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We Hire Aliens.Com–A Project of the FIRE Coalition

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Obliviously Deportation Works but I think we are headed for a very bloody Civil War.

Report ANY & ALL employers & corporations that hire Illegal Mexican Aliens.

Foreign Guests Identify With & Support Illegal Aliens

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


While I really like foreigners and have enjoyed their company, there is a problem.  And this problem appears endemic among those foreigners who work among US.


Sure, it is a problem when large corporations lobby Congress for work visas for foreigners thus depriving our countrymen & women good opportunities for good work.  But this is what bothers me:


While our guests are here, they hire “illegal aliens” to work for them and our legal guests from abroad tend to “identify” with the “illegal aliens” among US.


Moreover, our legal foreign guests hire those “illegal Mexicans” knowingly and willingly.


Rather than hire legal residents, they choose to support the “illegals.”


They hire “illegal aliens” to clean their houses, mow their lawns and for any services they need.


Our “legal” foreign born guests believe we are too harsh on them because it is so expensive for them to fulfill the multitude of requirements to obtain legal permits and eventually green cards.  Perhaps they are right in part because our government does place a lot of requirements on them which are quite costly.


But they are wrong to “indentify with” and “support” the presence of illegal alien Mexicans and other illegals such as MS13 gang members from further south from El Salvador.


Why do they take such chances in violating the lands of our land, their host country?


Because we do not enforce our laws—except against our own people.


Should employing illegals not be an automatic reason to revoke their working visas and deport them from the US?

My Message to our foreign legal guests:

Obey our laws


Get Out!


Boycott Carl’s Jr. & Hardees

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Jason LaVeche owns several Carl’s Jr. and Hardees franchises AND is an active supporter for Amnesty  for Illegals and Sanctuary Cities.

Jason LaVeche has openly said that if he couldn’t hire illegal Mexican aliens to work he wouldn’t find anyone to work in his fast food franchises.

Well, I say boycott the illegal-loving bastard until he gets the message.

Do like I do:

Eat at the In-and-Out Burger where they hire white, black and yellow, all-American kids and won’t hire an illegal alien.

Put your money where your heart and mouth are.

Vote with your feet and your dollars.

BOYCOTT Carl’s Jr. & Hardees



The Coming Race War Against Foreigners

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

While the Coming Race War has been assumed to be Black Against White,

It will be a war against foreigners,

Against Illegal Aliens,

Especially Illegal Mexican Aliens, and

Anyone who has failed to acculturate.

What we have here is a failure to acculturate–

If you are here illegally in my country:

Get your affairs in order and


The unrest generated by Obamnomics* is going to populate gangs of enforcers and

If you have no papers,

If you can’t speak English,

If you’ve failed to acculturate, and

If you don’t love America and what she stood for when she was founded,

Then expect no mercy.

*Obamanomics is the amalgam of Obama’s Disastrous Policies &

The Economy of America.

[Think:  Bam-Bam, Fred Flintstone

Hammering America back into the Dark Ages]

Can’t You Stupid People see this is a War on America!

Fought like no other war before!