The Real Message of the Day: Senator Merkley “User Unknown”

Subject: Mail System Error – Returned Mail


    Recipient: <>

    Reason:    5.1.1 <>… User unknown


Oh, really?


Tell me about it.


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2 Responses to “The Real Message of the Day: Senator Merkley “User Unknown””

  1. Bob Kahn says:

    I was able to get a message of concern off to the new Senator – took a lot to find the right email – I think I used the campaign one as none of the others worked!!! Strange indeed.

    After several months I recieved whatI call a “non response” to my questions from one of the office lackies that did not even have the moxy to use my name not to mention it did not address one of my questions. It came addressed to “My Friend”!!! It was just another boiler plate letter sent to everyone.

    I tried to respond with the link that was in the reply letter – it was returned with user unknown. I guess Oregon is going down the drain. How sad it is for the voting American that cannot contact the senator that represents them.

    Deeply troubled and disgusted,
    Bob Kahn
    Lebanon, Oregon

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Howdy Bob,

    And I have no reason to receive anything from him. His message came as a complete surprise to me. However, I did e-mail a copy of my interview of July 2008 to each and every Senator on the day of the vote [January 20, 2009] and the ‘unanimous” approval of Barrack Hussein Obama’s nominee for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and propaganda expert (The new fuhrer’s Joseph Goebbels!) Janet Napolitano. Senator Merkley’s new office sent me a canned repsonse and only two Senators wrote anything personal to me, both female.

    Barbara Boxer made it clear Napolitano’s appointment was unanimous, while Debbie Stabenow wrote something more appropriate (itallics added):

    Thank you . . .

    . . for contacting me about Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. I appreciate that you have taken the time to communicate your views and concerns with me.

    I understand your concern about allegations of wrongdoing. As you may know, Secretary Napolitano was confirmed by the Senate on January 20, 2009. I will continue to monitor Secretary Napolitano’s performance in her position as Secretary of Homeland Security. Should related legislation come before the U.S. Senate for a vote, I will keep your views in mind, and share your thoughts on this issue with my colleagues who serve on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Please continue to keep me informed about issues of concern to you and your family.


    Debbie Stabenow

    United States Senator

    I hope the honorable Senator Stabenow follows through with what she wrote.

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