Address to the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners Dec 5, 2008




We are stuck with each other. Whether you like it or not, we are stuck together. I am certain the Board would like to resolve this matter as soon as possible. And I most certainly have not enjoyed the ordeals I have been forced to endure the past three years.


The fact is we’ve been had. We have all been conned. I was deceived. The Board was used, at first unwittingly but now certainly wittingly. Sadly, it appears this Board was willing to be misused.


The only difference is I know I’ve been had and I am mentally sound. But this Board either refuses or fails to recognize the reality. What do we call that? I am not here to sit in judgment of the Board; however, when the public becomes aware of how this Board has been used against me and how eagerly this Board has engaged in damaging me, I wonder how our field, the field of psychology, will be regarded then?


I ask the Board to do the right thing. There are three steps: first, restore my license fully without restriction. Second, place a permanent apology upon the Board’s website announcing that it recognizes it has been used unfairly against me. Likewise, this Board needs to enter into the National Provider Identity database a note publicly apologizing for any inconvenience.


Finally, at one time the president of this Board proclaimed that I really knew the field of psychology. Accordingly, I seek letters of recommendation from him and the members of this Board so I might reacquire the position I had accepted providing services for our servicemen at Ellsworth Air Force Base or a similarly suitable position.


To insist that I submit for a “psychological evaluation” is to further delay and damage me. If that is what this Board intends, then I want a fair hearing. And I want to make the entire record public. The public needs to know; this sordid set of affairs needs to see the light of day. No longer should it be cloaked in the privacy of the privileged processes of this Board.


Perhaps more importantly, by trying to refer me to an inferior discipline, namely psychiatry, to perform a service which only we psychologists are competent to provide, this Board has demonstrated it does not respect psychology.   Have the members of this Board lost faith entirely in our own discipline? If this is the case, then what are we doing here?

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