Did Dr. Leonard Horowitz Discover the “Smoking Gun” Behind the Mexican Flu?

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Leonard Horowitz, DMD has a proclivity for getting to the bottom of things; moreover, Dr. Horowitz has a reputation for naming names and making the truth public. 

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has written many books publishing contracts proving conspiracies in bioterrorism and The New World Order.  I shall review one of his books on my blog soon.

Has he discovered the "Smoking Gun" behind the outbreak of the flu in Mexico City? 

Watch & listen as Dr. Horowitz names people and organizations that may be involved in the release of a man made pathogen for profit:

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  2. Dr. Kent says:


    Please leave more of a reply. Since Dr. Tennant (one flu article removed from this one) is involved in light treatment of Autism, I am approving this comment. However, do not take advantage of my generosity too lightly. Please write something of substance and, above all, if you and you site have something to offer, by all means connect the dots for us.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Kent

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