Update: Boycott Curtis Johnson Realty

This is just a brief update.  The purpose of my initial post was to protect my loyal readers.  It was not intended to cause harm but to protect.

However, after talking with Curtis on the phone today, I must say the man is a liar.  He and his associates are trying to steal my home.  Rather than list it accurately, they have fraudulently locked it up and off the market while listing it on MLS at the same time!

I know, it doesn’t make sense but the fact is Curtis Johnson Realty refuses to do anything they have promised me.  I strongly suggest all avoid Curtis Johnson Realty

Curtis and his associates insist upon continuing to list my house on MLS–Multiple Listing Service.

Moreover, other realtors who want to help me sell my house have informed me that my property is listed on MLS as “contract pending.”  This is a lie!

As a result of this fraud, no one is looking at my house and no other realtor is able to assist me, that is, until Curtis Johnson Realty either changes the listing or ceases the listing.

Curtis and his associates received written notice from the title company as did I that the buyer cancelled a month and a half ago!

Because Curtis Johnson and his associates have no plan to help me avoid foreclosure on October 2nd, yet Curtis Johnson Realty persists in holding me and the listing “hostage” by listing it as “contract pending,”  what do Curtis Johnson and his associates intend?

Is Curtis Johnson Realty trying to force me unnecessarily into foreclosure?

Do they want to steal my house?

How’s this for “details?”

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2 Responses to “Update: Boycott Curtis Johnson Realty”

  1. Dr. Kent … the oldest game in the book is to name call and tell half truths. We “sold” your home and you refused to even show up to Title and sign the papers. After begging and pleading with you to follow the agreement you signed and to perform – you refused.

    You had health problems … I get it. But it does not allow you to arbitrarily break agreements at will. We agreed to go back to work for you and to find another buyer but you refused to resign paperwork to move forward with it. That is the “details” and why we did not update your file since you were not able to perform.

    Now after months of refusing to pay the bank, months of not cooperating with the banks or signing our paperwork so we could go back to work for you, and after speaking with you time after time … our company is convinced you need professional help in determining what is true and we agreed to not renew your contract for us to continue to work for you.

    I do not want your house. I am not a liar. I am not a thief. I resent people who just because they have internet access think they can make these claims to protect themselves when they don’t pay their bills.

    You can call all the names in the book, and play the “he is a liar” and wants to steal my home game all you want … we both know it is a joke and makes you look like a very small man.

    I hope you get the professional medical help you need. Best of luck. I will not respond to any more comments or posts and encourage you any more.


  2. Dr. Kent says:

    Mr. Curtis Johnson:

    You are the expert at games and telling half truths.

    Why have you not removed your Curtis Johnson Realty sign from my front lawn? I am tired of propping it up. Please remove it.

    Why have you refused to return my house key? Please return the key to my home.

    You sir are indeed a liar. And as difficult as it is to stomach I have approved your comments fully, unedited.

    Perhaps others may read your words for themselves and will understand that your sarcastic comments about my health are indicative of the character of your business and your true character.

    By your comments you demonstrate to the world how callous and cold you are.

    Dr. Kent

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