Boycott Outback Steakhouse False Advertising


For a few days I have really wanted a steak.  When its 113-114° degrees outside, the last thing one wants to do is cook and heat up one’s house.  Forget about firing up the Barbie—cooking outside this time of year in Phoenix poses a severe health risk!


Yesterday when the Outback Steakhouse card came in offering summertime special entrées for $9.95 plus the purchase of a Coca Cola beverage product or $5.00 off on the purchase of a second entre, I went for it with gusto.


I figured I’d give $3-$4 more for the Coca Cola plus tax and a generous tip I’d eat a great steak dinner for $16-$18.


However, when I got to my local Outback Steakhouse in Chandler, I asked my waitress how the mailer worked.  And was I floored when she repeated that one had to buy TWO entrées!  Their mailer said nothing about that requirement.


I informed her there was no way I was going to do that and eat two entrées.  On the way out I gave my Outback Steakhouse card with my name and address imprinted on it to the Chandler Outback hostess and informed her:


You’ve got to be more truthful in your advertising and I will blog this.


Indeed it is illegal to advertise fraudulently using the U.S. Postal Service but that is exactly what Outback has done.


Therefore, I say, in the spirit of the Revolution of Virtue




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