is that got under your skin . . . perhaps we have something to discuss.

    Nonetheless, stay tuned, I am confident I shall offend you more, especially when I post about Taking The Vote Away From Women!

    Again, Miriam in Tucson, welcome to Dr Kent’s Blog and thank you for your comments.

    Dr. Kent

    PS I almost forgot: Others have told me as you have, but I will not let words and names bother me. You see, I answer to my God and not to man.

    My family thinks like you apparently do–complacent to the point of extermination–but life is short. So, I am telling it like it is.

    Indeed, most psychological types are brainwashed illiberals who can not overcome their “education.” [Read: Indoctrination] but I was mentored well and God gave me insights no one else has had. My colleages, that is those few I respect are unable to speak as candidly as I because they would lose their licenses.

    My board, The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners has already been used as a weapon against me. At first they were used unwittingly but they have become witting accomplishes. Stay tuned: You’re gonna hear ALL about it right here.

    We no longer live in a “free society.” That is why you find my utterances shocking and appalling.

    Perhaps if there was more open discourse and we truly still had “freedom of speech” in America my comments would barely get noticed.

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