ADOC Director Charles Ryan’s Response==>Chicken Shit Cover Your Ass (CYA) Move



Attached is an accurate .pdf copy of a letter I received today from ADOC Director Ryan.  It is also copied below within my blog to enable easy searching.


Actually, I am certain this letter was penned by ADOC Counselor Susan Rogers.  Apparently, this letter was sent in response to my queries requesting a meeting with ADOC Director Ryan.  BTW, I copied that correspondence openly to Governor Jan brewer and I will post it all soon for your ongoing entertainment.


After opening and reading this letter (Man!  What a long letter!  NOT!) I called the author Attorney Susan Rogers; however, she was on the phone.  I left a message directing her to my blog and informing her that any correspondence I address to ADOC would be here, in this public forum.


Likewise, I left another brief message with Mr. Ryan’s office leaving my phone number—again.


Folks, I don’t think these folks understand I am not going away and I certainly haven’t kept my mouth shut this far.  What makes them think I will at this point in time?


ADOC administration has done their best to hurt and damage me since 2004.  They really need to learn how to treat people better.


Lately, I’ve not published much because my conversions were not allowing me to copy information and post it openly in the body of my blog making it accessible to searches.  However, I discovered the rather expensive program I bought for such chores does the job whereas the cheaper .pdf conversion program does not.


So, stay tuned.  This blog will get much larger.  I intend to make certain folks at ADOC and the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners very famous.  Infamous!



ari3otta Department of Correction

(602) 542-5497
www.azcorrections.g ov




February 24, 2009

Dr. John Kent

933 W. Azalea Place Chandler, AZ 85248

Dear Dr. Kent:

It is my understanding that you have information regarding the Department of Corrections that you would like to bring to my attention. Please feel free to forward your information to me for review.

Thank you for your interest in the Arizona Department of Corrections.

cc:               Susan Rogers, General Counsel



Charles L. Ryan Director



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2 Responses to “ADOC Director Charles Ryan’s Response==>Chicken Shit Cover Your Ass (CYA) Move”

  1. tixoc munoz says:

    good job! my name is tixoc munoz i’m the presidnet of the union for corrections, my cell is 623 606 2487

  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Howdy Mr. Tixoc Munoz–

    You’ve found my old original blog within which much is archived Because there is so much on this blog, it began cumbersome to edit and maintain. Rather than remove it, I have a new blog which I invite you to peruse. However, this original material will be up forever and is searchable.

    Here is my new blog:

    Should you need my expertise, feel free to contact me. Stay tuned: I am going to be finessing my web site and blogs and putting up a whole lot of material for your review.

    Tell the rank & file that their jobs are very important and I wish I could do more in support of them.

    At your service,

    Dr. Kent

    PS There is one thing you could help me on. When I was interviewed and assembling the facts, I could not remember the name of the gentleman who was forced to leave ADC and walk away from his retirement upon threat of death because he did not support Governor Napolitano. I do, however, remember the officer who confided that eye witness account to me. While my memory was (wrongly) that it was Mr. Ryan, it was someone else.

    Please see the story here

    Under item number 29 you’ll see Ryan’s name but it should be the other gnetleman’s. If you could help me recall the correct name, it will be appreciated greatly and I shall be indebted to you!

    Thanks in advance,


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