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How the Left Skews Public Perception of Divorce

Friday, January 30th, 2009


Like most over the years I have been subjected to the flood of information about the prevalence of divorce.  It appears to have been a misinformation campaign designed to make divorce more common, not merely more acceptable.  It appears to have been a campaign designed to reduce the stability of marriage, the family, and hence the stability of American society.


The truth is “first time marriages” ending in divorce never exceeded the 50% threshold.  While at one time it may have approached 50%, the way the statistics were presented by the media was a bunch of lies!  They reported the stats in a manner to obscure the truth and I believe induce the US towards becoming a more unstable society.


How did they do this?  Lie with statistics?  They aggregated the data in a manner to deceive and mislead the public.  While there were people who remarried and divorced multiple times, those were reported in a fashion that allowed one to draw erroneous conclusions.  It is indeed true that there are many who marry & divorce multiple times, and those marriages & divorces were throwing the statistics off.


In October 2006 at the Arizona Psychological Association a young psychologist out of Tucson whose specialty is divorce and marriage presented his data.  He really knew his stuff and I would like to get him on my show.  At that time this young doctor told us that the divorce rate for first time marriages was falling so fast that they (he and others studying marriage and divorce statistics) did not want to put a number on it!


What he did say is first time marriages ending in divorce rates were plummeting and no one knew why.  Divorce among first time marriages dropped below 40% and was continuing to drop at such a rapid pace no one knew what the current rate was.  The best guess we could get him to commit to was “about 33 to 34 %.”  There was speculation that first time marriages ending in divorce would stabilize at about 30%. 




There is hope for life time marriage.  Marriage can last a lifetime!




The Increase in Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Friday, January 30th, 2009


The explosion in autism really astounds me.  It is frightening!  It certainly makes a couple fearful of having a child.  To realize that so many families in my vicinity are affected by autism, Asperger’s and mental retardation really disturbs me.


For one, we know that a family into which a child is born who has Down’s syndrome will in all likelihood divorce.  We don’t know why, but couples who have a Down’s syndrome child usually divorce and end their marriage.  That does not help with the stability of society and makes marriage precarious.


Likewise, I fear similar outcomes for married couples who have children with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.  While I know of no studies on the prevalence of divorce due to children born with birth defects, clinically we have observed over the years, this phenomenon of divorce apparently precipitated by such births and the burden of taking care of such disabled children.


A couple of years ago it appeared that the rate of autism was beginning to decline; however, that is not the case and it appears to have been a false hope.  With the rate exceeding 1 out of every 166 children, this represents a massive increase from the 2 children I saw during my years of post doctoral training. 


This is such a rapid increase and it makes one wonder why we as a nation have not done something about it?  Such lack of response makes one wonder if it was not planned?  While that certainly seems ludicrous, the deafening silence from Washington and from our leaders makes one wonder.


Since the rate of autism appears to still be increasing, what will it take to get the attention of our national leaders?  Do we have to wait until 1 out of 88 of our children is born suffering an autistic disorder before we take action?  Do we have to wait until there are several autistic children living on every block before we seek to start a campaign to combat this scourge?  What does this bode for the future of our country?