Is Anyone Out There?

While it is generally known that a blogger must post regularly in order to get readership and perhaps even secure a following, I really would appreciate hearing from others.  I am open to allowing others write and post on my blog their experiences and concerns with mental health service systems & providers.

I really need some feedback and the outrageous amount of spam I get from the usual cadre of unscrupulous spammers really saddens me.  If you have a comment, please post.  If you like something I have written and want more, let me know.  If you are offended and disagree with something I have posted, I really want to hear from you.

The fact is I fell like I am working in a vacuum.  I really don’t like distant electronic communications.  I feel I have posted a lot of salient and sensitive material but it has not drawn the feedback I was hoping for.  In short, I want to hear from you.

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