My Sincere Public Apology to Arizona Representative Nancy Barto

My apologies to Representative Nancy Barto for any untoward effects of my previous posting of Numbers USA notification for Arizonans to “blast” their representatives that did not support anti-sanctuary legislation.

Since whatever is posted on the Internet is always archived and available somewhere, I have been in a quandry as to how to remedy this situation.  With that in mind, I am posting Rep. Nancy Barto’s comments into the main body of my blog and I am asking that folks refrain from  blasting Nancy Barto with email.

Here are Rep. Nancy Barto’s comments:

Unfortunately, you only have half the story. The rest is always the most interesting.

What you don’t know is that all Republicans voted in SUPPORT of a better Sanctuary bill two years in a row. These efforts were thwarted this year by Sen. Russell Pearce, and last year the Sanctuary bill that passed was vetoed by Gov. Napolitano. It is unconscienable to label conservatives like myself and others who opposed Pearce’s poorly drafted, complicated, and mandate-heavy bill, as open borders liberals when we have supported many many other measures over the years including: employer sanctions, denying public benefits for illegals, bond for those who commit serious offenses, supported border security and National Guard action on the border and others too numerous to mention.

It’s also untrue that HB 2280 had a hearing before it was final voted in the House on the last night of session. It was a striker on another bill that had a hearing in the House. They knew there wasn’t support for this poor legislation, so it never received a formal hearing in the House. Unfortunately, Pearce killed a really good Sanctuary bill in order to promote his own bill.

Again, my humble apologies.

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