An Open message to The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners


You, this Board, have damaged our profession.  You have made the field of psychology a joke!


By failing to enforce the laws, rules & regulations you have made fools out of psychology and psychologists.  By targeting me unfairly and riding me into the ground and ruining me, you have shown how despicable you are and how horrible the profession of psychology has become.


There is nothing wrong with me–other than typical human frailties.  But you seek to minimize me, ostracize me and pathologize me.  You are mentally ill!  And spiritually bankrupt!


Either give me my Arizona license today so that I can retire it and move as I have been trying to leave Arizona since 2006 or take the responsibility and acknowledge the way you have been used politically to cover up the crimes of others. 


I hope you enjoy your handiwork.  Certainly you are too mentally ill to realize what you are doing to your own country and your own people.


You have hidden and covered up many crimes committed by State employees.  Fraud, malfeasance, rape, sexual battery, manslaughter, perhaps even murder!


The Board has demonstrated above all else that:


The purpose of licensure is NOT to protect the public.




But to protect the government and the corrupt politicians, the crooks who rule over us.  We, our country, have gotten to this sad and sorry state of affairs in which we are being ruined and destroyed from within.

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    Not quite pertinent to the content of my webiste blog. Thank you, Dr. Kent

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