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Giving Psychology Away

Conferring A Critical Awareness of Practices in Mental Health

The Dr. Kent Show "Giving Psychology Away" brings Dr. Kent's expertise in psychology to the public at large pro bono, that is, for free. The Dr. Kent Show confers a critical awareness of practices in mental health to assist those in need to choose the best treatment modalities available.

Dr. Kent has five degrees including a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology. He combined an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with Clinical Psychology in order to design and implement systems for the delivery of superior mental health services.

Originally wanting to become merely a Masters level academic advisor at a university, Dr. Kent exceeded those goals, mastering clinical psychology. He ultimately discerned what was right & wrong in the standard clinical practice of psychology and with the standard of care that prevails in current mental health treatment systems. Resultant, Dr. Kent developed Positive Projective Psychology.

Positive Projective Psychology differs from standard clinical practice and the prevalent practice of negatively projecting upon patients damaging diagnoses & labels by casting clients in positive developmental models. This culminates in personality & character development resulting in superior treatment outcomes—even for the treatment of schizophrenias, bipolar disorders and difficult to treat personality disorders—superior treatment outcomes far surpassing outcomes currently available utilizing treatments available under the hegemony of the Medical Model.

Dr. Kent continues in the American tradition of behaviorally and cognitively oriented schools of psychology.

Dr. Kent's expertise in psychology pro bono—
As a service to the public.

Dr. Kent is not licensed in any jurisdiction as a psychologist.

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