Führer Obama: “We are at the Beginning of the End” @ Denver Airport 17 Feb 2009

Folks, when you have the understanding or consciousness I have, you begin to hear what is really being said and what it means.  I admit I don’t pay much attention to the news because it is so disturbing.  People really don’t know what is going on, what is happening around them.  Who am I to inform them disaster is coming?


Simply put, Obama is saying things meant to be heard by a select few, certainly not the masses.  Yet, if you listen carefully, he is telling all and you can hear what he is really about.  Delivering his address & signing his misnomered “Stimulus Bill” at the ‘shrine’ known as the Denver Airport is really a major sign.


First of all, you old folks who elected Obama signed off on your own death warrants as Obama brings home the genocide.  The Daschle provisions buried approximately 470 pages inside that bill (See “Comparative Effectiveness Review” earlier in my blog.) are the beginnings of government rationing of health care, not that HMO’s haven’t been doing that for years.  However, now it becomes law. 


Those of over age 62 who elected das Führer are getting what they want:  Obama’s going to take care of you and assure that you become “patriots” by legislation (& committee)—you will give up your life for the good of the country!


Second, the Denver International Airport is more than symbolic.  While the Denver Airport is plastered with art work symbolic of the greatest evils across history, the airport may be functional function beyond what is seen.  Reports are there are numerous underground rooms and more runways than meet the eyes.  Might it be the hub for holding & transporting large amounts of people?


Third, I am beginning to find credibility in the rumors that Hitler had a plan for everything—including “losing” the War* which would allow the cause to be exported wholesale to the United States.  Henry Kissinger was the bureaucrat in charge of “Operation Paperclip.”  Through “Operation Paperclip” the United States inherited German scientists including half of their rocket scientists, and I suspect almost all of the Nazi chemical & biological weapons departments.


Correct me if I am wrong, but did I hear Obama emphasize yesterday that we are at “the beginning of the end?”  Does not that phrase stand out?  Is he celebrating The New World Order by holding a signing ceremony at the Denver Airport in the midst of their “art” work?


If you read the three basic books I recommend, you will realize we (The United States & particularly our State Department) are responsible for most of the genocides committed during the last century.  If you don’t read, then you do you deserve life, liberty and property?  Or, as Jefferson penned: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”


You tell me.


You are losing your property and your liberty.  What’s next?


Stay tuned for more.


*Allow me to elaborate:  It was more of a plan to “lose the Battle” [World War II] in order to bring “the War” [The New World Order aka The Fight Between Good & Evil] to full fruition.


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6 Responses to “Führer Obama: “We are at the Beginning of the End” @ Denver Airport 17 Feb 2009”

  1. Hello Dr. Kent,

    Well, it looks like you have us pegged. Anyday now we evil people will bring about the New World Order. How did you figure this out? You are such a genius. I’m very surprised we haven’t met before. Well, I know you are off to Alaska, and I certainly would like to remind you–you can’t hide mother fucker!!!! WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!! WE ARE TAKING OVER THE US AND TURNING YOU ALL INTO OUR SLAVES!!!! I’m personally going to make sure that you get a job cleaning out the crematories and masturbating monkies in Obama’s chamber.

    How the fuck did an idiot like you get a fucking bachelor’s degree, let alone a PHD. It’s sad to come across a person who has so much potential but has become so bored with life that he pursues such impossible and ignorant conspiracy theories. Maybe you need to get back to clinical psychology and get a diagnosis. In fact, I’m not even a psychologist and I am going to go ahead and assume your disorder–PARANOID SCHIZO. May God bless your sick soul.

    Henry Kissinger and the IMF rule bitch!

  2. Arianamina says:

    thans for the tip

  3. Flash says:

    Great post!

  4. Your header is a bit wonky in Opera, mate.

  5. Hi, thanks for the info. Please, watch this one: Denver Colorado

  6. Kari Nakama says:

    We could go back in time and make sure he was never born.fox sports detroit

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