Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann Murdered?


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Freddie Mac Acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) David Kellermann aged 41 was found dead.


While the mainstream media is touting Kellermann’s death as an apparent suicide perhaps associated with the ongoing regulatory inquiries by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), might Kellermann have been murdered?


Which politicians in office and in power might Kellermann have fingered during the ongoing regulatory investigations of the SEC?


What does Kellermann’s death conveniently cover up?


What did those in office fear from Kellermann?


What do those in office fear from an investigation?


What are your ideas?


What are your thoughts?





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7 Responses to “Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann Murdered?”

  1. Carlos Navarro says:

    Recall that during the Clintons’ reign in Arkansas and Washington, some 50 persons associated with them either committed suicide, were killed in accidents, died of sudden illnesses, or were murdered outright. Kellerman’s unexpalinable suicide seems to fit that pattern. Seem that the man knew too much.

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Thank you for your comment and contribution, Carlos.

    You are correct. Many persons associated with the Clinton’s died prematurely. As I recall it was approximately fifty (50) and all their names were posted openly on the internet.

    We as a people and a government have become so corrupt that we are no longer a country under the rule of law. Rather, we are subject to the whims to those in power who lord their power over us.

    Our government has been corrupt for a long time. Indeed, the electorate (the voters) have not been in charge since at least 1913. Read those three books I recommend and Carroll Quigey’s (1966) book and you’ll see the Big Picture unfold before your eyes.

    It is very complex and difficult to comprehend. Moreover, the devil is literally in the details! There are so many layers upon layers of deception that one wonders what the truth is! Maybe The Creator designed this to point towards One Truth–His Son!

    We as a people have become complacent and those who due to their consciences are unable to comply are targetted for harsh treatment, even termination Every level of government is used against them, against US. Witness what My Board did to me and how every level of law enforcement and governement let me down:,%20John%20T.,%20Ph.D.

    Carlos, I hope you’ll return to my blog and pass the word around about my web site. I am going to publish a lot more material, evidence of the misuse of power and dereliction of duty.

    After that, there are two major areas I will address that are far more important to the health & welfare of our country.

  3. Carlos Navarro says:

    Dr. Kent,

    You are correct. 1913 was the year that the loss of freedom started, with the enactment of the 16th Amendment authorizing Congress to tax our hard-earned income, and the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, a private, secretive institution beyond the control of the American people.

    The main text of 16th Amendment, by the way, consisted of these thirty words:

    “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

    And from those thirty words have mushroom volume upon volume of rules so abstruse and convoluted that not even the most knowledgeable tax expert can comprehend–the mark of a monumental con job.

  4. Dr. Kent says:

    Yes, Mr. Navarro. Indeed, you are quite knowledgeable.

    Those are thirty dirty words! Indeed, when I first read your comment my mind substituted those words.

    Whenever someone says “there ought to be a law” they need to stop and think about the short term & long term ramifications and far reaching implications of expanded government powers.

    While there is all sorts of clamoring for new laws, regulation & policy [Gee, I hate that word!], I proffer that the only policy we need has already been written and not until we return to it will we see relief!

    The Constitution holds that the Federal government may collect (and run on) import duties & tariffs. Yet, we are all summoned to worship the God of “Free Trade!”

    Income Tax, especially Federal, was considered “immoral” and until we have another “Revolution of Virtues,” we will remain an enslaved people!

  5. Payday Loans says:

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  6. Nomad says:

    The fact that Kellermann was an executive at Freddie Mac has to bring into question a variety of conspiracy theories

  7. Dr. Kent says:


    Could you please elaborate?

    Tell US about Kellermann.

    Thank you for your contribution & your comments.

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